patio dining sets - a buyer\'s guide

Life is like this in summer. . .
It mainly happens outdoors.
Why are you sitting inside when the weather is good, you and your friends and family can have dinner in your yard?
When the pleasant weather comes, the best seats in the House are actually outside, especially when eating.
The terrace restaurant has three basic materials to choose from: wood, metal and plastic.
Here\'s a short guide to buyers, so you can choose a guide that suits your lifestyle, your home, and your sense of fashion.
The wood looks great and very durable.
A lot of wooden outdoor furniture, which is not surprising considering its charm and practicality as a building material.
If the wood reminds you of your father\'s old pine spirit photoit-
Your own picnic table, or your mom\'s rattan terrace table, how fast they crash when exposed to elements, think about it again.
There are a lot of excellent, beautiful hard wood that can become an excellent building material.
Don\'t forget pine trees, oak trees or natural wicker for outdoor furniture, they don\'t stand the weather and the sun.
Teak, eucalyptus or cedar.
Teak is the jewel on the crown of the outdoor furniture forest.
Very durable.
In fact, it is so durable that it is the preferred shipbuilding material in the sailing age.
Teak terrace tables can exceed their owners
The life of teak was as long as 100.
It is medium brown from warm orangey to rich silver gray.
If you prefer the original warm brown color, don\'t worry, apply the teak protector once a year (
Twice in a hot climate. .
Natural teak oil is fine.
Please note that teak is a rare wood with the seal of the Forest Management Committee for the responsible harvest of teak.
The only real downside of teak is the rarity, the price is expensive and usually the price ranges from $900 to $3,000.
Eucalyptus or Cedar is a less expensive option and can last almost as long as teak if treated with water
Base material with acrylic acid.
The price is cheap, ranging from $325 to $1,000.
If you apply a layer of protective oil every year, the Cedar set will last about 20 years.
When purchasing a wooden terrace restaurant, please note how they are built.
Look for sturdy tuxedo-style or Velcro-style joiners instead of fragile glue and staple joints.
There are two great options when considering metal outdoor furniture: Aluminum and wrought iron.
The wrought iron is no longer the real wrought iron.
That is, they don\'t hammer it into shape on the fire.
These days, it is cast in a mold.
Suits can be expensive and range from about $600 to about $2,300, but when the wrought iron has a wide range of styles, you can choose a terrace dining set, from stylish modern to old
Italian villa at Flower School.
Make sure you only buy powder
Coated wrought iron (
Spray with ground paint resin to prevent rusty outdoor furniture).
Even if the coating is appropriate, the wrought iron may rust if it is not properly maintained.
You need paint for your outdoor furniture.
The price of the aluminum terrace table is similar to that of the wrought iron, but it is completely rust-proof.
These terrace restaurants are very light and easy to move as an extra bonus.
They can look as gorgeous as wrought iron, or as simple as modern.
Plastic terrace restaurant plastic is the new kid in the block.
They are by far the most affordable option for outdoor furniture, with a terrace set for about $50.
They are actually indestructible.
It may not be as attractive or comfortable as a terrace restaurant of other materials, but it is cheap and durable.
This outdoor furniture has a strong resistance to weather conditions from wet to hot to cold. A fragile, cheap
It may be what you think of when you imagine plastic that looks like a patio unit, but many manufacturers now use high density polyethylene (HDPE)
, Harder, stronger, heavier. . .
Looks better
With a variety of options in mind, it is almost certain that there is a terrace somewhere that suits you.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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