office furniture equally at home in a modern living room

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A new set of office furniture was launched today and is expected to be widely accepted in the home, highlighting the growing trend in the country.
Collection by Herman Miller
In Zeeland, Michigan.
A furniture manufacturer with annual sales of more than $10 million, is one of the many cleaning modern design groups mainly serving the office space in recent years.
Miller, Noel Society, Jens Risom Design, Inc. Collection and reasons for past Design
Ward Bennett\'s design is very popular at home.
However, these manufacturers agree that the state of modern design is at the heart of this situation.
They say there are too few good modern designs produced in the home furniture industry.
This forces enthusiasts of this style to seek help from office vendors.
The furniture system designed by Herman Miller\'s Robert proster in collaboration with the George Nelson office shows that well-designed tables, chairs, in the executive suite or in the living room, tables or storage systems should be acceptable.
The idea of advertising is nothing particularly new, because the rolling desktop created for the office at the turn of the century was acceptable at home at the time and now.
A chair like Mies van der Rohe is a post-90 s classic Barcelona chair with an advantage in both types of interior design.
The core of the Miller series is a table.
The top of the scroll is horizontal.
The Tambourine desktop desk, with a plastic frame, is mounted on an aluminum base and has produced a functional but elegant design for three years in the creation of this desk.
Tambour covers curl on the back archives and on the inclined writing surface.
There are 1 feet breaks in the form of bars and shallow drawers to suppress the human squirrel instinct.
The furniture system, called Action Office, is now in production and will be delivered for use in January.
In addition to the two-size drum desk for $495, there is also a $390 vinyl drum sleeve.
In addition to the table, there are tables, wall-hung and separate shelves and storage rooms, bookshelves, file clips, plastic roll \"blackboard\" and chairs of draftsmen, called \"bass \".
\"The Bass on duty in the family bar or kitchen can double the price at $200.
A Miller spokesman said that once the production line is fully put into production, the price of this product and other products in the group may be reduced.
The series can be viewed and ordered by decorators or architects in the attention exhibition hall at 305 East 63d Street.
In the recently opened Ward Bennett design company showroom, a division of Brickell eppingg
Sir, 515 Madison Avenue.
Bennett found that office meetings and tables and chairs were ordered in the living room, dining room and bedroom.
Ads \"usually, executives who use it at work buy two for his home \". Bennett noted.
Chair Design, sir.
Bennett\'s view is based on anatomy, not on the location of the chair to be used.
From this point of view, most of the nine chairs have the same or different interior decoration, suitable for any modern interior decoration.
In fact, nowadays, in many residences, a toastcolored, buck-covered, down-down sofa designed for the insurance company office can be found.
At Noel associates at 320 Park Avenue, there are stable homeowner and apartment resident profiles, and their fitters or architects are dragged together.
\"These shopper\'s best-selling books are arm-less sofas designed in 1956 by Florence Noel for the State General Life Insurance Building in Bloomfield.
You can also choose the recliner for the reception area through the cocktail table, the dining room selects the conference table, and the family sleep area selects the office storage unit.
In an attempt to find out why Scandinavian-style office furniture was used in the home,
Risom said last week that home goods producers and shops were \"caught in a miserable network of fashion awareness.
\"The public is tired of this.
\"That\'s why they went to non-residential sources,\" he said . \".
Sliding door cabinet with adjustable shelf for office or home.
Choose the color vinyl top on the walnut frame for $338.
Through the decorators of Jens Risom, 444 Madison Avenue.
A version of the file was printed on page 46 of the New York edition on November 23, 1964 with the title: office furniture in the modern living room.
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