pine furniture: double dressers

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We all like loose hotel furniture factory.
We hope that our furniture is made of pine wood, which is a matter of home decoration and beautiful design.
So, if you\'re looking for a quality product made of pine trees that looks strong and natural, and then keep reading, you\'ll find some great comments about a few pieces of loose furniture, the furniture will be perfect in your home or cottage.
We will check several double drawers for your bedroom or child\'s room.
You can access the product by clicking here.
Small treasure collection-country pineapple this piece has several grooves on the top drawer and looks like 3 small drawers.
Assembly is required but with a 5 year warranty.
Here are two reviews from current customers who are satisfied with the purchase.
You can find more comments on this pine furniture on the Amazon page.
\"Overall, it\'s a nice dresser and it\'s easy to assemble.
I recommend two people. I did it myself.
However, it is clear that the manufacturer has forgotten the pre-
Drill some very important holes.
Only one piece (the left side)
And it\'s easy to fix.
This is my only complaint.
South Shore , check your item and make sure all the right holes are there.
-Gala Young \"love it!
Although vertical assembly is not difficult.
But when all the pieces come together, it looks wonderful and realistic (country pine).
The price is also very good. ” – Marlena B.
Logik series of South Shore furniture, with six spacious drawers, this furniture has metal handles and children when pulled
Grab the safety latch of the drawer.
Measures 16 \"x 47\" x 29 \".
Amazon is currently selling for $168.
About the product, they have to say: \"bold, clean lines and authentic knotted sunshine --
This spacious vanity with Pine finish offers a modern sense of organization for any bedroom, study or guest room.
Durable design of the device-
Wooden buildings stand up to everyday wear and tear while their rich contemporary surfaces and platforms-
Perfect blend with any decoration or color scheme.
The double vanity provides six large drawers that are perfect for storing folded clothes, blankets, games, etc, making the items easy to access but not visible.
With antiques
Complete the metal handle, smooth glide through the spacious drawers and grab with the kids --
Safety plug-in for safety.
Most importantly, the top edge of the dresser is gently bent into a round, shaped corner to prevent injury, which makes it a wise and safe choice for children\'s bedrooms, playrooms, or the room of the grandma\'s house.
The unit is standing alone or paired with a piece of accessories from the Logik series and is a beautiful addition to any family.
Assembly is required.
\"This is what some people have said about their recent purchase.
\"This dresser is a very good dresser.
It\'s a bit frustrating to assemble, but you have to keep in mind that you\'re assembling the dresser.
Just do it in the direction shown and you will have a dresser that looks beautiful with a smooth sliding drawer inside.
The total assembly time is about 4. 5 hours. ” – C.
Selected by woolwprairie-country pineapple this elegant country-
The stylish vanity has plenty of storage space and stylishly decorated skirting, bringing vintage, dated charm to any bedroom.
Part 6 of the collection-
Bedroom furniture set.
If you\'re looking for something rough and natural then that\'s what you\'re looking.
Here are a few reviews of this pine furniture. “Nice product. .
It\'s a little easy to assemble. .
There was no damage upon arrival.
My son likes this bed very much. . .
Made a lovely set. ” – Mary P.
\"If you want to buy this thing because of wood like outlook, please forget it.
Since this furniture is made entirely of recycled wood, only wood on the front --like skin.
Look inside and you will see the ugly surface of recycled wood.
The worst thing is that the drawer is too weak.
The bottom of the drawer is made of 3mm thick recycled paper, thin as paper, and the depth of the drawer is only 10 cm.
Don\'t put too much clothes or items in the drawer, otherwise it will crash.
Besides the worst drawer, the structure of the dresser is also unstable.
After the installation is complete, the entire vanity remains swinging.
Therefore, you can see in the first page of the installation manual the warning that the dresser may fall.
Overall, this furniture is of poor quality.
Don\'t be fooled by the wood in front-like skin.
It\'s worse than any furniture you can buy at Walmart. Mart or target.
Never buy.
\"-JackiePrairie Collection-8 out of all the double drawers manufactured by Southbank furniture are the best because there are too many drawers. With vintage-
This style of drawer handle currently sells for $300 on Amazon.
Some components are required and have a 5 year warranty.
Product Size: 61 inch x 16 inch x 37 inch.
This is a review from a person who recently purchased this collection of pine furniture.
\"The Dresser on the photo looks good.
The bottom was broken when I received it.
I called Southbank & unfortunately it took two weeks for the parts to arrive and this is not the part I ordered.
As of this review, I have not received the damaged replacement parts & the rest of the dresser are piled up in my attic.
It\'s been a month since I booked the dresser.
It\'s a pity, a waste of money.
After writing this review and listening to the opinions of the people who bought these products, it seems that the South Bank furniture does not make high-quality loose furniture.
So if you are in the market, you may want to try some of these products because of the lower price, but you may find that, it\'s much easier to spend more money on better loose furniture.
Click here to go to Amazon and look at these yourself.
Good luck when looking for the perfect pine furniture!
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