kmart launches martha stewart garden furniture.

NEW YORK-Kmart Corp.
With the introduction of Martha Stewart\'s Daily garden, it takes a big step in the display of outdoor furniture, which will be launched nationwide.
The campaign was supported by the national television and print advertising campaign.
The third Kmart in the country
The largest retailer of lawn and garden products is expanding its brand to attract professional products
Shop consumers who don\'t buy Kmart and get a bigger share of the estimated $18.
Lawn and Garden Market 5 billion.
It also brought Martha\'s signature. to and mix-and-
Matching the concept to the outdoors and drawing on the successful sales techniques of Martha Stewart\'s Daily bed, bathtub and paint project, which accounted for $0. 8 billion in 1998.
In just two years, home fashion has become the second largest fashion brand.
Kmart chief executive Floyd Hall said it was a recognized brand in the industry after Canon. The initial 43-
10 groups of SKU outdoor and terrace furniture range includes five groups
One piece Rajoy stripes-Cushion folding-
Group of six chairs
Elegant steel Victorian set, bamboo Key West set, Art Deco white steel South Beach set and topof-the-
Inspired by Martha\'s 19 th century cast-
Ilonggaden chair
Prices range from $179 to $799.
Last year, the highest price for outdoor furniture-
$400 a set-
And the best-
Executives say they sell goods on production lines.
According to the retailer, the test, which started at 140 stores in Florida nearly three weeks ago, was \"far beyond expectations \".
Launch includes 15-
SKU garden tools, flower pots and garden artist product line, starting at $1.
$50 to $30 and will expand the planting of plants, bulbs, seeds and other products in spring 2000.
Hall and Martha Stewart Livingston\'s all-media chief executive Martha Stewart unveiled the project at a press conference at the Four Seasons pool party.
\"It\'s really a line that doesn\'t match in quality, style or value,\" Hall said . \".
Furniture \"special \"-
The quality craftsmanship and unique styling, usually associated with specialty stores, will now be sold exclusively at a daily low price.
\"The seasonal area of each store will have an average of 2,000 square feet for collection, an increase of 100 to 200 square feet.
Currently Kmart\'s suppliers of furniture made in Taiwan and China will replace many of the existing, lower furniture
Outdoor furniture sku.
Kmart expects the furniture to cost far more than the average store price of $211 in 1998.
The supplier says the production line has made waves in the outdoor furniture industry, bringing a high degree of fashion and attention to the lack of detail.
They said it was also the first time outdoor furniture was advertised on national television in addition to price promotions.
\"Even in a special store, you can\'t find such a glass,\" Paul Holmes, vice president of sales at JRA/CenturyFurniture, pointed to the leaf pattern etched on the glass --top tables.
\"Their main focus is to introduce fashion into this category.
As a furniture manufacturer, we are very concerned about metal and what they bring for fashion is great.
Most of the furniture is packed in big boxes;
Some needs.
Umbrellas are sold separately.
The initial classification included 10 sets of aluminum, wrought iron and steel, which were made according to Stewart\'s favorite parts and found in the consignment shop and her own backyard.
Detail work includes a leaf pattern etched on the glass
Top table, forged
Iron scrolls and strong umbrellas.
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