malabar furniture consortium plans to become furniture design centre

Malabar furniture consortium with 400 membership-
Strange furniture manufacturers in the region are planning to use design expertise to equip their members who operate micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to develop them into a major furniture design center (MSMEs)
Facing the competition of the main players in the furniture market.
Malabar furniture consortium Private Limited is a cluster of furniture manufacturers in the region
After being registered by the state government, it was established in 2008. The 50,000 sq. ft.
In Ammanappara, near parrialand, the plant is being developed on its own land.
It\'s organizing a five.
Day furniture design clinic in West India plywood Co. , Ltd.
December 24 in Valapattanam.
Announced this at a press conference on Thursday.
Abdul Kareem said the clinic was organized under the co-auspices of the MSME department, the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the regional industrial center.
Design experts will be attending the workshop, he added, in order to enable MSME furniture manufacturers in the region to conceive new furniture designs using traditional concepts and modern technology.
He pointed out that the development of new designs alone will enable the small-scale furniture industry to survive when facing competition from big companies in the era of globalization.
When it comes to the commercial potential of furniture manufacturers in the region, it is expected that there will be great developments in the region in the next few years.
Kareem said that during the period from April 1 to March 31, 2010, 26,308 applications had been submitted for a permit for the construction of houses in the area, adding that during this period, local agencies in the region have issued 23,456 home cards. He said K.
Congressman Sudhakaran will open the workshop at 11: 00. m.
He informed on December 24.
K. , managing director of the consortium. P.
Raveendran also attended the press conference.
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