teak furniture - this exotic hardwood offers many benefits over traditional pine and oak

Durable, rough texture, straight
Teak textured hardwood floors are ideal for making furniture.
From teak tables to teak terrace furniture, to building materials that use ships, teak is the preferred wood.
This is because it can withstand the influence of weathering.
Over time, it releases natural grease and protects it from wood rot fungi.
When Wood other than teak is directly exposed to wet or outside air, the wood will rot.
Once the moisture reaches 20%, Wood is the main breeding ground for wood rot fungi.
Other wood that is popular in furniture manufacturing, such as oak and pine trees, will rot if not treated and exposed to these elements.
Of course, there are also methods for the treatment of varnish and paint, but these methods are both time-consuming and expensive, and will reduce the appearance of the product.
Using teak, there is no need for this treatment
Treat yourself effectively.
Pine is a kind of Cork with rapid growth and wide texture.
In contrast, it is very weak because its grain is wide and easy to split.
It is easy to sag and scratch, so not good for the center table.
In contrast, Oak is a hard wood with fine texture.
It is more durable than pine, but since it has an open capillary tube, it is still prone to decay once it is worn out.
When the wine is stored in barrels, the nature of oak is perfect for aged wines, but for furniture built for generations, it is not as good as teak.
Mahogany is a beautiful red wood.
It has some similar properties to teak as it is very durable and resistant to wood rot.
However, it is currently an endangered species.
Its popularity has led to illegal trading and mismanagement.
It takes a long time for trees to grow, so this is a problem that will take a while to solve.
New mahogany furniture is not recommended at present.
At Puji, we use teak recovered from Indonesia to make furniture.
There are several reasons why we do this.
It is not only more eco-friendly.
Friendly and charming rustic style;
Since it has been weathered, it is unlikely to contract, move or break, making it more durable in the UK climate.
In Indonesia, teak is widely used in furniture and buildings for its durability and termite resistance.
The best teak in the world grows in Indonesia, so we work closely with recognized Indonesian timber brokers who buy wood recovered from old colonial buildings. We re-
Use the wood of the old buildings to create beautiful homes that will survive in ancient times.
Teak is mainly used in the Danish modern style of 1940, 50 and 1960s, and this style of furniture is now highly sought after as retro furniture.
These components survive particularly well, thanks to the durable properties of teak.
They proved that teak furniture is a good investment in the future and can be passed down from generation to generation.
Even through extreme use, teak furniture does suffer minor damage and it will survive better than other furnished furniture with finishes.
Ordinary furniture finishes are cut over time, which exposes the wood below.
The teak does not require a finish, so any surface damage does not affect the appearance and function of the wood.
Teak is a great choice for bathroom furniture.
When you take a bath or shower, the steam released into the air will greatly increase the moisture content in the air.
In addition to teak, this will affect all untreated wood in the room.
Other rooms especially suitable for teak have bedrooms and foyer.
The teak bed is very strong and supportive.
They are ideal for support for heavier people and for more active bed users.
The entrance hall is one of the most likely places for furniture to be knocked down in the house.
When you leave the house, the frustrating key will search and when you enter, heavy bags will be dumped, which will wear out the normal furniture.
Don\'t think about the furniture in the corridor.
This will last about five minutes, especially if you have children at home.
However, a lovely teak console table can withstand any cradle bag or sporting goods.
The teak looks solid and durable, reassuring.
It can be dyed in various shades, or it can be dyed in natural tan.
Through the selection of our Puji products, we offer you the option of whether you want it dyed by the tone of your choice or to maintain its natural state.
For wood that is able to resist the threat of moisture destruction, only teak allows you to choose whether or not to dispose of it.
Choose the teak we recycle for durability, tough strength, natural rustic look and clear environmental moral conscience.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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