oak office furniture

Oak office furniture is a popular choice for office space.
This is a charming wood that blends in with classic and contemporary interior design.
Known for its durability and strength, it is also easy to design around oak furniture as it can match almost any color and complement fabric, leather chairs and sofas.
In order to coordinate the appearance, it is recommended to purchase oak desks with the same range, quality and tone as bookshelves, Oak office coffee tables and other major furniture in the office.
Nowadays, solid oak furniture is mainly used in home offices, and materials such as veneer and mfc are usually the first choice for offices.
Oak is a slow-growing tree that takes about 150.
Reaching mature 200, this is reflected in the relatively high price of solid oak furniture.
Oak is a hard wood that is much more durable than soft wood that is easy to scratch like pine trees.
You may have noticed that there are all kinds of colors in oak trees, which is because there are about 400 kinds of oak trees that can be divided into two categories --
Red Oak and white oak.
Purchase Oak office furniture including finished and solid oak furniture.
If you buy solid wood, don\'t be careful.
The real features such as the drawer base and the back of the cabinet may be of poor quality, or they may be made of Chinese oak, which is not an oak but looks very similar.
As mentioned above, the vast majority of oak office furniture made for commercial purposes is either made of veneer wood or more likely to be mfc-
A melamine panel.
What\'s the difference?
The oak veneer furniture can be made of cardboard or a medium-fiber board core and then covered with a thin layer of solid wood.
This process produces furniture that truly looks and feels beautiful to the wood.
However, they can be quite expensive and easily scratched on the surface, making them more suitable for meeting rooms or executive offices than for regular offices.
The Mfc furniture production cost is lower, so the furniture price is more affordable.
The board is covered with a thin layer of melamine, a decorative paper with oak effect, and then laminated to a surface similar to solid wood, which is usually wear-resistant but can be used in large quantities.
Therefore, choosing the right oak furniture for your office is not only a matter of price and quality, but in many cases melamine products are the most appropriate;
Great designs make them ideal and preferred for many people.
No matter which Oak product you choose, you will find that they all depend on the various quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process.
Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase furniture from a reputable office furniture dealer who can provide personal services and furniture within a true warranty.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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