The fabric of outdoor furniture

Our exterior space can be an extension of our interior decoration with a similar style both indoors and outdoors.
However, the spacious outdoor area may also be the place where we break the rules slightly, deviate from the routine, and test the colors and patterns that we may avoid.
In fact, the outdoor fabric is a design element suitable for the experiment.
Jonathon Auger, owner of C & M Textiles, said: \"Personally, I think this is an opportunity to do something different . \".
He admits to changing outdoor fabrics every two to three seasons, although they can last longer.
\"Because you have more open concepts (
Outdoor space)
I will break the routine.
Outdoor fabrics continue to be dominated by classic themes;
The nautical look is always outside, for example, with white, navy and red, and bold thick stripes.
He said he needs thicker stripes these days.
\"Classic but bold stripes, black and white or gray white,\" he added.
Tropical patterns are popular for those who follow the trend: think about bright yellow pineapples, oversized wreaths, and colorful bird patterns.
Dark leaves with sharp lines, and even quirky details like lobster, have found their place in more playful fabrics this season.
Companies like Fabricville are also pushing for different themes --
Both their Mediterranean and Cape Cod collections have attracted interest, the former being nailed to pure white with exotic indigo, and the latter being the natural palette of the breeze.
Certain patterns work better with specific outdoor hotel furniture factory.
For example, on a dining chair, you usually use plain or simple stripes on an outdoor mat or a larger banquet --
The type seat added, Auger said: \"The big pillow retains a larger pattern,\" such as the pattern on the recliner and sofa or sofa.
\"When you use fabric outdoors, the limits are much smaller because your inspiration is natural.
Everything looks good because there is always a color outside.
\"The same is true when decorating an apartment balcony or terrace --
Even if the space is limited, there is no limit to the possibility of decoration.
\"The outside area of the apartment is often very stylish and small, so you only need one or two pieces of hotel furniture factory.
You \'d better decorate it with bold prints and striped pillows or tablecloths, \"said Vice President Ricky Carr.
President, store operations, Fabricville.
\"Don\'t let the size have any restrictions on you.
\"It\'s important to choose external materials according to your personal color and style preferences, but you also want something that is very durable.
These fabrics need to be able to withstand a range of seasonal factors, from harmful UV rays from the sun to wind and rain wear caused by summer storms.
It is also important to look for materials that do not fade or change color.
Not only for external fabrics of comfortable items such as chairs, but also for other functional outdoor accessories
For example, curtains and blinds, as well as awnings, umbrellas, privacy screens and pavilions on the balcony.
They can all provide a respite from the sun and rain, or they can be a stylish addition to the landscape.
They can also provide privacy.
From pillows and cushions to a wide variety of shade options, the outdoor fabric for this season is very common.
Whether it\'s a nod to sailing or a tropical twist, bold and beautiful is all about it.
\"Everything went well this season,\" Carl said . \"
\"If it makes you feel good when you\'re sitting outside, do it. ”
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