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  • <p>OEM/ODM Service</p>

    OEM/ODM Service

    We are the top ten brand in China and OEM/ODM supplier

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    23+ Years Experiences

    More than 23 years experience to produce furniture

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    Qualified Certificate

    Our raw material can be provided qualified certificate

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    Factory Area

    Our factory size more than 150,000 ㎡

Production Process

With excellent management and service,bring up first class staff,produce high quality products.We still insist that quality is the first priority.

  • 01. Make a mock-up room before production.
    01. Make a mock-up room before production.
    Whether you are a custom loose furniture or fixing furniture, each piece of furniture must be put through a mock-up sample before being produced. However, lofting is generally only used for special-shaped furniture structures.
  • 02. Prepare the materials
    02. Prepare the materials
    In general, the furniture factory is selected according to the following criteria: a. the material texture of wood is beautiful, the weight is moderate, the toughness is better; b. Pay attention to the quality of wood, remove defects such as dead knots, bursts, blackening, mildew, and tree cores, reflecting good material standards. After that, it is arranged to open the material, each product is based on the size of the drawings to open a good material, open the good material is to get the first carpentry workshop to start production.
  • 03. Assembling all parts into products frame
    03. Assembling all parts into products frame
    Woodworking is actually a process in which each part of a product is processed into a shape and a size required by a drawing from a good material.
  • 04. Painting and check the color difference
    04. Painting and check the color difference
    This step of paint is crucial to the effect of the furniture. The smoothness and brightness of the surface determine the aesthetics of the furniture. However, Yabo Furniture believes that good furniture brands and environmentally-friendly products are strictly required for the use of paint, and even make up for it with other technologies or materials.
  • 05. Upholstery and sewing
    05. Upholstery and sewing
    Sofa chair or other products that need to be clothed, after the paint is finished, it is necessary to start scribbling. The process flow is probably cloth/cut sponge-spray-spraying cloth. After that, you have to put it on the top of the furniture and you have to use the arc to grind out the curvature and then fix it on the furniture. After that, you can spray the glue and you can just wipe it. The pull buckle used in the cloth is still there. Brac buckles and crystal pull buckles and more.
  • 06. QC inspection
    06. QC inspection
    We have a QC inspection team,they work for every process,in charge of control the quality in the production line.Before the packing,our QC will be very carefully check the finished products,and feedback to the relevant manager who responsible for the process.They will check very serious until all the products are qualified.
  • 07.Packing into carton with shipping mark
    07.Packing into carton with shipping mark
    After all the product's processes are completed, some accessories, etc. will be installed and the finished product will be completed. The packaging of the product is also very important for the protection of the product. In general, it is necessary to wrap each part of the furniture with pearl cotton and then pack it with paper skin, and then seal it with tape, and then nail wood protection.
  • 08. Loading as packing list and arrange shipment
    08. Loading as packing list and arrange shipment
    After clients confirm the loading time, we will contact the forwarder to arrange shipping and loading.Our workers will carry the products by forklift and switch to the container.Our warehouse manager will mark the data of the loading situation and convey to our sales to make the packing list.


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