The EPA Spends How Much On Office Furniture? Try $92 Million Over The Past Decade

In the face of our data analysis and from the Washington Times, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Trying to justify the cost of $92 million in premium hotel furniture factory over the past decade.
Data released on OpenTheBooks.
According to the website, nearly 2,000 of the Obama administration\'s streamlined environmental protection agency, employeesby, came from 17,359 to 15,492 in the past five years.
But during that time, the EPA approved a large amount of furniture spending, benefiting key employees.
According to the current labor force of the Environmental Protection Agency, the cost of furniture of $92 million is equivalent to the furniture allowance of $6,000 per employee.
Since President Obama took office, every employee has bought furniture for $3,000 or $45 million.
At a time when wage growth stalled for many American workers, it was a considerable bonus for office renovations.
Luxurious furniture is part of the EPA culture.
For example, under George Bush, EPA spends roughly the same amount on the furniture of each employee.
Pencil drawer for $813?
It was purchased in 2007.
On Fox News last night, Bill O\'Reilly followed.
A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Bureau claimed that the old furniture was not suitable for the new office building, trying to justify the expenditure.
And, since the new lease is much less than the old one-despite spending tens of millions of dollars on fine furniture-EPA actually saves taxpayers money.
But most ordinary people think that moving-especially layoffs-is not a permit to redecorate, and now it doesn\'t matter how much they want.
Working families who have to make a living have no such luxury at all.
This is not the case with the Environmental Protection Agency.
The fact is that the EPA has reduced the size of the workforce, but has expanded the size of the furniture.
Only in Washington, D. C. C.
Whether the federal agency will try to put a massive high
End furniture purchases during the expected layoff period.
More details: EPA has bought $48 since 2005.
High 4 million-
Ended Herman Miller\'s furniture and spent $5 million on fancy furniture from designer Noel.
Modern office equipment.
Herman Miller is headquartered in the commodities market in Chicago, IL.
Meanwhile, Noel has exhibited 40 works permanently at the New York City Museum of Modern Art.
For a person described as a \"right executive\", a $3,959 administrative desk was purchased.
Wood racecourse conference table by Herman Miller \"($15,751)
Four \"lounge chairs on Park Avenue 」($4,083)
Five \"computer workstations \"($28,290)
\"More than five drawers.
Lock the file box \"($13,304)
I bought them all.
A $4,047 \"Herman Miller chair with adjustable arms, rotation, waist, casters and tilt\" was obtained from only 3,659 disturbing deals \".
EPA hexagon table ($5,539)
Pecan chair ($6,391)
, \"Lounger chair\" with \"lounie sofa \"($2,641).
The furniture is priced at $30,707.
In February 2012, the director of the National Health and Environmental Impact Research Laboratory received a $13,595 fee for the upgrade of office furniture.
The director of air pollution prevention was approved to purchase 4,592 yuan of new office furniture (2011).
In addition, the director of the Environmental Protection Agency received the new furniture for $2,484 (2011).
In Ann Arbor, Michigan, when the EPA decided to install a new carpet in the office building, the \"furniture relocation fee\" cost more than $73,000.
In another regional office, carpet cleaning alone costs $62,438.
It\'s a full checkbook break.
By category of $92.
costs 4 million: The list seems endless.
Proof of purchase disclosed by EPAthe-
Board agencies tend to live on a large scale at the expense of taxpayers.
They created toxic pools of excess and rights.
Conclusion: Although the EPA has reduced the size of staff and office space, they have invested the saved money into a luxury furniture consumption boom that cost tens of millions of dollars. taxpayers have paid for it.
As national debt amounts to $18 trillion, EPA needs to learn from sustainable living.
Adam Andrzejewski is the chairman of the US transparency website.
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