shop drawings of shaker furniture & woodenware.

Country furniture and construction drawing for Woodenware Ejner Handberg. Country people by PO Box 478, Woodstock, VT 05091 9780881507775, $24. 95 www. National Publishing Housecom 1-800-245-
4151 the late Ejner Handberg (1902-1985)
Born in Denmark, immigrated to the United States and worked in Stockbridge to become a talented taxi maker. He has been the most familiar person to the public in Massachusetts for many years, and he has helped design and build Norman Rockwell\'s studio.
Handberg is a master of rocking bed furniture and carpentry style.
Now, the three volumes of books he previously published on the subject have been merged into one volume and published by the national press as \"construction drawings for Shaker furniture and Woodenware \", exact scale map for taxi manufacturers and rocking bed items from bed to bed, desk, box with oval shape of desk, trestle table, wall cabinet, rotating stool, and more.
\"Construction drawings for Shaker furniture and Woodenware\" is a valuable, detailed, comprehensive and highly recommended addition to personal and professional woodworking references and Shaker woodworking research references for antique dealers, collections, libraries and museums.
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