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by:YABO     2020-08-02
Wet polishing consider what is the relationship between wet polishing and redoing furniture?
Wet grinding is a valuable technology when the theme is furniture hardware, metal bed frame, 1950 s metal dresser and dresser, metal stool, furniture leg, hairpin leg, and even metal home accessories.
Note: I would like to post this disclaimer at the beginning of this page.
This wet sanding method works very well for redoing hardware and thrift store furniture, but if you have a priceless antique biography heir, if you are a perfectionist, or have obsessive-compulsive disorder, if you have a lot of excess cash, then it\'s better to hand over the hotel furniture factory to a professional.
Otherwise, start with a small project and you will go all the way up as your confidence grows.
Therefore, for all DIYers who like to take risks, don\'t be afraid or delayed by seeing rusty metal while doing frugal shopping or diving in the bin.
Learn to wet polish and turn that piece of garbage into viable furniture or household items©Cole. (
Yes, I\'m taking you home. ©Wet sanding items for Cor. ):)
Step 1 The four steps of wet sanding shown on this page actually record my two different furniture items.
This means that \"the legs in the photo may change but the process remains the same. \" :)
First, fill half a bucket of cold water and place it in a position where water spills are irrelevant. (
Outside your backyard is an ideal place for this program. )
Insert a metal leg into the bucket and splash quickly on the leg with water.
Dip the sandpaper into the water and start to gently polish the legs.
Continue to dip the mill.
Go ahead with the first step in the wet sanding process and you will notice the surface rust and the paint seems to melt.
When redoing furniture legs like these metal scorpion legs, remember that there is no need to fall on bare metal when sanding.
To test if the metal has been polished enough, place your bare hands on the metal.
If it feels smooth, this is your indicator to Polish in this section.
Repeat the process for the next round.
Replenish the bucket regularly with fresh cold water as needed.
Step 2 after polishing, rinse the metal scorpion legs with fresh and clean water. (
If you work outside the garden hose, this is the perfect choice. )
Let the surface of the metal dry completely.
Spread out a large garbage bag or a piece of cardboard or something that you can use to paint metal legs.
Follow the instructions on the back of the primer tank, shake the tank well and apply a thin layer of metal primer on the leg.
Apply this bottom first.
Start again with a thin coat. (
To prevent running, keep in mind that the two thin spray layers of the primer are always better than a thick coating. )
When the primer is completely dry, repeat the painting procedure with flat black paint.
Let the paint dry.
Step 4 replace the protective rubber tip at the bottom of the metal leg.
If you purchase a new rubber leg tip, you may need to apply a little vegetable oil inside the rubber tip to help ease it.
In your patching project, you may find that you like the look of the \"bare metal\" finish.
After the initial wet sanding, you can achieve this more \"industrialized\" metallic look by eliminating the top coating of the primer and paint.
Simply spray on the satin transparent polyurethane to protect the newly polished metal finish and let it dry.
This is the method I chose on the metal drawer above.
Here, my blog to see what inspired me to transform these three metal stools.
The renovation of the furniture involved wet polishing technology and paint tape.
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