street furniture to generate $.4b revenue for city.

Mayor Michael R.
Bloomberg released the first of 3,300 new bus shelters that will be installed under the city\'s coordinated street furniture franchise. The 20-
Annual contract with Cemusa, Inc.
20 new public toilets will also be provided, and 330 newsstands will be replaced, generating approximately $1 in revenue.
New York has a new income of 4 billion in its lifetime.
Cemusa installed a new bus shelter on Queen\'s Road on 82 Avenue.
Dan Doctoroff, deputy mayor of economic development and reconstruction, Iris Weinshall, transport commissioner, Jonathan Mintz, commissioner of consumer affairs and touilla Constantinou, CEO of Cemusa, also attended the announcement.
\"New Yorkers have been waiting for new street furniture for years, and today they will finally begin to see the outcome of this agreement,\" Mayor Bloomberg said . \".
\"Our collaboration with Cemusa will not only create 3,300 new bus stops, 20 new public toilets and 330 newsstands, but will also generate $1 billion in revenue for the city.
\"On June 26, Cemusa began to implement a coordinated street furniture franchise and delivered the first $50 million cash payment to officially start the terms of the contract.
The agreement requires Cemusa to provide New York City with $0. 999 billion in cash and $0. 398 billion in cash.
Quality service, including advertising space on street furniture elements around the world, will help push New York City to become a tourist destination.
Cemusa has assumed the responsibility of maintaining the existing bus shelters and has painted and repaired more than 600 of them.
It\'s also replacing broken and graffiti. covered glass.
\"Cemusa\'s first new bus stop marks the end of decades of inertia in street furniture,\" said Deputy Mayor Doctoroff . \".
\"This is to improve the quality of our lives, enhance our image, and generate revenue for the city.
It was a victory.
\"The bus shelters are designed in a simple, modern way to seamlessly integrate into the various street views of New York City.
Designed by Grimshaw for New York City, stainless steel
Steel entry frame, extensive use of tempered glass, and elegant glass roof that filters light on the sidewalk.
\"Cemusa is committed to New York and is proud to work with communities around the city,\" said Cemusa, Inc . \"
CEO Tula Constantine
\"We expect to create more than 100 jobs and will have a good start with offices in Manhattan and manufacturers in Queens and Bronx.
The new street furniture will serve the residents of the five districts and we will continue to build local partnerships.
\"In 2007, Cemusa will continue to add bus shelters, start replacing City newsstands and start building new public toilets.
Most parts of the street furniture replaced will be recycled.
\"Street furniture design is modern and modern.
It\'s purposeful and consistent with how you feel in New York City, \"said Duncan Jackson, head of industrial design.
\"The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and glass provides the addition and reflection of the structure of the city\'s streets without dominating the surrounding environment and sitting comfortably in any block.
\"Cemusa\'s emphasis on design is evident in the elegant, functional bus shelters,\" said Ric Bell, executive director of the New York branch of the American Institute of Architects.
\"New York is a city where design is important. Mayor Bloomberg is driving.
Exciting new street furniture is a perfect addition to the city\'s vibrant street view.
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