tradition reigns in office furniture ar chicago show

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One might hear the nurse Tevye in the \"violinist on the Roof\" shouting \"tradition!
As an office, in every corner
Furniture buyers, architects, designers and space planners walk through the showroom of the Neocon 17 commodity market, the national contract furniture fair.
The traditional styles like the Vina vauxtt, the Art Deco and arts and crafts movement, the Shakers, and even the Queen Anne and the Chippendale period are huge four-
The Sunday show ended on Friday.
Carefully crafted conservative design dominates with tufted executive chairs
Including secretary, silk
Traditional views are reinforced with padded conference chairs, rare wood and marble.
The most surprising thing is that some of the most conservative works are made by those in avant-
Advanced products and manufacturing technology.
While the revival of classic design is welcome, reproductions like Thonet\'s British vintage replica seem unnecessary.
Advertising trying to please executives seems to be a big deal of the day.
Modular and removable all-in-one for Noel International
The height wall system is designed to define a private office where the chair of Ward Bennett, at Brickel Associates, is shown as a suitable furniture for C. E. O.
The sanctuary inside
The ad, he said, \"we have a lot of requirements for a chair big enough for a big man in a big office to sit down . \"
Bennett shows his executive chair and he swings his legs on his arms or supports them on the table.
\"Tufting gives you a soft, buff quality,\" the designer said . \" He has always advocated the aesthetics of manual production. Mr.
Bennett also introduced a handmade barrel --
Design like solid ash.
\"Like the Japanese pavilion, I think it\'s the best chair I \'ve ever done,\" he said . \".
\"I think it goes back to a craft sport.
Similarly, British designer Ronald Carter designed a series of works for Peter Myers.
These are shown in the Interna design.
\"We have only 18 manufacturers in a small factory in Derbyshire,\" he said . \"
Carter presents a modern version of the British garden seat on a bench in Liverpool.
\"This is simple, direct furniture,\" he added . \".
\"We are trying to keep the quality of the material.
\"The Bridgehampton chair at standy, Davis Allen is an updated and shiny example of a rocking bed --style slat-
The Wynwood Chair series in the modern mode of Back Cherner seems to be a mixed turn packof-the-Century design.
Mark Mascheroni\'s first commercial design is more promising.
His polished stainless steel
Bruton\'s steel chair reflects his admiration for Mies van der Rohe.
\"My purpose is to design a minimalist chair that shows the beauty of the wrap around the frame,\" Mr.
Said Mascheroni.
The period of decorative art cannot be ignored.
Although Robert DeFuccio described his spare Strada seat for Domore Corporation as \"timeless\", the low recliner with double laminated --
Wooden armrests and floating seats look vintage.
In Bruton, Stanley Jay Friedman has blue glass hanging on his desk, which also suggests the charm of this era and is one of the most fashionable designs at the show.
There are three of his little tables. part stainless-
Steel pipe base and off-center top.
I call it a spider, said the designer.
It means whimsical.
\"Halo chairman Franco Prioli Beylerian is another relaxed and enjoyable design. The round-backed cafe-
This chair features a hammer frame and a white pearl shape for the seat and back.
\"This is to make it more elegant,\" said George bellilian, president of the company . \".
But in terms of revival, the great masters are hard to beat.
Examples of two series: simple and beautiful LC10-
The P table developed by Le Corbusier, developed by his colleague Charlotte Perriand in the solemn Stoclet suede armchair and sofa of Atelier International and Joseph Hoffman, under the International Contract
Cumberland\'s Lombard sofa was part of Leolux\'s Armgardt by January, and it is also part of the office seating series and is also well suited for use at home, the same is true of Brian Kane\'s armchairs collection at Metropolitan furniture.
When it comes to being young, the designer said, \"a thin and straight arm is not as comfortable as a wide arm.
Chairs and sofas of various specifications.
New Kineticare chair for Kinetices for patients in medical office
The back arm and the shallow seat are one of the most practical works at the exhibition.
\"The nurse will not let the patient in and out, and the gel bag on the seat will help eliminate the pressure sore,\" said Rick Howard, president of Canadian companies . \".
The technical appearance of hidden office furniture seems to be a trend in designing new lockers that hide computer terminals and their accompanying hardware.
Gunlocke\'s computer furniture includes an administrative walnut cabinet with a slide
When Wright Line shows a neat metal cabinet it has a swing
Pull out of the working face-down door.
The office chair does not look very technical.
\"Inside, it\'s completely ergonomic, but it looks softer outside,\" says Rolf Fehlbaum . \" He described the Figura office chair, which has a loose removable interior andoff look. Mr.
Fehlbaum is president of Vitra seating
A Swiss company that produces the production line of Figura, which is sold in the United States in a joint venture with Stendig.
\"Like a person, there is a coat, a belt, a pair of trousers or a skirt on the chair ,\"Fehlbaum said.
\"You can decompress it and take them out to dry --cleaning.
It\'s like giving a new linen to a person when they start a new job.
\"The new showroom design on this year\'s merchandise market includes the Wright Line space, which is covered with Peter Steinberg\'s black and white school notebook; Kinetics\' post-
The modern marble plan was designed by Philip Jeannie Deneau nits & Associates, Herman Miller\'s Ethospace, spectacular series of space-based muddies, cement blocks and hand-painted mosaic Tigerman, Chicago construction company Fugman & McCurry.
Warehouselike exhibition hall in atmide, it sprayed
Paint walls, cement floors, bare pipes, packing boxes and advertising
It also caused a big sensation.
\"It\'s all over,\" joked Ernesto Gismondi, president of the company . \".
Actually, all we can do is
We signed the lease two weeks ago.
But now we think it\'s good, so it might take a while to spend the money to actually fix it.
\"A version of this article appeared on page C00001, the national edition, in June 13, 1985, with the title: The tradition of office furniture AR Chicago show prevails.
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