stainless steel is done - move on to white

The new look includes a white refrigerator, an oven, and even a hood.
To be pure and bright.
Dear Sam, I am thinking about selling or renting my apartment.
My agent said I need to paint our kitchen feature wall gray/beige anyway to combine the gray back --
Tiles and white cabinets splash so it\'s gray now (snore).
But here is where the deal is made, she also said that I should buy new stainless steel appliances in order to rent or sell the unit, even though my two white appliances are new and modern.
Anyhoo, I would like to hear what you think about white stainless steel appliances.
My new white hood and fridge are too expensive-
I hope all I need to do is buy a new oven.
Dear Caroline, thank you so much for your crazy speech!
If your appliance is a rental apartment variety with a white plastic handle and a black coil stove, then I would say replace them.
But you don\'t need to throw away your new white appliances.
Yes, stainless steel appliances have been seen as a sign of luxury in the kitchen for a long time, but these days, white appliances are very popular in the field of decoration and design. Many high-
The terminal equipment company has launched a series of white appliances.
The picture above of Whirlpool white ice (www. whirlpool. ca)
Home appliances show you the luxury of white.
And you don\'t have to spend a bunch of money on these white appliances.
Whirlpool electric series for $1,399 (
Because I know you\'re in a market).
The appearance of this kitchen is stylish, modern and gorgeous, which is especially ideal when you work in an open concept living space.
The transition between a white rocking bed cabinet and a white home appliance is not just seamless, this kitchen has been designed to combine with a variety of living and dining room decoration schemes.
There are many reasons why designers like white kitchens.
Kitchen with white fine wood furniture, especially small space, stainless steel appliances look bulky and practical.
On the other hand, stylish white appliances blend in with white walls and decorations to create a kitchen
Background of furniture and artwork.
White appliances are also ideal for minimalists who want the kitchen to look simple and clean.
White appliances look good for those who like warm metal trendso-
Mite with gold and antique brass fixtures and hardware.
In addition, White also helps with wooden cabinets or bold tile tailgates (
White grouting like black or green)to pop.
Open any kitchen design magazine and 50% of the kitchen is white.
In fact, I have read 60% of the families.
The owner dreams of having a white kitchen.
In other words, you should have no problem renting or selling an apartment.
Also, some-
Once, someone sent me an email saying that white appliances are great if you want to clean all day.
However, neat monsters know that you can drive your own bananas and try to remove oil and fingerprints on stainless steel appliances (even the non-
Fingerprint type! ).
Seriously, even Brown appliances need to be cleaned in terms of kitchen maintenance.
I think you understand what I mean.
Carolyn, go get that white collection. Happy all-
White trim, SamSend your little-
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