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Ready-made price increasesto-
When buyers go to the market this week, assembling furniture will not dampen their enthusiasm.
Styling efforts like home office and storage, key price points and hot categories should be of interest to buyers.
\"We don\'t like the price increase,\" admits Craig, a senior furniture buyer at Farmer\'s furniture, a retail home chain based in Dublin, Georgia.
\"We will give and take responsibility for the price increase.
However, we intend to shop for the overall situation of the RTA furniture market.
\"In this market, many of the buyers included will focus on home office and home entertainment programs.
For example, Lasting said farmers recently extended their growing RTA program to home office furniture.
\"We have added computer tables to our product lineup, including home entertainment, utilities and storage furniture,\" he said . \"
\"Our RTA furniture project offers a retail price of $399 for wall systems.
Gary Chrisinger, sales manager and owner of home concept at Wis Appleton, agreed that \"the home office market is strong and is taking off \". , a six-months-
Old retail stores focused on ready-to-wearto-
Assemble furniture.
\"In the high-point market, we will focus on desks that retail between $200 and $400.
We will also look at the office portfolio of desks, files, printer stands, folding pages, and Hutch.
\"Used to be a RTA furniture buyer for Shopko, a discount chain located at Wis Green Bay.
Chrisinger says he buys high-point markets for RTA furniture every April and October, as well as a family show in Chicago in January.
Despite the emphasis placed by RTA furniture manufacturers on home entertainment and home office supplies, they are constantly introducing new teen bedrooms, adult bedrooms, storage rooms, kitchens and occasional products.
Design and styling innovation combining fresh, premium wood tones and primary tones
Color finishes enhance new products at almost all prices.
\"We have a good response to the n Kolor junior bedroom group for kids at the American furniture company, and their decor has primary colors,\" Chrisinger said . \".
\"RTA is no longer just a fixture,\" asserted Kevin Shaud, vice president of sales and marketing for Sauder carpentry.
It\'s functional and stylish.
\"Sauder Wood work is a leading supplier of RTA furniture across all market channels and is rolling out five series for the High Point Market.
\"Increased design input and technological advances make it possible to produce ready productsto-
\"Assemble the furniture and finish it in almost all imaginable styles,\" Sauder continued . \".
\"There is almost no difference from assembled furniture, and today\'s RTA furniture can be found in every room of the house, even in areas that are traditionally not associated with RTA furniture, such as bedrooms.
According to Bush Industries, the company\'s market display heralds the arrival of a new generation of creative furniture, with a focus on home office and home theater furniture.
\"RTA furniture is made of fresh style and finish, which is more convenient to assemble and is being recognized by consumers,\" notes RTA furniture . \".
The farmer\'s RTA project in Sauder Woodworking includes cherry, oak, light and washed finish products.
\"When consumers like the styling, price and value of this product, there is no resistance to assembly,\" he said . \".
Furniture in Levitz.
Tony Russo, the buyer of the promotional product, said he would buy the market for a variety of RTA furniture.
\"I will see whatever the supplier shows,\" he noted . \".
\"I am interested in better items and prices within the promotional price range.
\"The Levitz program in the promotional RTA furniture includes entertainment centers, bookcases and TV stands, oak and white finishes and retails below $99.
In this market, Armstrong RTA has launched 10 sets of RTA products, which is its biggest display in the market;
Bush Industries is showing its hideA-
Office wardrobe chair;
Charleswood has a vertical and horizontal entertainment center, some with home theater function and fresh style and finish, and Fournier furniture has four modern entertainment centers.
The three suppliers at the high point will be in the larger exhibition hall.
Sauder Woodworking, located on the 9th floor of the main wing of the International Home decoration center, is now showcasing its product line in space 1147, new Hamilton wing.
The proud addition of Mill\'s room has moved from the sixth floor of the main wing to the 230 space on the second floor of the main wing.
Doxey furniture, formerly a showroom on the fifth floor of Hamilton wing, is now located in a separate showroom of 320 square meters. Wrenn St. in High Point.
