The EPA has spent $92million on office furniture over the past decade, about $6,000 for each of the agency\'s 15,500 employees

The Environmental Protection Agency spent $92.
Over the past decade, millionaires have bought, leased, stored and carried high-end office furniture, according to regulators.
Highlights of the purchase include a $5,539 hexagon table, a $2,641 Vickie recliner and sofa, a $4,047 Herman Miller chair and a $813 pencil holder
In addition to expensive purchases, EPA also spent $73,265 on Ann Arbor mobile office furniture in Michigan in order to install new carpets in a building that includes an institutional office. The $92.
According to openthebooks, 4 million of hotel furniture factory spending is equivalent to about $6,000 per employee disclosed by epa 475. com.
Most of that was $48.
4 million, from high-
Herman Miller, terminal retailerThe 100-year-old-
In addition, the company attaches great importance to design, the environment, community services and the health of its customers, worth about $1.
Sales in 2013 were 8 billion.
According to The Washington Times, the EPA also spent $5 million to buy Noel\'s modern hotel furniture factory.
Adam Andrzejewski, founder of OpenTheBooks, said: \"While private companies and citizens face increasing difficulties from government regulation, EPA is actually sitting in a relaxed chair
The EPA is unable to link the economic difficulties faced by ordinary Americans.
\"Herman Miller\'s furniture is for bureaucrats, and Ikea\'s furniture is for taxpayers.
EPA defended its spending and said many of its offices had to be relocated over the past decade.
The agency said: \"The purchase of new hotel furniture factory provides the agency with the opportunity to obtain space efficiency.
Previously, the agency was criticized for spending too much on furniture in 2003 for environmental responsibility.
Pete Sepp, president of the National Taxpayer Union, said: \"It is clear that the long arm of the regulated state requires a lot of comfortable chairs and tables to support its elbows, EPA\'s elbows --
Print \'is a big one.
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