patricia de lille says no to new furniture for ministers

Public Works Minister Patricia de Lille left her mark at the first meeting of President Cyril ramafusa\'s new cabinet this week.
Drier made it clear that the ministry would not accept any request for new furniture for the office, the minister\'s residence or the village of Parliament.
At least two people familiar with the matter said Delhi\'s concerns about costs
Savings are accepted because the president agrees with these points.
City media have learned that Delhi has raised concerns about the need to bear costs.
Cutting measures within the department are serious.
She is said to be concerned about the high cost of new furniture each time the new government buys it.
She believes that a lot of money can be saved if the furniture currently in the minister\'s home and office is repaired instead of replaced.
It is common practice for new ministers to ask for change when they enter the government.
Own the house where their predecessors live.
To suit the style of the newly appointed minister, millions of ands are spent on expensive furniture, carpets, curtains, braai facilities and even terraces.
When asked about her tough stance on ministerial spending, drier replied that she could not comment on cabinet discussions.
Who is the leader of the good party, the only non-
The ANC cabinet also announced ahead of this week\'s State of the Union address that her department has been able to \"cut costs from r2 \".
According to the government\'s austerity measures, 3 million to R500 000 \".
The public works and infrastructure departments are responsible for all government buildings throughout the country.
In an interview with City News\'s sister publication harmony this week, drier said she plans to audit the Department\'s asset register to determine the condition of buildings owned by the department.
\"Our courts are in a bad state, for example.
I ask the management of these courts to report in detail the maintenance backlog, such as the elevator is broken or the air conditioner is broken.
\"Drier also said she would try to convince the private sector to play a role in the creation and maintenance of the country\'s infrastructure.
The minister believes that the model of \"construction, management and transfer\" should be considered.
\"This means that the private sector builds infrastructure, manages it within 20 years, and then transfers it to the state.
\"We need to think about all these different approaches,\" she said . \".
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