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LUDHIANA: in this unique event, an electric power bank was accused on Friday night of being in a house in Machiwara, resulting in a fire that caused damage to hotel furniture factory and other household items.
One day after the explosion, the family was traumatized by the damage caused by the power bank.
Anville camarette Singh (50)
In Ragiyan Mohalla, near Sunder Market in Machiwara, who is a construction contractor, he said they bought a power bank for a good company four to five years ago
He added that on Friday afternoon, his wife went to a religious event nearby, his mother went to ludhina, and his son went to Machiwara\'s workplace.
Kamaljeet said he had just arrived outside his home around two o\'clock P. M. when he heard the sound of an am explosion.
Soon after, he added, two of his men started smoking. storey house.
After that, I rushed with a young man who lived nearby and poured out the flames.
However, the fire caused by the explosion first spread to the sofa, completely burning, and then before it started burning the wheat bag on the roof, it burned the LCD and other household items.
We suffered a loss near Rs2 lakh but luckily no one was at home.
If he gets home after 7, the loss will be even greater.
Eight minutes, said the homeowner.
He added that they lost the electricity bank bill or they would file a claim with the manufacturer.
The family said they were in shock and smoke remained in the house.
They added that they were surprised by the explosion at the telephone bank and were surprised even if the switch had no power issues.
At the same time, experts dealing with power banks have suggested that some precautions should be taken for such bank charges.
The power group should be cut off automatically so that it will not be overcharged after it is fully charged.
Excessive charging can cause the power supply group to heat up and can sometimes explode.
In addition, there should be no problem with the power point used to charge the power bank.
The charger used to charge the power group should be suitable at the power point, Mohit Bir, the owner of a mobile store in Midha Chowk, said he operates a variety of such power groups.
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