sneak peek: here\'s a preview of products that will be presented by 75 firms that are making their formal debuts at the international woodworking machinery & furniture supply fair-usa.

More than 40,000 woodworking professionals will make a two-year pilgrimage to Atlanta for 2006 International Woodworking machinery and furniture supply Expo --USA, Aug. 23-26.
They will come from every state and province as well as from Latin America, South America and overseas.
From the sole proprietor of the custom cabinet shop to the supervisor of the wood factory that employs thousands of people, they all have.
The main attraction is the search for new machines, supplies, and services that will help their company improve productivity and efficiency, or may help to roll out new product lines.
IWF 1,209 has signed 820,000 square feet of display space contracts with 2006 exhibitors who will have new products with more than a fair share.
According to Patrick Laframboise, President and CEO of IWF, \"IWF has always been known for woodworking technology.
However, we are trying to let people know that this is not just a woodworking show.
There are also finishes, windows, flooring products and many other products that can help buyers at the show build better rat traps.
\"In addition to participating in new products to be launched by companies of IWFs in the past and 185 companies, there are 185 new exhibitors and counting, buying booths at IWF for the first time.
Lafromboise said only one
According to the exhibition time, it is easy for time exhibitors to grow by about 200.
\"We have done a lot of advertising in the international arena and presented it at dozens of shows to find new exhibitors,\" he said . \".
Wood and wood products sending email
On January, mail and fax were sent to over 150 exhibitors of new IWF domestic and foreign companies.
Invite them to submit product and company information.
Of the 75 companies that responded, there were two.
Thirds said one of the reasons they came here was to find the distribution of North America.
W & WP also asked them why they were planning to exhibit at IWF 2006.
Art Barber, CEO of Charleston Forge, NC Boone, said, \"We used to attend the exhibition as potential buyers of woodworking equipment, supplies and services.
It\'s a very organized and good one.
Participated in exhibitions that offer a great deal of opportunities for anyone interested in new ideas and business growth.
Thomas Zul, hardware director at NC Hickory, said he chose to show at IWF because of \"high
Excellent audience to attend.
Rod Brant of Buckeye Air control Technologies Ltd said: \"Manufacturers are becoming more and more complex in manufacturing methods and understand how important it is to control their processes . \".
Oh, in West Virginia.
\"We expect the IWF 2006 to be a great forum for us to help wood finisher to take the production spray finishing process to a higher level.
Liz Char, managing director of Hehe Fu plastics in Hong Kong, said, \"IWF is very popular among dealers and buyers around the world.
We believe this is a great opportunity to access them based on this shared platform.
Todd Brown, president of TCI supply, said: \"We are looking for exposure opportunities . \"
Tomasville, NC
\"We have been in IWF for 15 years --
Plus years, we know how big a show this is for our industry.
Our goal is to continue to expand our business in areas other than Carolina and Virginia.
The product preview extracts the following information from the 75 first return survey-Time exhibitors.
For more information about IWF and all its exhibitors, please visit www. iwf2006. com.
Advanced CNC innovation in Texas prairie (817)233-0765 www.
Advanced Innovation.
Booth 6790

for IWF looking for dealer advanced CNC technology innovation will show its matrix nesting and CNC machining center and router for ACI vacuum cabin, as well as track pods and other miscellaneous for CNC machinery.
Cincinnati Allen Design Co. , Ltd. , Ohio (513)489-3181 www. attendesllc.
Looking for dealer Allen Design Co. , Ltd. to produce com IWF booth 4121

of precision measurement products for woodworking industry.
Marietta, Georgia (Anderson professional plywood (877)384-0941 www.
Special plywood.
Com IWF booth 3642

not looking for specialist from dealer Anderson including curved substrates and curved plywood assemblies such as 2-in. to 96-in. radii.
Anthony paint in Cornwall (514)347-2300 www. antonicoatings.
Com IWF Booth 1963 seeking distributor Anthony paint is a North American distributor of polyurethane and polyester produced by Italy\'s Milesi SpA.
The company will display internal and external polyurethane finishes, high
Build Polyester and wood stains.
Apex unitrade co. LTD.
BANGKOK, Thailand
Mail: apexuni @ loxinfoco.
The IWF booth 4239, seeking distributor Apex, will showcase furniture accessories and accessories made from plastic and metal products, including knobs and handles, buttonholes, decorative furniture legs, CD storage, etc.
Although OEM orders were accepted, general manager Nipit Tungjitsirisun said that the main reason Apex will be on display at IWF is to look for dealers.
