The legacy of ‘Mad Men’ won’t be its clothes or its cocktails. It’ll be all that modernist furniture.

My favorite \"crazy\" moment
Roger Stirling\'s acid tour, John Deere lawn mower cut off guy mcenderick\'s toes, any scene from Sally Draper --
There is a special show that captures how the show is about the world: the ninth episode of season 5, Dark Shadows. ” His ex-
Wife Betty Francis is wandering around Don\'s new Upper East Side apartment to get the kids back.
In the hallway outside, she stared at the mirror, adjusted her bob and sucked her stomach.
She has been trying to lose weight.
Betty opened her eyes as soon as she entered the door.
Hitchcock\'s strings rummaged on the soundtrack.
The lens slowly passes through the spectacular cave of Tang: The sunken white Cave
The living room is carpeted;
Modular Noellike sofas;
This lie Mobler black leather lounge chair; the built-
In walnut cabinets;
Table-top cocktail bar; the Case Study-style kitchen; the vast floor-to-Ceiling windows;
Spectacular views outside Manhattan.
Wearing a dress
From the past decade, Betty has stared at cool, clean, modernist designs with a mixture of desire and jealousy --
Every \"madman\" demon is familiar with the feeling.
Over the next 7 weeks, as the final episode of the show airs at AMC, we\'ll be talking endlessly about why \"madmen\" matter.
TV critics will praise it because it proves that there will be wonderful shows on any network (or website.
The fashion editor will point out that in the past decade, fashion men have spent a lot of time dressing up as Don Draper: the smooth side --
The parts are custom suits and narrow ties.
Gourmet bloggers will insist that whenever someone orders the right old-fashioned bartender, bartenders from Brooklyn to Seattle should recommend their retro III to Jon Hamm\'s general directionBut me?
I was thinking about the apartment in Don, about the crisp, colorful SCDP offices, and the gorgeous chairs.
Let us once again be the furniture of the modernist reminding us that good design is not just a fantasy through form and color.
Solve our collective problems. I’m Exhibit A.
At the Mobile Imaging Museum in New York, an early Tang office was carefully reassembled to host a new exhibition of \"Mad Men.
It may be my living room.
The wall of the window. The Eames Time-Life chair.
Florence Noel sofa.
Paul McComb coffee table
Floor lamps with brighter lights.
The CSS department of George Nelson.
When I became a furniture, the \"madman\" appeared --
Buy adult, all the furniture I bought since then is \"crazy \"--esque.
The atmosphere of my first apartment (Manhattan Chinatown, 2004) is more \"leftover college crap\" than \"stylish modern design \".
\"The same is true for my second time (Brooklyn Park Slope, 2007 ).
But when my future wife and I moved in
We bought a small place on the street.
I have started collecting the middle.
Classic of the century: Hill dresser here, Ib Kofod-
It was the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, the climax of the \"mad man\" frenzy.
Six years later today.
Our home in Los Angeles is a small, glass-like 1946 building designed by California pioneer modernist Alvin Lustig, almost everything we have is our dining chair (Greta Magnusson Grossman) than our parents, our patio furniture (Van Keppel Green )-
Even our pots (building pottery ).
I didn\'t think about this connection until recently, but looking back, \"Crazy\" is at least part of the reason why I\'m obsessed.
The reason cannot be determined-and-
But data show that modernist design has become more and more popular since Mad Men debuted in 2007.
Herman Miller, E. g. , Michigan. -
Iconic design manufacturers based in Noguchi Isamu, George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames report that sales of their classic products have increased by 60% in North America over the past seven years;
Sales of Ames time-
The prominent life chair in the SCDP conference room doubled during the same period.
Meanwhile, Design Within Reach, a modernist retailer that went public in 2009, is now a profitable company with a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%.
Of course, revival is nothing new.
1950 s is a hot screen topic in 1970 s
Remember \"Grease\", \"American Graffiti\" and \"Happy Days?
Decorative art was very popular in the late 1960 s. And xadmid-
The Modernism of this century was revived before 1990 century.
As Bobby tide, curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Design, recently said, \"people tend to like what their grandparents like and reject the taste of their parents.
These are all cyclical.
But it\'s also clear that \"crazy\"
Few more than 20 minutes did not show some magnificent actors lying on some of the same magnificent sofashasn’t hurt.
The design plays a larger role in the series than in another drama;
Program creator Matthew Weiner is a notorious perfectionist and set dette Didul goes out of his way to ensure everything
Excellent full of Roger, chairman of the polvolther Coronawhite office;
Office furniture --looks period-perfect.
At the same time, television is more important to American life than ever before, and it shapes our taste like a movie.
The impact of Mad Men on design preferences may be far more than its impact on men\'s and cocktail menus. Sure, hard-
The core design type is already in-
By the 1970 s, Memphis was 1980.
However, normal people still like the design that is within reach, which does not seem to change.
Enter hashtag # modern and 2 on Instagram.
Pop up 45 million photos.
Dwell, a monthly love letter to modernist design with over 325,000 users, is one of the country\'s most popular sanctuary magazines.
It\'s a short leap from retro to retrograde, and it\'s easy to look weird, suffocating, or simply pretentious to surround yourself with early artifacts.
I don\'t want to ignore the new design just because of the new design, and I don\'t want my living room to look like a set.
But true modernism is opposed to that.
In the best case, it won\'t grow old.
Because it\'s not a historical style.
Fashion, fashion-
Like the revival of the province or mission of France;
Although it is finally reflected in some forms and materials, it is not a predetermined appearance.
Modernism is a way of thinking about contemporary life problems and designing solutions that can be provided.
Technology has changed our world, which is a frank admission.
This is an ongoing search for these changes.
The laptop I wrote this, a 13-
Inch Apple MacBook Air, though it was launched 75 years after Adolfo Hitler closed Bauhaus, is still Modernist --
The original incubator of modernism
\"Are these forms we are using integrated and honestly constrained by the problems we are solving, or are they just remnants of past solutions?
\"Alvin lucig, the designer of my house, wrote in 1947.
\"Is this design in front of me merely a fashion, gesture and expediency, or at least an attempt at the organic quality of nature itself?
\"From 1932, the solution could be the Alvar Aalto corridor chair.
Or maybe Jasper Morrison airlines. Chair from 1999.
Both are modernist because they are the product of the same process.
Lustig is known as a graphic designer (his book New direction jacket is legendary), but he never really thought he was.
\"The words \'graphic designers\', \'architect, \'or \'industrial designers\' have been lingering in my throat,\" he once wrote, \"giving me a sense of limitations, one or the relationship with the society and the form itself, which is not satisfactory and incomplete.
Critic Steven Heller called him \"the embodiment of the chief designer\"
Master the forms and methods of mutual connection.
Lustig designed books, offices, chairs, hotels, and even helicopters because, in the words of Heller, he believed that \"design is an important means to make the world a better place . \".
\"This is a good thing to believe in and a basically modernist thing.
Maybe naive.
But people like Apple\'s chief designer Jony Ive believe this, and his performance is not too bad.
This is the app-
Manufacturers in Silicon Valley (along with their ironic HBO counterparts) believe.
When I got home, it was certainly what I believed --
Full living room.
If Mad Men in advertising somehow encouraged my generation to believe in the enduring power and infinite possibilities of modernism, then I would appreciate it --
It was even more sad to see all these gorgeous chairs fall off.
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