The following is a summary of product presentations by RTA furniture manufacturers on the market.
AMERIWOOD furniture: the company is adding a multi-functional trolley with storage and primary color finishes for the children\'s \'N Kolor teen bedroom series.
A separate set of storage in the teen bedroom includes walls and towers to fit the awkward space.
More kitchen with cherry and hunter green finish.
A set of TV racks and trolleys for consumer electronics stores, the lineup of home entertainment and home theater furniture is optimized with a built-in cabinet
In the left, right and center speakers, and 35-
Retail prices between $599 and $699.
New fabrics and frames are available in family suites, RTA upholstered furniture collection and Somerset Collection, retail from $29 to $129, which has expanded since the launch of the National Housewares Show in last January.
Armstrong RTA: New 10 sets of products at retail prices of $29 to $299, with a focus on home entertainment, kitchen and bedroom furniture.
One set of entertainment furniture is decorated with cherry, and the other set of furniture is decorated with frame panel doors with tweed oak finish.
The oak finish also includes bedroom, entertainment and occasional furniture with relief on the front.
Four new bedroom sets, retail prices ranging from $49 to $199, complete with maple leaf finish, washed pine look, cherry finish or faux marble countertops.
A group of youth bedroom furniture has 10 SKUs on oak finishes and retails for $89 to $199.
Promotional items include trolley, kitchen and bedroom items, all for sale at a retail price of $49.
BERTRAM & MacLEOD: items worth $49 are focused furniture, including quilts and CD storage units.
In the home office furniture, there is a table with oak finish, kitchen cabinet, folding frame and printer rack.
The retail price of this table is $199.
The company has expanded its antique cabinets and will introduce a batch of occasional furniture in cherry finishes.
BESTAR: in the new office furniture, there are some smaller U-
Working center for molding and L
Molding computer center in gray, charcoal and oak finish. The four-piece U-
The retail price of the Shaped center is less than $200. The K-
Flex 8000 series with injection
There are five versions of the mold platform that can be installed in various configurations with the desk and other cabinets. In audio-
The company is rolling out Regent series video furniture with polyurethane door panels.
14 pieces in oak and cherry finish including wall, bookcase and family room furniture and audioVideo furniture.
The Oslo collection offers basic entertainment centers at a retail price of less than $100.
Bush Industries: hiding placeA-
The chair office, which is applying for a patent, Armoire hides all the equipment, including a stenographer\'s chair, in two lockable bi-fold doors.
A separate interior compartment has a fixed shelf for computers and central processors.
Armoire features pull-out printer shelves, adjustable storage shelves, and full
Width of working surface and keyboard shelf.
A wardrobe is provided in the traditional pine collection and Holmark collection.
In home theater furniture, the home entertainment center in the traditional pine collection can accommodate 32-
Inch TV screen for up to 60 discs, central channel speakers, and storage devices.
Other features are to store up to 140 video tapes in swingout side door.
There is more storage behind the two bumpspanel doors.
CHARLESWOOD: out of the 70 new SKUs in line, there is an adult bedroom group with seven palm Oak light finishes inside, bringing a fresh look to the people in line.
New is a horizontal entertainment center with a chestnut finish with a black accent and smoked glass doors, and a vertical entertainment center on a cherry finish that retails for $199.
Designer Brites junior bedroom Group now has 14 sku\'s, white finish, reversible drawer front for primary colors.
The country inn adult bedroom Group has expanded six new projects.
DOXEY: a multi-functional wall with a height of 48 inch, a width of 60 inch, and a depth of 12 inch, there are three
Fold back panel, adjustable shelf, available in two laminated finishes in white and oak. Audio-
The visual Tower, one 39 inch high and the other 64 inch high, has an adjustable rack, a Camloc assembly and a base to prevent the tower from leaning forward.
Up to 250 discs can be stored in higher units;
Smaller units, up to 198.
