new furniture mart bets on vegas: the new las vegas market center makes its move this summer to become the furniture industry\'s new mecca.

Las Vegas.
The name is reminiscent of glitz and glamour. . . andfurniture?
This summer, Las Vegas will officially bid to become a new home and hotel furniture center and hold its debut at the theLas Vegas market on July 25 --
At the center of the new world market.
Dates coincide with the AWFS Vegas woodworking Expo held on July 27
30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Two months later, two of the three venues in the first Las Vegas furniture market were rented out, and the temporary exhibition space was at the Las Vegas Convention Center for 90% people.
Overall, almost 2 exhibitions will be included this year.
5 million square feet of permanent and temporary exhibits, a list of notable names is listed from furniture, decorative accessories, lighting, bedding and related fields.
So far, about 1,000 companies have planned to participate in the event, with more than 360 contracts in permanent exhibition halls.
These include: Ashley furniture industry, bristle furniture industry, Barcalounger.
Furniture, barnman furniture, Klaussner furniture industry, Lane home furniture and Pulaski Furniture.
This is just the beginning.
The plan requires the World Market Center to hold the market once a year from 2006, and the winter market is scheduled to be held from January. 30-Feb.
Next summer\'s market will be around sometime in July.
Currently planning to expand to 12 million square feet of permanent and temporaryshowrooms 57 on the world MarketCenter of the work-
By 2015, the acre campus of the eight buildings. (
See \"market, 40 pages in recent years. )
In contrast, the two-year high market lasted 11 points.
5 million square feet of exhibition hall and display space for 185 buildings, located in NC High Point, City range and nearby tomasville.
While officials at the World Market Center claim that Las Vegas\'s performance is not intended to \"compete with or replace highs\", they do expect the global appeal of Las Vegas to become
Oscar Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas, is tough.
\"We are about to make our debut as the furniture capital of the world,\" he was quoted as saying . \".
\"This is my expectation, and I say it with a trace of sadness, for the high is so earlyeminent.
Vegas\'s performance, however, is not without critics.
For example, Bob Stec, Chairman and CEO of Lexington home brand, said that the higher price of the exhibition in Vegas, as well as the travel expenses of personnel, for the exhibition hall companies that are already at a high point
\"You will see the same people we see. in High Point].
We don\'t think we need this. Las Vegas]market.
\"Our client is here,\" he said in an interview with wood and wood products last month.
Other industry executives cite \"dealing with unions\" and the reputation of the city as a political party --
As an additional reason for not having an exhibition in Las Vegas.
Jodie Mendenhall, president of high-point market licensing, said that for many exhibitors, the opportunity for Las Vegas attendees to choose toparty instead of doing business is a serious problem.
In addition, she told W & WP last month, \"now, from the exhibitors they announced, our exhibitors expect less than a 6 percentage.
Most of them don\'t want to go to Las Vegas.
Very expensive.
\"However, some people, such as Phil Haney, executive vice president, Stanley Furniture)
Michael Franks, director of strategic planning and communications at Lamar oslevan furniture, said they would at least walk through the show.
Whether you like it or hate it, the idea of a new show will at least bring new interest to the residential and hotel furniture market.
W & WP recently spoke with Dana prequel, director of marketing and public relations at the World Market Center about the overall impact of the Las Vegas market on the industry.
W & WP: Why is Los Angeles chosen to be home to the center of the world market, especially when the residential furniture industry has always been south of the center and the hotel/contractor furniture industry in the Midwest is so?
Dana prequel: In our story, building the world market center in the context of Las Vegas is a very important part.
The city\'s appeal will surely contribute to the success of the World Market Center.
This is an ideal place for permanent trading facilities.
Unlike any other destination in the world, Las Vegas is a vibrant city.
From the leading number of hotel rooms and trade shows and the world rankings, the city ranked first
Famous restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment venues
Home sales.
As the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, Las Vegas provides first-class infrastructure for tourists, tourists and residents. The world-
The famous Las Vegas Avenue is 14 of the 15 major shopping malls in the United States. S.
For foreign tourists, Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, usually ranked first in the United States. S. travelers.
As the capital of the World conference, Las Vegas hosts 35 of America\'s 200 largest cities. S.
There are trade shows every year.
Many other major trade shows want to go to Las Vegas, but in fact the conference facilities at Las Vegas have been booked in advance for many years. By building 7.
5 million square feet of trade show and exhibition space ,[we are]
In fact, the number of trade show sites in Las Vegas has doubled.
In fact, the inauguration ceremony was held at 2: 00.
5 million square feet, will be the largest trade show in Las Vegas history-
However, we are just beginning.
Our activities will continue to expand in the future.
Another interesting dynamic is the ability of tenants to take advantage of the city\'s appeal over a year --roundbasis.
Since their showroom in the World Market Center is permanent, exhibitors can invite buyers to visit their showroom at any time to get a higher return on investment in the World Market Center.
In addition, with 130,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas and growing, it is a key focus in the World Market Center and is by far the best place in the hospital contract industry.
The appointed merchants and buyers of contract furniture have already done business in Las Vegas. -
However, they do not have enough resources and therefore have to travel elsewhere.
With the launch of the World Market Center, we provide a much needed center for hotel contract suppliers and buyers.
W & WP: the typical attendance rate in the half-year high market is about 70,000.
What attendance numbers Did you predict for July25
29 first show?
Prequel: We expect attendance in the Las Vegas market to range from 30,000 to 60,000.
