play equipment, indoors and out where to get it because some of the larger pieces may be stocked in warehouses, increasing delivery time, you may want to call the store to see if an item is stocked there. mail order delivery ranges from three days to six

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Summer is the season for outdoor sports equipment.
After class, the children are around the house, and a family play field is a pleasure for the children and parents.
However, the yard should be carefully equipped.
It is important to choose games that are both challenging and as safe as possible.
S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says the most common accident in a public playground is a fall that happens when children are overcrowded, push each other or don\'t pay attention.
Obviously, it is important to buy the right game equipment for the age of the child, but supervision, especially for smaller children, is also necessary.
While the Commission has proposed guidelines for the safe construction of playground equipment, there are no binding legal standards.
The sturdy and sturdy structure is checked by the parents.
For example, a wood swing or rock climbing piece should be made of wood that is under pressure at the same time
After treatment, it is able to resist decay and good polishing to avoid debris.
The metal equipment should be galvanized or stainless steel so that it will not rust and the bolts should not be exposed.
The treated polypropylene rope is less deteriorated than the rope made of hemp.
Ads check the open space on all game devices to make sure that children are not able to get caught by ladders, slides or bars.
Parents often ask if they buy outdoor entertainment equipment designed for school or home use.
Commercial equipment is built for durability, some of which have been built in the past 20 years.
But they are usually designed to be embedded in concrete, so the installation costs are high.
Stephen Brotman, president of the children\'s craft company sold to schools and homeowners, believes parents should not buy institutional equipment.
\"This is more than anyone needs, and a child has surpassed it in a few years,\" he said . \".
\"Here\'s a sample of some of the game equipment currently available in the yard. Infant Swings.
For children 6 to 18 months old, there are swing seats with straps, guardrails and vertical straps between the legs.
The Childcraft version was suspended by the chain for $17. 50.
A slightly larger seat is hung with nylon rope for children\'s lives for $30. Sandboxes.
Crawling children find happiness in the sandbox.
One option is the canvas cover.
Most boxes are 4 feet by 4 feet, 4 by 6 or 6 by 6. Six-foot-
The square model includes a model that is bolted together by Wood Play ($80)
With a person who is nailed to the child\'s life ($95).
Of the two institutional models of the same size, one is the child craft ($299)
There are four curved steel arches locked on the side of the box, as well as one by the quality industry ($284)
The corners set up in the concrete have galvanized steel anchor columns.
Child craft also has a 33 inch square plastic sandbox that can be divided into parts of water and sand ($49. 95).
Swings and climbers.
Some of them are modular, so they can be customized according to the needs of children aged 2 to 12.
Supervision is necessary if you have very small children or children of mixed age to play together.
The suit is usually equipped with options such as a slide, a tree house, a fireman\'s post, a trapeze ring and a rope ladder.
Residential models are usually made of wood.
The discovery of Swing Design provided by Penny whistler includes two swings and a climbing gym with rope ladders and knotted ropes ($482).
For stability, it is assembled with oak stakes nailed to the side.
Similar models of Woodplay include swings, trapeze, climbing ropes, and climbers ($335)and is free-standing.
Life of three children
Ladder swing groups include trapeze poles, rings and swings ($310)
Oak stake on both sides. Climbers.
The red, white and blue domes of the children\'s spacecraft are a popular climber. $99. 95)
, While the quality industry offers a spider-shaped product with four ladders and a yellow center with black eyes ($485).
West German company Quadro offers a kit that can be turned into a climber, slide or even a bed rack.
It has a red polypropylene tube attached to a black joint and face plate forming steps, slides and platforms.
A set of 74 starters ($152)
Craft in children and Penny Whistle.
A rope ladder hanging from a tree is in the children\'s craft ($27. 95)
And children\'s lives ($22).
Jump, ride, swing equipment.
There are four jumps in the quality industry, and four skipping ropes are connected to a central rotation device, so it takes only one end to get another child to jump.
The permanent model is $109 and the ground socket is portable for an extra charge of $42.
The same company offers a choice of four animals such as Eagle, lamb, dog, Penguin, pony, lion or Panda for entertainmentA-
Carussel (Mul) for children under 6 years of age)$929).
For the sake of safety, Childcraft only provides trampoline that children can jump no more than 2 feet.
One of them, Big Bounce, has a rubber ring covered with canvas ($24. 95)
The other is portable with cover frame and spring.
Adults can do aerobic exercise with it ($99. 95).
The fledgling talzan can pass from Penny Whistle ($28. 50)
By catching the stake on the steel cable hanging on the ballbearing pivot.
Travelon from Swing Design includes wooden ladders ($190).
Seesaws for children\'s lives ($83)or Wood Play (
$90 for permanent models and $110 for portable models).
Scribbled by a tame version of Childcraft Skipsy, made in corpus luteum$39. 95).
House, tent, tent.
In order for children to hide in a secret place, the children\'s spacecraft has Airstix, a set of 15 inflatable tubes to make a hiding place or raft ($29. 95).
Cabin also available ($199. 95).
For children under the age of 4, Conran\'s has a nylon tent in blue and red ($22. 95).
A very vivid vinyl dentures with cowboy, Indian and horse scenes in Penny Whistle ($44).
Outdoor furniture.
Child craft has a red folding canvas recliner on the wood frame and the Child\'s name can be heated on itpressed ($14. 95)
There is also a folding wooden table with two small benches ($28. 95). Games.
Children also like old people. Old game.
Childcraft has a portable circle and is only 4 feet centimeters tall ($88. 90)
There was also a sponge basketball and a $24 football goal. 95.
Child craft has a yellow vinyl jump House mat ($3. 95). Pools.
For children under the age of 6, Childcraft has an inflatable pool with red and white stripes with matching balls and inner tubes ($10. 95)
And locker room-playhouse ($24. 95).
Conran\'s offers a bright red swimming pool lined in blue that can be folded for storage ($24. 95).
A version of the article was printed on page 8 of the national version of CBRE on June 6, 1985, with the title: Play the equipment, as some of the larger parts may be stored in the warehouse, increasing the delivery time, you may want to call the store to see if there are any items there.
Mail order time ranges from three days to six weeks.
150-children\'s crafts 212 East 58 Street753-
3196 and 155 East 23d Street, 212-674-4754.
Mail order: 20 Kilmer Road, Edison, NYJ. 08817; 800-631-5657.
Orders are shipped within three days.
Penny Whistle toy, 1283 Madison Avenue (91st Street), 212-369-3868;
448 Columbus Avenue (81st Street), 212-873-
9090 and Main Street, Bridgehampton, Los AngelesI. 11932; 516-537-3875.
Swing designs available through Penny Whistle can be ordered through the store and shipped within three weeks.
Kanglan Hotel, 160 East 54 Street, 212-371-2225, and 2-
8 Astor locations (Broadway), 212-505-1515.
Mail order catalog is $2 from 914-632-0505.
The representative of the quality industry in the New York area is Bill simian, a 1-track circle in Latham, NY. Y. 12110; 518-783-0960.
Mail order only, delivery within 30 days. Free catalogue.
Children\'s Life Hotel, 55 Whitney Street, Holliston, Mass. 01746; 800-462-4445.
Mail orders for only four to five weeks. Free catalogue. Woodplay Inc. , P. O. B.
27904, Raleigh, New YorkC. 27611; 919-832-2970.
Only mail order can be shipped in five to six weeks. Free catalogue.
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