making a cheap desk for kids

If you need a table for the school
Older children, even for college students, you may find that they are too expensive and not worth it.
There seem to be two kinds of desks for students.
The first one is cheap, but they are so small or cheap that they are not worth it.
The other is an expensive desk, which is usually expensive and impractical, although of better quality.
This is especially true for young children who may hurt a high
In any case, the quality table.
If you don\'t mind the look of it, there is a very cheap and simple solution.
This is for those who are very practical and don\'t mind that the room of their children looks a bit strange.
The solution is simple.
You can find a door in a local hardware store and haven\'t drilled the whole door into to put the door handle, and then put it flat on two filing cabinets.
This may sound cheesy at first, but practical.
First of all, most tables are too small.
Many children need to put computers.
If there is a computer on the table, most of the tables do not have extra writing space.
Most school students are asked to write their homework instead of doing their homework on the computer.
Students still need space to distribute their papers if they don\'t have a computer.
Moreover, desks are good places for them to play, such as making Lego toys, jigsaw puzzles, etc.
A small table does not work well for these things.
Also, having a filing cabinet is a great way to have the storage space you need. Small, two-
Drawer filing cabinet is a perfect height for primary school students.
As a result, the filing cabinet makes the table highly correct and adds storage space such as paper, pencils and pens that students need.
Overall, the price of a table consisting of two filing cabinets and one door is very, very low.
In fact, it\'s even less than the cheapest table you can get.
It provides more storage space and more surface space.
When you buy a door from a hardware store, make sure you get a door that hasn\'t been dug yet.
Most stores will be sold without the entire door.
You may want to apply a coat of paint or at least a stain.
This provides a little protection.
One interesting thing to do is paint the door in bright and crazy colors.
It can be painted to match the room or you can have the kids paint it so it has some of their style.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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