Atlanta to, plastic the company
Elkhart, IN (888)501-7977 www.
Atlantic plastics.
Com IWF booth 4165 not looking for distributor Plastics will show T-moulding, U-
Channel, insert mold, custom extrusion and custom injection molding service. AUTOMEC INC.
Waltham, MA (751)893-3403 www. automec.
Com IWF booth 8559 ask the dealer Automat to give away eBay, a single-
Shaft programmable gauges for locating saws or any equipment that requires precise gauges to stop positioning. The chain-
The driven DC servo drive system has a holding force of 250 and is 5 to 24 feet in length.
Baxter Creek tools
Baxter, ON (705)424-9988 www. sandersitter.
Looking for com IWF Booth 4439 of dealer Baxter Creek Tools to share a Booth with R & R Clamp.
The company offers Sander Sitter, which is an automatic cleaning of two 5-in. and 6-in.
Random track Sanders
There is a video demo on the company\'s website.
Better vacuum cleaner.
Mountain Chino, California (909)606-0140 www.
Better vacuum cleaner.
Com IWF booth 9551 seeks better vacuum cups from dealers.
Com will launch vacuum mug-
Used for fixed parts on CNC woodworking machinery.
Bilabang Enterprise Co. , Ltd. LTD.
Subsidiary of Chius Mfg. Co.
Www Hong Kong. chisumfg.
IWF booth 4023 seeks dealers the company\'s product line includes protective equipment such as coated and bonded abrasive and respirator and goggles.
Atlanta, GA (770)953-7056 www. bluelinxco.
Com IWF Booth 1131 does not seek distribution of hardwood floors, industrial plywood, medium fiber board, melamine board, hardwood floor, plywood furniture board and furniture parts at home and imported by distributor blueloft.
Bosch tools
El Monte, California (626)450-0610 www. bosuntools.
Com IWF saw blade Boshen tools will exhibit booth 6821 looking for distributors in Internet funds.
BUCKEYE Air Control Technology Co. , Ltd.
Oh, siwania. 866)420-2228 www. buckeyeact.
Com IWF booth 4843, seeking distributor BACT, will demonstrate its technology to control airflow while completing paint spraying rooms to improve quality, while reducing operating costs.
BACT\'s product line includes a paint booth, Booth enhancement and over-spray filtration system for KY E-CABINOTCH Owensboro
Postage: pcccabinet @ earthlink.
Net IWF Booth 6817 not looking for distributor Cabinotch will face-for production-
Frame cabinets using CNC nesting operations and custom RTA cabinets.
JM CHAMPEAUSt. -Malo, QUE (819)658-2244 www. champeau.
Com IWF booth 4444 is not looking for dealers JM Champeau to produce hard maple, soft maple, red oak square and pins.
Champion, Denver Gardner products217)222-5400 www.
Champion pneumatic.
IWF booth 8674 seeks dealers the company will showcase its champion air compressor series.
Ferguson, Charleston, North Carolina (828)264-0100 www. Charlie stonford
Com IWF booth 3359 quest dealer Charleston Forge will present a process for applying a semi-thin decorative coating
Precious metals, such as copper, bronze, brass or silver, can be in contact with almost any substrate.
The company says it is a unique cosmetic design element that is brand new to furniture and furniture manufacturing.
DH caster International, Ontario (800)543-3413 www. dhcasters.
Booth 4260 for IWF looking dealers DH wheels will show casters, universal wheels, trolleys, trolleys, and trolleys.
Dimensions in tool Grainger, in email: sales @ dimensionto oting.
Com IWF Booth 6822 looking for distributor size in the tool will show the knife head, insert tool and diamond tool on its Booth.
Industrial Insulation in Dortmund dortspring, Germanydotherm.
The 1128 Dotherm de IWF stand will showcase short-term insulation
Circulating hot press, plus the friction lining of the continuous press used to manufacture door panels, mid-fiber plates and OSB.
Princeton, MN (800)647-3888 www. ewtooling.
Com IWF Booth 8021 looking for distributor EW tool will include a constant size insert tool that provides
Sharp carbide blades or diamonds
Tilt blade to maintain profile, axial and radial dimensions after reinstallation
According to the outline and dull degree, it can be honed up to 16 times.
The company also offers standard blade tools, diamond tools, knife heads, router drill bits, mold tools, solid carbide spiral tools and hard alloy blades. J. G. EDELEN CO. INC.
Baltimore, ND (410)918-1200 www. jgedelen.
IWF booth 3631 not looking for distributorsG. Edelen Co.
A wide range of decorative and functional hardware will be displayed.
