Seamstress Desk

We recently bought an old fashioned sewing machine desk and decided to change it to a no-girl desk/computer desk!
This instructable will show some tips on how to customize the furniture according to your needs!
Tools Needed: welcome to our upcoming custom desk!
For this special table, we ended up wanting to use it as a computer table and knew we wanted to add a shelf where the keyboard could be placed below.
We also want to add a wing to the side of the table-
For the mouse, or any other item we end up putting there!
There are many different types of joints to use, and we chose the dado Joints of the shelf legs.
We don\'t have a dado blade for cutting, so there are some very small grooves that cause the postcuts.
After the test
To ensure that the side of the shelf can be installed into the dado joint, we use the chisel to clean up the groove.
Both sides do this!
Put the shelf together to make sure it still looks good!
Then, stick the shelf with your clip and wood glue.
On one side of the table we will also add a wing with braces.
When the shelf is curing, measure how big the wing you need.
We want our products to have an acoustic coupler installed, which is what we use as a reference.
Once you \'ve drawn your lines, use the band saw and cut the braces carefully!
Of course, any defects are polished from the cutting process.
Now that the shelf is cured, it\'s time to put it in the same ten years as the rest of the table.
We noticed that the edge of the table was routed.
Luckily, we have a router bit that is able to give us a similar routing edge!
So we wired the sides on the top of the shelf and used a variety of sandpaper to make it smooth and ready for finishing.
Since the wood we use is Poplar, it is very difficult to make it look uniform and uniform.
There are several ways to minimize the expansion of severe stains, one of the techniques.
Now that the color is what you want, it\'s time to add some finishing touches!
We used Minwax finishing cream and found that the best way to apply is to apply it manually.
It\'s a tough paste, but the wax melts well as your hands heat up.
After putting it on the shelf, we had it treated for 15 minutes.
Once you see the white spot, you will know that it is ready to be \"scraped\" and polished.
Gently remove excess wax points with a piece of waste wood.
Once the excess wax is scrapped, polish the wax with a piece of cloth first, then make it super bright again, and use the mouse Sander on the store cloth or ordinary cloth to get amazing results!
We haven\'t forgotten the wing or its braces yet!
We can easily keep the wings square, but where is the fun?
The table itself is black, so we decided to use what we tried. and-
The real way to dye wood Black on wings.
Use the same set of steps as installing the shelves. . .
Look, the wing is in place!
We also have a drawer attached to our dedicated desk.
Need a little extra love!
After all this work, you now have your own custom tailor/computer desk!
We will use it as a computer desk, but you can use it as any other type of table you need!
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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