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Italian furniture has been in the design world for centuries.
It has a global appeal and has become one of the most popular furniture designs in the world.
It has a classical style. . .
Italian furniture has been in the design world for centuries.
It has a global appeal and has become one of the most popular furniture designs in the world.
It has a classical style that is rather gorgeous but informal and charming.
The design of Italian furniture was born from the 15th century of passion for ancient Roman sculpture, fine arts and antique architecture.
Italian furniture in the 15th century Renaissance, Italian furniture has undergone an amazing transformation.
Interest in ancient times in classical times surged, causing Italian art to be influenced by Roman and Greek art.
The furniture designer was inspired by the tables, chairs and throne of the Roman Empire.
The furniture is bigger and more majestic.
The decorative patterns of this period include scrolls, vases, shells and animals.
In the 16th century, the design of Italian furniture has undergone earth-shaking changes.
These designs become weird while imitating fantasy.
Although the furniture is more elegant than the 15th century furniture, the designers are inspired by Oriental, Arabic and Gothic designs.
During this period, many designers also introduced a combination of expressive colors.
Italian furniture in the 17th century brought Italian Baroque and Rococo.
These pieces have become huge again, but their design is also more comfortable than the earlier ones.
The irregular or curved shape of the furniture is normal, and the pattern becomes more decorative.
Although natural patterns such as animals, shells and flowers are still used, designers incorporate other natural patterns such as the sun into the work.
The 18th century Italian furniture broke out in the Italian furniture design throughout the 18th century, with imperialism and neo-classical style.
Classical works show ancient decorative art from Rome and Greece.
These designs become less complex and less curved and irregular, instead of geometry.
For a more natural hue, the color of the expression is discarded.
The design of the Italian Empire is simple and even more geometric, but the decoration is larger and influenced by Roman, Egyptian and Greek art.
19th century Italian furniture 19th century, the Renaissance, Gothic and Rococo and other styles of Italian furniture.
Designers once again began to draw inspiration from Oriental and ancient art.
During this period, the pieces inlaid with ivory became very popular.
Traditional Walnut and Ebony are also widely used in Italian furniture.
Italian furniture design is the most popular design in Italy. Furniture design is a skilled industry. It has been passed on for hundreds of years from one generation to the next generation.
Although the style has changed for centuries, the quality of the process is still the highest in the world.
Although all styles of Italian furniture are highly regarded, the most popular styles are classic, Tuscan, Renaissance and modern.
There are several reasons why Italian furniture is so popular and Italian furniture is so popular.
High quality process to produce strong and durable parts.
In addition, Italian furniture designers are very concerned about even the smallest details, which makes each piece a work of art.
Each piece carries a short history of the modern world from ancient times to today.
But the main reason it is so popular is only because the design is so elegant and beautiful.
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