In addition, the company\'s booth will feature samples of Granite Products, vanity tables, furniture countertops and related hardware.
Emerson bearings
Boston, MA (800)225-4587 www. emersonbearing.
IWF\'s booth 8432 does not seek dealer Emerson bearings to show its rows of bearings, belts and chains, plus linear sports equipment.
Miami, FL (United States of America)754)244-
8479 IWF booth 1403 seek distributor Eurovinyl Plus will display PVC sheets for hot foil cabinet doors.
The company has more than 1,000 kinds of pattern cylinders and various relief rolls.
Except for the membrane-
The products of eurovinyl are used for edge sealing, contour packaging, flat panel lamination and back molding.
The company also offers matching HPL models from Wilsonart and Formica.
Flex trim a/S Denmarkflex-trim.
Looking for distributor booth 6112 Flex-com IWF
Trim says its Flexibel polishing system improves the quality of the paint and saves production time.
Gao Sheng Wood Co. , Ltd. LTD.
Zhejiang, China www. gaoshenglumber.
Goldman Sachs timber booth 3531 seeks dealers to produce and export decorative plywood, splicing thick veneer, etc.
Species include oak trees, cherries, maple trees, ash trees, birch trees, walnuts, mountain hair trees, and forests in Africa and Asia.
Englewood, CO (303)781-6802 www. garmat.
The com IWF 6914 booth, looking for dealer Garmat, will feature patching equipment, including painting booths and drying furnaces for wood and metal materials.
Fred Nicholson said that Garmat \"made some installations, however, we hope to expand our visibility in the market by exhibiting at IWF \".
Bonn, Germany (Germany)410)931-1743 www. germantimber.
Looking for dealer IWF booth 4844 for German wood representing the German sawmill industry.
Hardwood flooring products include wood for doors and windows of furniture, flooring, stairs, beech trees, oak, ash, maple, alder trees, etc. GLENDO CORP.
Emporia/GRS Tools, KS (620)343-1084 www. glendo.
Comiwf Booth 8663 do not seek dealer glendor will be stone-inlaid, metal-carved and wood-carved as well as Accu-
Complete the equipment on the booth.
Bill Jenney, a woodcarving coach at Glendo, will show carving and Wood
Use high-
Speed, precision, rotating hand piece with wood gauge and pneumatic hand piece.
Hanxing Hardware Co. , Ltd. LTD.
Booth 3122, IWF, Guangzhou, China, seeking distributor Hanxing hardware will display furniture hardware accessories including hinges, drawer slides, boll bearing slides, casters, table legs, mechanical fasteners, screws, etc.
NC (hardware direct pecan)828)326-0887 www. hwaredirect.
Com IWF Booth 3741 seek dealer hardware direct selling company will customize display SlideOne ball bearing slider and iconic decorative pull handle according to customer specifications.
Sacramento, California (916)381-8440 www. hardwoods-inc.
Com IWF booth 4143 do not look for dealers, hardwood featured products will display decoration-
Veneer plywood made in China by IWF.
Hastings Construction & Repair
Davisenville, MD (301)261-7015 www.
Accelerate recovery.
Com IWF Booth 4039 does not seek dealer Hastings Construction & repair with more than 100 years of experience in the timber finishing & repair business.
The company\'s services include helping customers avoid expensive wood processing problems, using eco-friendly finishes, copying historical finishes and looks, and providing color matching.
Brentwood, NY (631)398-
6398 IWF booth 9533 Helicoat will present its RTP-
250 rotating tape platform for custom production up to 250
Finish edge tape.
It features an automatic loading design and various modes including sanding, dyeing, painting and drying.
Hickory saw tools
Hickory, NC (800)762-
9899 IWF booth 8544 looking for dealer Hickory saw and tools will show Wood cutting tools including brazing, insertion and Diamond
Tilt molding machine and shaping machine for floor, Cabinet parts and windows.
Irving Holman gate, Texas (972)815-4000 www. hollman.
Com IWF booth 1913 Holman combines European technology and patented single board-
Make the bending process of the dressing room door.
The company has recently begun to apply its expertise to the manufacture of cabinet doors and single board raised panel plug-ins. LTD.
Jiayi county, Taiwan www. homeease. com.
Tw IWF Booth 4221 is looking for dealer home glue to specialize in industrial glue gun and glue stick.
Hefu plastic Co. , Ltd.
Www Hong Kong.
Plastic products.