The retail price of the tower is $29, and the retail price of the tower is $39.
FOURNIER furniture: six sets of new products in French style include kitchen and bathroom furniture.
There is also a set of hunter green finishes with natural finishes on the top.
The four entertainment centers designed by Gear feature a burl mahogany look and color finish for surface treatment with contemporary style.
Retail sales at these centers totaled $150 to $250.
The Augusta bedroom Group has been expanded and a new white finish teen bedroom Group has eight SKUs including headboard, chest, two tables and a chifforobe.
Living Furniture: in broken line-
There are four sizes of bookcase for RTA furniture, two
Tea room with four doors
An entertainment center with a door compartment, a microwave work center, a trolley, a TV cart, an oak table and an oak look.
Most products have oak or white finishes.
LINON: a group of entertainment centers in pine finish, new dining furniture in pine finish is one of the product introductions in the market.
Furniture from Italy includes chairs, tables and accessories, some of which are metal.
The breakfast corner combination of tables and seating displayed at the last January family fair will be displayed at the high point.
O\'Sullivan industry: home theater and office furniture dominate the market in April.
Home theater work with an expandable bridge, including oak or cherry finishZ Home line.
The Essex home office furniture collection includes executive desks and computer folding pages.
Executive desk, computer folding, computer work center and corner work center are the first choice.
Shopping carts, wall units and bedroom furniture have been added to other collections on the production line.
Powell: several collections will be expanded.
Pass the heir Cherry, country estate brilliant brass and green and 75 new items in the Wicker and iron group.
A new white collection of antiques contains three-
Three plant stands
Piece together nested tables, consoles, and mirrors.
Regent furniture: debuted at the High Point Market, featuring cherry finish, Regent displays office furniture for 10 SKUs, including desks, computer workstations, trolleys and filing cabinets, retail price is $69 to $300.
At the same price, among a range of home entertainment furniture, there is a 72 inch high entertainment center that can match the bookcase used for video and audio storage.
Prime Value is a set of $19 items. 95 retail.
Room addition: among the various products in the home office and home entertainment area, there is a modern computer desk with a pull out keyboard, which is a step
Component Systems on office furniture and workstations with kitchen guards and Peninsula work surfaces.
Home Entertainment is a home theater unit for 60 people
Inch TV screen and entertainment center on base.
The retail price of kitchen furniture groups and lockers is $129.
Royal creation: there are more than 20 new SKUs in the series, with a focus on storage.
In the new project, there are 48-
Built in the Inch wardrobe of the shoe Bureau.
Retail prices for five different entertainment centres range from $79 to $149.
One of the entertainment centers is a home theater with matching bookcases.
There are two new tables in oak finish, and the third table in oak finish is decorated in black.
Sauder woodworking: in the market lineup of entertainment, home offices, bedrooms and occasionally furnished products, new series and new projects in existing series.
Profiles provides entertainment and home office furniture with carved shapes;
There are entertainment, home office and bedroom furniture in the \"slides\" of Hartford
Assembled on a light oak finish;
Coventry includes entertainment, bedroom and occasional washpine finish.
The Hawthorne collection is similar in warm oak finishes.
Classic Elegance features four entertainment items m complete traditional styling with rich cherries.
The executive collection is 8 pieces of neo-classical style home office furniture with carved cherry finish with black decoration.
3 k mobel: office furniture collection-
Market-oriented ups with fast-track Manager Range
Buckle assembly system for metal to metal.
Other features are pre-
Hardware and drawer slides were installed for easier assembly.
The finish is black and gray, or a combination of black and mountain wool balls, as well as bird eye maple. Four-or six-
The retail price of the Piece desk system is $499 to $699.
Trend: The Classic Kitchen combines white finishes with two
A combination of white and natural, green and natural shades.
The group\'s 12 products include a microwave Center, a buffet with a kitchen cabinet and a spice cabinet.
Classic Group in step-
The price increase point in the trend line plan.
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