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James Flynn had good designs in his blood, but four months ago the Montreal native was confident from making custom furniture to opening a store in the south of Old Ottawa.
Greyhorne Interiors is a trendy showroom located on Bank Street specializing in fashion furniture from all over the world.
\"This is a custom shop, high
Flynn, 38, said he was recently named Ottawa\'s top furniture retailer in 2014.
Flynn graduated from Concordia University of design arts and began his career as a kitchen designer before transitioning to producing custom furniture.
In the end, he stumbled upon the Austrian-based vendor 7 team, which did similar work but was larger, which allowed Flynn to concentrate on building his own store.
\"Everything I produce, they can do it,\" Flynn said . \" He took the opportunity to move from designing hotel furniture factory to selling furniture.
From the finely crafted coffee table to the ceiling lamp wrapped in delicate feathers --
If you want to make your room more visible
There is a good chance that greyhorn interior design will sell it.
When asked how he chose the item to carry, Flynn\'s answer did not hesitate: \"entering the store must be a good design.
We picked the brand very carefully. ”And it shows.
Most of the items in the store are from Europe, with simple style, modern and fashionable style.
Customization is encouraged.
Looking at a wardrobe, Flynn said, would be perfect for your bedroom, but not sure about the wood finish, which is not a problem.
\"Let\'s sit down and see what\'s there (your)
Adding customers often don\'t understand how everything can be fully customizable, he says.
But once they did, Flynn said, \"things are going very quickly and smoothly . \".
The measurement results were collected and sent to one of his suppliers, such as Team 7, and then produced and shipped back.
Flynn\'s philosophy behind his store is simple: \"It\'s more human.
\"I don\'t hire sales people, and the designers I hire have very solid customer service,\" he said . \".
Flynn also highlighted the importance of building relationships with customers and suppliers, saying \"people need good relationships to move forward.
With solid customer satisfaction, e-commerce
With the support of new Lanston development, Flynn is optimistic about his store and the future of southern Ottawa.
\"The block came out as a design area.
It is expected to become one of Ottawa\'s top attractions.
\"Inside greyhorn, 1134 Bank StreetTuesday, 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.
From Wednesday to Friday. m. to 6 p. m.
At 10 on Saturday. m. to 5 p. m.
From noon to 5 on Sunday. m. Closed Monday.
The seventh team\'s Magnum Table is made of solid wood and can be harvested sustainably.
The price is $4,024 and can be extended by opening the center to reveal hidden leaves. 613-520-0880;
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