Com IWF Booth 1312 seeking distributor Hopewell Plastics will present its Omega brand of interior decoration materials including toilet compartments, laminated plastic plates for lockers, solid surface treatment products and phenol core shower grooves and more. HUD-
Forest Equipment Company
Barnville, New York (800)765-7297 www. hud-son.
Looking for dealer Hud-com IWF booth 9448
Son will present its portable sawmill at IWF.
Empire systems
City of PA Grove (724)458-1472 www. isy. stemsweb.
Booth IWF 6684, seeking distributor imperial systems, will feature its dust removal equipment and related services.
Lancaster, California (industrial)661)722-8222 www. iss4locks.
The com IWF Booth 1224 industrial locks and hardware looking for dealers will showcase professional locks, cam locks and padlocks.
ISIS products
Taiwan Taichung Email: shelin @ isis-products. com.
Tw IWF booth 6479 looking for distributor Isis products will display woodworking machinery for the manufacture of solid wooden doors. JEC MFG.
Rowlett, TX (972)412-
2228 IWF booth 5272 does not seek distributor JEC Mfg.
A clamping table and fixtures will be provided for the assembly of walls and base cabinets. JAMIESON MFG. CO. INC.
Torrington, CT (860)482-6543 www. jamiesonmfg.
Looking for IWF booth 6843 for dealer Jamieson Mfg.
Laser cutting and engraving machines imported from China will be displayed.
They\'re equipped with 60-to 110-
Watt sealed co2 laser for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic resin, most plastic, marble, glass and coated metal.
There are four sizes to choose from and the working area is 14 in. x 20 in. to 30 in. x 60 in.
Chris lapy moving supplyTampa, FL (954)975-1050 www. moving-equipment.
Com IWF Booth 4266 seeking distributor Chris Lapi Supply will showcase protection and handling supplies in all aspects of the furniture industry.
Leech carbon MeiWei, PA (814)724-5454 www. leechcarbide.
Booth 4822 for IWF looking dealers Leech hard alloy will show tungsten hard alloy blades, blades and molds.
Rocks, PA (pictures of Lewis Wood Products)800)233-8450 www. lewislp.
Booth IWF 4559, which does not seek dealers, will feature hard wood and molding.
C/o millspec machine llc for WI Mosinee (715)355-0534 www. Millspecmachine.
Com IWF Booth 2108 seeking distributor MillSpec Machine is an authorized US importer, sales and service representative for J.
Loewer in Germany. J.
Loewer specializes in sanding machinery, producing more than 30 different disc and brush polishing, Belt grinding and grinding models.
The company will present the DiscMaster 3DBB track Sander, which includes three rows of eccentric track discs and two sand light rollers.
It is especially suitable for white wood, sealing and finish polishing.
Germany Hiddenhausen mb maschinenbau Co. , Ltd. mb-maschinenbau.
De IWF Booth 6359 seeks distributor MB Maschinenbau to provide sanding machines for the furniture and metal industries and specializes in brush technology.
MB will show the ROBA Tech 1300 solid wood, medium fiber board and intermediate lacquer sand machine based on the belt system. MADYLAM S. A. DE C. V.
Toutange, Hidalgo, Mexicomadylam. com.
Booth 4167 of mix IWF looking for dealer Madylam will feature wood products and carvings.
MOONJU Hardware Co. , Ltd. LTD.
INCHEON, South Korea www. moonju.
Looking for dealer Moonju Hardware will show IWF booth 4047 for clamping products.
Morder technology
Landman, OK (336)485-0602 www.
Booth Com IWF 9924 will showcase its wood mold production line and will not seek dealers.
Nitto kohki, USA
IL Hanover Park (630)924-9393 www. nittokohki.
Booth 9536 IWF, which does not seek distributors, will be equipped with portable pneumatic Sanders.
Fuxi machinery Street
George G (418)228-6868 www. osimachine.
IWF\'s booth 9749 OSI Machinerie will show its own
Centering Planer.
OTB Machinery Co. , Ltd.
NC (Jamestown)336)323-1035 www. otbmachinery.
Com IWF Booth 10055 seeking distributor OTB, referred to as \"out of the box\", is the exclusive importer of the Italian manufacturer of kitchen cabinet door equipment, CMLand double-
Edge projhling, panel profile, end tension at the top of the track and the straight line adhesive.
CML specializes in custom machine design and \"lean manufacturing\" equipment.
OERTLI woodworking tools
WI Middleton (608)833-5961 www. oertli.
Com IWF Booth 6513 does not seek the distributor Oertli will present cutting tools for industrial woodworking applications. OPTI-SAND INC.
Lombard, IL (630)953-1245 www. opti-sand.
