sabotaging in alton\'s living room — alton\'s after-show

It\'s a double.
This week, host Alton Brown created a well-planned vandalism in a brutal kitchen that not only attacked a chef, but also attacked two chefs whose set was
At the TV dinner, the two chefs had to do all the cooking and preparation work in the living room of the Alton 1974 edition, with a sofa, TV, and even a photo of Alton\'s own smile.
Chef Mitch won the challenge for up to $9,100 and gave it to his opponent.
\"Will you agree?
\"Ask Alton to judge Jet Tila after this week\'s eventShow.
There are four components here.
Dessert, starch and protein, a bit hard.
So no, I won\'t agree with that, \"said Judge Jet.
Click on the video above to play, see the living room at close range and hear judge Jet\'s reaction.
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