man charged after more than 100 body parts found in storage container

A former Florida assistant forensic doctor faces up to five years in prison for storing more than 100 body parts, including the brain and heart, in a Pensacola storage container.
According to state prosecutors, Michael Buckland was arrested on Friday on charges of improper disposal/storage of hazardous waste and a public nuisance.
When he was arrested, it was found that his driver\'s license had been revoked, so he was also charged.
This Friday, 57-year-old Birkland spent hours in prison before being held by ABC News affiliate WEAR-TV reported.
For improper storage fees, Buckland will face up to five years in prison.
He may face up to 60 days in prison for public nuisance.
Lung, heart, tissue samples and 10 brains were found in August.
According to police at Pensacola, there is a storage box in Uncle Bob\'s warehouse rented by Buckland.
The body parts of more than 100 people were found in the air-conditioning equipment.
They are stored in formaldehyde in plastic containers, sample cups, garbage bags, even in 32-
An ounce foam plastic cup at a convenience store, according to police.
Some containers broke and leaked.
Police said they believed the remains were from the autopsy carried out between Pensacola, Tallahassee, Fort Walton Beach and the Panama City funeral home between 1997 and 2007.
Some containers have the patient\'s name and date of autopsy, while others are blank.
The forensic doctor told WEAR-that after the autopsy, the doctor\'s normal procedure is to keep tissue samples for one year in case further testing is required
Television, adding that there is no reason to keep the whole organ.
Berkland, who no longer holds a license in Florida, rented the unit from August to August 2009.
Police said the unit was auctioned for $900 on the 22nd after Berkland\'s late payment.
George klage, manager of the storage unit, told police that Berkland usually delays payments, but used to always pay before the unit was auctioned.
When the purchaser cleaned the equipment, the body part was found in the carton.
Office furniture and other items were also found in the warehouse.
According to police, Berkland worked for the forensic office from 1997 to May 2003, when he was fired for failing to complete the autopsy report in a timely manner.
According to WEAR, the forensic doctor is working hard to contact the family of the organ.
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