Com IWF booth 6915 looking for five modules for distributor Opti-
According to Ran Kohnke, sand Sanders can be used alone or in combination to create almost any configuration imaginable.
They can be used to complete the sending, denib and sealing sand of all types of linear parts including molding, decoration and flooring.
PACLINE overhead conveyor in Buffalo, New York (905)858-2330 www. pacline.
Looking for distributor Pacline to provide custom IWF booth 8067
Closed track and power free overhead conveyor systems suitable for many applications in the woodworking industry are designed, including assembly, processing and finishing.
The company\'s C250 conveyor is compact in structure and has a wide range of uses.
Tustin, CA (building details714)573-1700 www. pearlworksinc.
Com IWF Booth 4253, seeking distributor Peorlworks, will present its collection of architectural details including furniture bases, pillars, cattle legs, finials, medals, molded, high inlays,
WI Green Bay R & R clip (920)863-2987 www. rrclamps.
Com IWF Booth 4439 seeking dealer R & R fixtures will display stackable fixtures.
Because they are stacked vertically, the workspace is released.
The company\'s website features video presentations.
Wallace, SC (SANDHILL quilting mobile pads, supplies and equipment)866)783-7237 www.
Quilting in Shashan.
IWF\'s booth 1473 looking for dealer sand dunes will show quilting furniture moving pads, customized
Installed covers, mobile supplies and materials handling equipment for warehouses, loading docks and vans.
The general furniture pad of the company is a constant-
Color outer pad with 100% cotton padded. The 72-in. x 80-in.
Weight 78 lbs per dozen.
Shunde Taiming metal products hanging hole www. taiminghk.
IWF booth 1154 does not look for dealers Shunde Taiming will display the ball-bearing slides.
Bank of STEARNS, MN (800)247-1922 www. steams-bank.
IWF Booth 8563, which does not seek distributor Stearns Bank, is a direct source of financing for equipment purchases.
The company can process the application on its booth.
IWF will provide documents to complete the transaction.
Elendale, MN (stone tools/WHILLOCK wood carving)888)901-8099 www. stubaidirect.
The IWF 4360 booth looking for distributors will display wood carving tools at the booth.
Hard Wood
Hanover, PA (800)233-5137 www. tbmhardwoods.
IWF 4163 booth for dealers is not sought. The dealer of imported and domestic solid wood also runs a factory.
NC (tomasville)336)476-0200 www. tcisupplyinc.
Com IWF booth 3747, which does not seek to be supplied by distributor TCI, will showcase a wide range of furniture and cabinet hardware, including balls
Decorative hardware, flat panel, epoxy slide
Screen TV lifts, fasteners, hinges, plastic parts and slidesdoor hardware.
Cicero, IL (708)329-1277 www. tdcfilter.
Com IWF Booth 4238, which is looking for distributors, will showcase dust collection and air filtration products and services.
Eslingen Technical Committee Co. , Ltd. technoboard.
De IWF Booth 1126 does not seek distributor Flipboard to make a molding machine for the storage boxes that make scrap boards and OSB as well as wet and dry materials.
Woodworking Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Sylmar, CA (818)833-7966 www.
Woodworking tools.
The IWF 9549 booth looking for dealers will show boring equipment at IWF. UK WEST INC.
Atlanta, GA (404)848-9444 www. ukwest.
Biz IWF Booth 4338 looking for distributors full set doors, drawers available in Western UK-
Front and front frame of birch, oak, rubber and maple.
The company provides JIT warehousing.
Ready products can be orderedto-finish or pre-finished.
Norpro pac llc Norwalk, CT (817)847-1443 www. vetoppropac.
Booth IWF 4164 seeking dealer veto Pro will display tool bags at IWF.
Siena Vita Spa Italyvitap.
The IWF booth at 5562 Vitap will showcase boring machines and edgebanders.
NC Hickory W square diamond tools Co. , Ltd (828)328-8578 www. w2diamond.
Com IWF Booth 4219, seeking distributor W Squared diamond tools, will present its collection of Jujing cutting tools and services.
Westwood timber
Saginaw, OR (541)942-8844 www. westwoodlumber.
Com IWF Booth 4657 Westwood Lumber seeking dealers will showcase hard wood, engineered hard wooden doors and edges
Stick to your fingers
Hard board attached.
Wolf River Timber
New London, WI (920)982-2542 www. Wolfriverlumber.
IWF booth 4966 Wolf River Wood will be exhibited kiln-
Dry Northern Wood in more than 150 colors.
There\'s a gang remake.

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