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Scandinavian furniture is deeply rooted in a specific region in Norway called Sykkylven, which is part of the sunnm ø re region.
The area is not only home to the picturesque sunnm ø rsalpene mountains and hj ø rundfjord fjord, but also known for the furniture industry.
In this article, we will look at the region, which is important not only to people in the region, but also to the products they produce and sell around the world.
Sykkylven is a city of about 7,500 residents, covering an area of 337 square kilometers, located in southwest Norway.
What is very interesting about this area is that the production of furniture involves a large part of the population.
The 19th century was the time when the field really began to focus on furniture manufacturing.
In addition to making furniture, many of these manufacturers are also involved in the manufacture of furniture components.
For decades, a whole generation of artisans have honed their skills in furniture design and construction in Sykkylven.
This is most likely the reason why manufacturers in the region have been so successful in manufacturing and creating high-quality furniture.
Several of the largest furniture manufacturers in Sykkylven are Ekornes®Hjellegjerde®And Bruce Tate. ®.
Ekornes®Jens Ekornes was established in sunnm ø re in 1934.
He founded a company that produces steel spring components for various furniture and mattress manufacturers.
He will soon make his own mattress collection, which will be called Svane®1938 mattress.
With their success on the mattress, when they start making wooden furniture parts and then making foam plastic, he will push the company forward.
This experience of making furniture components will lead to the creation of his own Ekornes®Furniture brand 1966.
Then his stress-free launch was successful. ®Recliner, launched in 1971.
Today, Ekornes®Products are sold to more than 30 countries.
Hjellegjerde®The brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde were founded in 1941.
They started their company in the basement of the Hjellegjerde family.
The basement will see several extensions to make room for production, eventually leading the company to build a factory located opposite the fjord of The Ekornes plant.
Hjellegjerde®In 1983, the company upgraded its facilities and established modern production facilities to enable it to enter the international market.
Hjellegjerde®Products including fjords®Sold across three continents.
Bruce Tate®Founded by Hjalmar Brunstad at the age of the month.
He is a furniture manufacturer and started his business in his basement workshop in 1941.
The company will build furniture from what he wants to do with the best materials available, and only use solid wood to develop, which is the manufacturing standard that the company still applies today.
Bruce Tate®Continue the tradition of strong furniture and Helge Brunstad by Hjlamar Brunstad thans son.
In this article, we look at the Sykkylven region in Norway and its role in helping to become one of the world\'s leading furniture manufacturing hotspots.
Among the top brands found here, including Ekornes®Hjellegjerde®And Bruce Tate. ®The area itself has a great focus on furniture design and manufacturing, as most of the population in the area is committed to making furniture.
It\'s no wonder why these companies have worked in the furniture industry for generations with such a high proportion of the population and such great success.
So when you hear Sykkylven, you must think about the quality of Scandinavian furniture.
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