When you add American indoor lifestyle and AWFSFair to the mix, we have arranged 70,000 attendees between all events.
W & WP: Co-one of the targets mentioned
ShawnSamson\'s managing partner is The World Market Center and the most diversified and international company.
For the US market. S.
\"How do you plan to finish this?
Cooperation agreement and cooperation agreement
The location strategy with other major trade shows is a major component of the World Market Center.
In fact, The World Market Center and the Frankfurt exhibition center recently announced that we have set up a strategic alliance to produce an indoor lifestyle in the United States, a new trade event, will showcase some of the best features and enthusiasts of the famous Heimtextil and Ambiente show.
The new event will be held in conjunction with the first Las Vegas market and will be held in conjunction with the world market Centre temporary exhibition and the AWFS Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
These important events are expected to attract more than 70,000 buyers from the United States and around the world.
The goal of the World Market Center is to have a broader market.
In the United States, there are more categories for one campus than any other market. S.
The focus of the strategy is to expand and develop existing sectors that have been committed to the first phase and to increase new sectors that are currently in the first phase.
The categories of furniture, home accessories, lighting, carpets and bedding continue to offer us considerable opportunities.
In addition, as part of the Las Vegas market in July, the addition of indoor lifestyle USAshow will generate interest in new areas such as the textile and desktop industries.
The World Market Center has added this new exhibition and other exhibitions in the future, expanding its foundation as a comprehensive market for international family and hotel contract furniture.
The new American Interior Lifestyle will debut in the Las Vegas furniture market in July 2005 and is expected to become the world\'s leading manufacturer of home textiles and furniture-
First time together in the United States-
Global presence.
We have also set up an international department for our company, with bases in Las Vegas and the UK, dedicated to building relationships with buyers, exhibitors, fairs and associations around the world.
W & WP: How many of the showrooms currently sold are imported.
Domestic manufacturers?
What will be the capacity after all phases are completed?
Prequel: for domestic manufacturers and companies that have a legitimate customer base and operations in the US, the Las Vegas market is a platform.
We do not have the expected total number of exhibitors after completion, but there are 12 million square feet, which is enough to indicate that there will be thousands of companies on our campus.
W & WP: it is reported that starting from July, it is planned to hold a semi-annual program in 2006 and in Las Vegas.
The high-point market is held every two years in April and October, while NeoCon is held every year in June.
Can the market be large enough to maintain multiple performances?
Which show did you see failed, why?
The art of the national and regional market has its unique features and features.
The World Market Center is creating a new approach that is different from the focus and strategy of other markets in the United States. S.
The World Market Center will develop into a major international home furnishing buyer and seller center in the United StatesS.
With the development of our campus and the increase of new resources, our goal is to cater to the hotel market.
The combination of existing infrastructure in Las Vegas and the development of the 21st century World Market Center has created the first opportunity for the United StatesS.
Produce displays and events for international buyers and exhibitors.
W & WP: how to cooperate
Using the two-year AWFS show to locate the Las Vegas market helps attract carpentry to the event?
Prequel: these two activities will bring together different but complementary elements of the furniture industry, from equipment and suppliers to manufacturing terminals
Products for retail distribution.
Meanwhile, the AWFS Fair and the new Las Vegas market at the World Market Center will attract nearly 70,000 professionals from the American furniture industryS. and abroad.
This is the first time for suppliers/manufacturing and finished products
Product professionals in the furniture industry will meet nearby at the same time
Rotation of international events.
Many people are passionate about the synergy that this connection will bring.
2005 AWFS Expo will be its biggest exhibition in 48
Located in the new location, it has a long history in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
International participants were particularly excited about the opportunities for the two exhibitions to be presented in the same city and at the time.
The growing market plan requires the expansion of the World Market Center to 12 million square feet of exhibition space, making it the largest arena for permanent showrooms and temporary showrooms.
The development of the project is located on Interstate 19 and Interstate 15 in the United States near the center of Las Vegas on Highway 57. S. 95.
The approximate schedule for the expansion is as follows: * Phase 1 (July 2005): Building A, Building 1.
3 million square feet;
World Pavilion, 350,000 square feet;
900,000 square feet, including the second phase of the American indoor lifestyle (January 2007): 1.
6 million square feet * Phase III (January 2008]: 1.
5 million square feet * Phase 4 (2009-2010): 1.
Phase five 6 million square feet (2009-2010): 1.
Six issues 6 million square feet (2011): 1.
5 million square feet * Phase 7 (2013): 1.
Eight Issues 5 million square feet (2015): 1.
5 million square feet.
The following shows how the first Las Vegas market collapsed in terms of exhibition and showroom space and location.
As of June 3, more than 1 permanent tenant and temporary exhibitor was arranged to display their merchandise, * Building A: permanent exhibitor at World Market Center-
There are 372 companies with exhibition halls on the 10 th floor, covering an area of square feet.
* World Pavilion: temporary exhibition of three large pavilions-
Syle tent near World Market Center-
172 exhibitors take advantage of 350,000 square feet of space.
* World market in Las Vegas Convention Center: temporary exhibition in the center hall Las Vegas Convention Center-
576 exhibitors covering an area of 630,000 square feet.
* American indoor lifestyle: the venue, which will be hosted with Las Vegas maccit, is housed in a temporary exhibition in the 200,000-square-foot space of the North Hall Las Vegas Convention Center.
This is an international \"show in the exhibition\" produced by Frankfurt Company\"
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