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Laboratory hotel furniture factory laboratory hotel furniture factory
Select a laboratory in a clean and quiet place away from the living area, boiler room and traffic lane; 2.
The laboratory should choose the one with sufficient light and sufficient light.
Ventilation places and production processing plants with a certain distance; 3.
The laboratory should be selected for sampling and testing at a convenient distance closer to the workplace workshop.
II. structure and layout: according to the actual needs of production, the general factory should be set up as a laboratory for bacteria and comprehensive physical and chemical testing, including the following three parts: bacterial laboratory, chemical laboratory and office. 1.
Office 2.
Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Analysis: (or combined with bacterial examination and operating room) instrument room (room microscope, bacteria and put A small equipment) in physical and chemical analysis room (and sensory laboratory) 3.
Bacterial Laboratory: bacterial examination and operating room;
A sterile room;
-Mediaxa0Production Studio;
Washing and disinfection of the room;
The general arrangement is as follows: The office is the original record, and other laboratory personnel are at the work place.
Laboratory personnel communicate with more places, so it is located on the outermost floor of the overall comprehensive laboratory, and it can be simple with only one desk and chair.
Bacterial examination and Operation Room (routine operation) bacterial examination and operation room are bacterial culture and testing on main operation room, main facilities bench.
Requirements for the Test bench:.
The bench area is generally not less than 2. 4 × 1. 3m; b.
The center position of the Workbench should be in the laboratory and there must be enough light;
Also do sets. c.
Install the test bench on both sides, tap the small cup; d.
The rack of the middle set, equipped with fluorescent lamps and sockets; e.
The bench material required for heating, acid and alkali is appropriate.
Sterile room: relatively sterile working environment is provided through air purification and disinfection of microbial experiments. sterile treatment samples and inoculation rooms are the main workplace cultures, and the operating room should be closely connected to bacterial examination.
The sterile room that meets the requirements of the sterile room shall meet the following arrangements:.
Avoid the entrance corridor located in the operating room for bacterial examination; b.
Operating room with two spaced buffers; c.
The sterile room with buffer room is equipped with UV lamp, and 30 w UV lamp is installed every 3 square meters; d.
Sterile indoor benches in the center (experimental sets and edge groups are acceptable) with less than 1 UV rays from the Test table. 5m; e .
The small passage between the sterile room and the operating room forms a double window.
Media Studio: The media room is the place needed to produce and prepare microbial media and test reagents, and the medicine cabinet should be set up on the main equipment side. a.
The sides of the stage place a stove to boil the medium used to greet the melting; b. side of Taiwan-
Materials of heat resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance; c.
Some general categories, medicines and reagents at the pharmacy counter; d.
Dangerous and perishable flammable toxic drugs are stored safely separately; e.
Place the scale to weigh the side table of the drug used.
Sink sterilization: sterilization room for sterilization of sinks, sink brackets
The used glassware, medium and dirt should be larger than 10 m² square meters.
In order to meet the function of washing and disinfection, the washing and disinfection room should have:xa0A. 1-
2 sinks, sink down to the water network flow; b.
Put shelves or benches for washing utensils; c. high-
The power supply of the pressure sterilization pot should meet the power load; d.
Ventilation room or ventilation; e.
The device can also be conditioned in the room to carry out distilled water inspection of the equipment available for installation on a daily basis.
Physical and chemical analysis of the computer room: (if it is not a condition, this can be a conventional Microbial Laboratory combination) the physical and chemical analysis of the computer room is the main operation Room.
Ask the same B.
Set up a bacterial operation room to meet the requirements of heating fume hood, digestion, drying, combustion, chemical treatment, etc; c. sink.
Instrument Room: if there is no condition, a microscope, electronic balance and physical and chemical analysis can be placed using small instruments in combination with Microbial Laboratory routine; a.
It is required to clean and dry, prevent insects from moisture and avoid light; b.
The equipment is set to strong and strong.
For small business Laboratories, if there is no more space for distinction, it should be possible to divide rooms by planning to ensure laboratory work in different areas (clean areas and general operating areas), therefore, at least 4 rooms or 4 partitions must be distinguished.
Washing and disinfection areas, relatively independent area requirements, it is best to interval to the room, because the waste treatment, pollution and humidity in this area are to a certain extent. 2.
In the media preparation area, the preparation of the medium is often water and requires some relatively independent. 3.
Normal operating area, which is the main operating area, observed microbial test results, microscope operation, generally simple physics and chemistryxa0Operation, equipment, can be combined in this room or area. 4.
Sterile area, sterile room, independent of demand.
III. General Instruments and equipment (according to the requirements of your choice, there are specific laboratory instruments and equipment) 1.
Incubator: it is mainly used for laboratory culture of microorganisms to provide a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms.
1) general insulation box: general control of temperature range: Room temperature 5 ~ 65 degrees, divided into the electric thermostat of the constant temperature incubator and the non-penetration thermostat.
2) biochemical incubator: general control of temperature range: 5 ~ 50 degrees.
3) constant temperature and humidity box: general control of temperature range: 5 ~ 50 degrees, humidity control range: 50 ~ 90%.
As a mold incubator.
4) anaerobic incubator: used for the cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms. Two.
Electric oven: used for straw and dry glass plate heating and sterilization. 3.
High pressure sterilizer (also known as high pressure sterilizer)
Pressure sterilizer): sterilized items. 4. Fridge: 5.
Electronic Balance: analysis of the general requirements of the accuracy of the balance in one million. 6.
Microscope: Observe the morphology and dynamics of bacteria, microorganisms and microorganisms
Structure of basic equipment project. 7.
Homogenizer: with rotating blades and slap for homogeneous samples-style choice. 8.
Distilled water device: provide distilled water 9.
Bath Water: some training needs for bath water temperature (E. G.
Detection of E. colixa010.
Clean benches: a laminar flow cabinet in a sterile room, rather than a device, is easy to use for experiments that provide a relatively sterile console.
Cleaning up the work of the class is divided into horizontal and vertical according to the wind direction.
Other equipment that can be used are: pressure cooker, anaerobic training equipment, centrifuge, oscillator, oven, constant temperature water bath pan, Colony counter, potential pH meter, high
Centrifuge and other equipment.
4. conventional glass 1.
Pipettes: a straw for drawing a small amount of liquid and for 0. 1 scale and 1.
Run monthly milliliters of scale straws. 2.
Disc: for hard glass platter, it is commonly used for isolation and cultivation. The size of the cover and base should be appropriate, with a common specification of 90mm. 3.
Bottles and cans: multiple
Common Specifications: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml. 4.
Type: keep the use of solution or cooking, the commonly used specifications are 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, details.
Cylinder: liquid measurement, the common specifications are 100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml flow.
Test Tube: used for bacterial culture, how about the specifications. 7. Slide covers-
Lip: bacterial smear with observation. 8.
Reagent bottle: equipped with reagents, often dark brown 9.
Others, such as racks, brushes, alcohol lamps, vaccination needles, ring inoculation 5, chemical reagents and media for chemical reagents and media: implementation of the standards in the appendix for the purchase of necessary reagents and media, currently used for the synthesis of powder on the medium, reagents can also be purchased from standard reagents.
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