long islanders; a furniture maker watches 7th avenue

Li said that the furniture industry generally reflects the economic situation.
\"And it\'s very sensitive to interest rates . \"
So housing starts to increase as interest rates fall, which bodes well for the furniture industry. \'\'Mr.
Colson will also keep an eye on these things.
At the age of 45, he was the chairman and chief executive of Corson\'s furniture industry, one of the largest private furniture manufacturers in China.
This is upholstered furniture.
He made it very clear, not tables and chairs.
The furniture industry is a growing industry, he said. Corson said.
\"While this is a fashion industry, it\'s not fashion in the sense of Seventh Avenue.
Style continues to develop for a period of time.
\"Today, we see a trend that is smaller or lighter --
\"In today\'s houses and apartments, larger furniture is more suitable for smaller rooms,\" he went on to say . \".
We see the development of contemporary furniture. modern.
We have seen the growth of rural furniture, which is characterized by small folds.
Lots of pillows and so on.
We see a very stable traditional market.
\"The executive office with a large neck has 1,500 employees and its main base is located in Valdez, NY. C.
His company has three departments all over the South.
The Crestline division produces country and early American upholstered furniture, Corson said;
The Hickory Hill division that produces traditional upholstered furniture and the pine Hurst division that produces modern upholstered furniture. Mr.
Kelson is related to his business. He has traveled all over the United States and Europe because furniture is related to fashion. He said, \"we don\'t always look at furniture.
\"For example,\" he said, \"If we talk about colors, furniture colors tend to follow the clothing market after about a year or so.
This is one of the things we\'re looking.
What will they sell on Seventh Avenue this fall? -
Because at some point this may have an impact on the type of product we sell in the future.
A few years ago, the appearance of the grassland was the appearance of the clothing, and since then the appearance of the entire southwest region has hit the furniture industry.
I think this is the inevitable result.
\"As the head of the company established by his late father, Mr. Nat Colson
\"I was involved in everything about the company,\" Colson said.
I am responsible for all styling, design and sales of the product.
I design the frame.
I select the fabric for the frame and apply the fabric to the frame.
\"When the prototype is built and the customer is interested in the new furniture, the company will introduce it at the trade show.
\"Furniture is rarely bought . \"Corson said.
\"This is the second most rare purchase behind the house.
There are not many brand names on the furniture.
People tend to be quite conservative and insecure.
They can\'t buy the designer\'s name like they do on the costume. \'\'Mr.
Corson is active in various industry organizations and serves as a member of the board and executive committee of the American Furniture Manufacturers Association, which represents most manufacturers in the industry and generates $18 billion in retail sales in the United States each year. The Manhattan-born Mr.
COSON, married and father of two, spent his early years in Jamaica, Queens, and briefly in Newton, Massachusetts.
His father is a man who buys furniture.
Colson, who has heard that some people are trying to set up a furniture business in North Carolina, offered to run it.
The company was founded in 1956.
Later, Nat Colson, who died in 1967, gained a substantial stake in the business, and Lee and his brother Robert acquired the entire company in 1978.
Later that year, Robert died in a plane crash.
When Li was seven or eight years old, the family moved to the big neck.
When he was in high school
Big Neck north now)
When he was not busy working at a skateboard shop, working on a boat or racing on the Long Island Strait, he thought of a medical career.
He said: \"Then, when our family business started, I decided to do business with my father.
There\'s really not a lot of decisions to make there.
I really want to work with him because we enjoy each other\'s company. \'\'Mr.
Corson entered Boston University as a liberal arts student, transferred to New York University after graduating from sophomore year, graduated from New York University in 1962 and received a bachelor\'s degree in marketing.
Since becoming the head of the company
Kelson says he has expanded it.
Although he works 80 to 90 hours a week, he says he has found time to work as a researcher at Brandeis University, a member of an American friend at Haifa University in Israel, in various positions
Slander the B \'nai Brith Union, the National Council of bonds of the state of Israel and Christianity and Jews. \'\'We sell air-
Mr. Oldsmobile, on condition.
He said in describing the furniture.
We don\'t sell rolls-
Royal or Chevrolet.
We sell popularity-
Pricing Goods in fashion style.
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