motorbikes and garden furniture targeted

In Hawke Bay, the number of stolen motorcycles and garden furniture is increasing.
Inspector Harry Harvey said that in urban areas, quad bikes or motorcycles were treated rudely when road or trail bikes were taken away.
He said two Harley-Davis had been stolen from different motels overnight during a naval parade.
The garden furniture that does not have the picture above is also locked in the decorations and furniture stolen from the people\'s yard opposite Hawke Bay.
\"Some items seem to be specifically targeted and need to be carried by more than one person.
\"It is very likely that they will use a van, truck or trailer to take the goods away.
\"If you see anything suspicious, such as someone in your yard or in a neighbor\'s yard, or a vehicle that should not be there, please call 111,\" Mr Harvey said . \".
\"If you can write down a description or registration that is also valuable to us.
\"Mr. Harvey said:\" If one is informed, it will help to determine 0800 555 111 of the local police station or Crimestoppers who are responsible for these theft or finding lost property should be required to remain anonymous.
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