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It\'s not a good sign when the item on your first big order is burned by a stray cigarette.
The owner of the motorcycle factory did not give up.
Like fearless military pilots, they succeeded for the second time.
Dave Hall and business partner Donovan fell to gold in the untapped market in El Segundo, California --
A company that processes furniture and accessories from recycled aircraft parts.
Even if their first order goes up in flames, they know they\'re doing a big deal --
Passionate aviation collectors and avant-garde New Ricky
Avant-garde companies willing to buy.
Moto art offers more than 150 stylish limited edition furniture product linesof-
The Federal Aviation Administration officially suspended its board aircraft.
Including commercial aircraft (
737 s, 747 s, 757 s)
But it is especially rare for early airliners, such as World War II planes or Korean war planes.
The company\'s large body parts come from all over the world, including California, Canada, Alaska, New Mexico, Florida and even Thailand.
Some people may call it recycling.
But from the special craft of this furniture, it is definitely a unique art form.
\"Motorcycle Art preserves aviation history by discovering these rare air frames and turning them into functional art,\" Hall said . \".
\"There are a lot of things like this outside.
We use old wings, engines, we make tables, sofas, and coffee tables to give them a second life.
\"The fuselage we offer has some uniqueness.
When you put a 1932 wingspan conference table in someone\'s [office]
It broke the ice.
When people come in nervously at the big meeting and sit at the conference table, people talk and they will [will always]remember you.
Imagine sitting in B-
52 bomber conference tables during customer promotion.
Or work on a giant jet with visible fuselage windows.
Or send a memo to an assistant in high school.
Polished 747 Cowling reception.
Imagine sleeping in C-
124 cargo bed or 747 jet bed with Italian badge.
Even if you\'re not a fan of aviation, these talk clips are cool. That’s not all.
Radial engine piston lamps for motorcycle sales
9 wall frames, frame frames and bookshelves for fuselage, airline kitchen bar, even F-
4 Pop-up bar stools-
Limited edition.
It also made aof-a-
Custom parts in kind.
Complete range from mirror-
Polished aluminum from bamboo to bamboo
Performance vinyl or leather.
But the manufacturing process is complicated. “For the DC-
\"We will go to Mojave dessert, Crane and post-cut stabilizer,\" Hall said . \".
\"Then we took it back to Los Angeles and cut it very long (
Usually 8 feet, the typical length of a table)
, Custom made legs, execution 100-
Polishing and polishing process before we place it for half an hour
Inch tempered glass top and powder coated legs.
Turnaround time on DC
It\'s usually four to six weeks.
\"Material quality, manufacturing and working hours mean this high-end art is not cheap.
Coffee tables for $3,000 or more;
Desk prices range from $7,000 to higher;
The conference table is over $15,000.
The renovation of the company\'s office represents most of the business of motorcycle manufacturers, 70% of which have no connection with the aerospace industry.
But private collectors have shown greater enthusiasm for motorcycle art products, especially the most recent bestseller --
Luggage I. $25 to $100D.
The aircraft label with the tail seal.
\"We launched the aircraft tag on Christmas and it absolutely exploded on us,\" Hall said . \".
\"In the first 12 months, we sold 50,000 aircraft labels worldwide.
What we dig out is part of aviation history.
The only thing is that consumers can search the serial number through Google to find all the information about the plane
When it is manufactured, what is the cost of it, the airline or the government department used it, or where it rested before it was removed.
\"It\'s kind of like collecting baseball cards.
Everything we do now, people are collecting.
We launch a new one every month.
This month is B-
26 bombers, Boeing 727 next month and Huey helicopter next month.
It\'s almost like a heirloom.
They\'re buying part of B. 52 Bomber.
\"Better than the literal explosion when the company was founded.
Now, the humble beginnings of motorcycle art\'s business
Hall and Farr drove in their first successful exhibition and collectors expressed a strong interest in their propeller art. One of them (
We don\'t say who it is)
Throw the cigarette butts out of the window and fall on the truck bed with gorgeous propeller art sculptures (
What else does the company sell)
Lit up. That was 2001.
The motorcycle has been on fire since then.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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