is your furniture monsoon-ready?

Here are some tips from the FII (
India forestry innovation consulting
In order to prepare your wooden furniture for the climate impact of the monsoon: * three main considerations include sealing, ventilation and coverage.
One should avoid the renovation of houses that involve polishing and painting during this season, as it affects the exterior of the wood.
Polishing should always be occupied before or after the monsoon.
* Wooden furniture should be kept away from wet or humid places because it is harmful to wooden furniture.
It may not be a good idea to put them near the windows, as a splash of rain may damage them.
The air flows dry the wood, which is why the cross
When it comes to proper care for wooden furniture, a ventilation room with open windows is a good idea * use water-
Adhesive resistant for making furniture.
It will protect the furniture from pollution.
When exposed to water, laminate * when it comes to dust removal of furniture, one should use a soft cloth instead of a wet cloth.
Dust absorbs moisture, which accumulates and softens the finish on the furniture * high humidity causes mold growth on the wood;
People can use de-
To maintain the level of humidity, use a humidifier in the house. A de-
The humidifier can remove the moisture in the room and prolong the service life of the furniture.
* If people notice cracks in the product or feel that the product is heavier than usual, or if the surface looks dull, it is recommended to pack the product and keep it for about 2 months.
* Since wardrobes and cabinets are easily damp, one should place them at least 6 inch from the wall.
Put some camphor balls in the wardrobe because they absorb moisture.
Printing nee leaves in the wardrobe can drive insects.
* Oil or wax the furniture to prevent it from absorbing moisture.
Use blinds, sun shades or UV-proof windows to keep the light shining directly on wood products.
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