trends: cabinets, cubbies, repurposed antique furniture.

SEATTLE --Built-
According to the latest Zillow Digs home design trends report, in cabinets, small rooms with baskets or pallets, the re-use of antique furniture is the biggest three home Organization Trends in spring.
While 59% of homeowners are planning to redecorate, the projected median spending on spring renovations has fallen to $700, the lowest planned spending since Zillow began recording the trend in home renovation spending.
Rather than investing more.
After a massive renovation, homeowners are increasingly creative about how to spend money and plan smaller projects that are more suitable for spring cleaning and organization.
The most popular trend of home organization this spring is: Built-in-
In the cabinet: Zillow excavation designer Council says 59% of homeowners plan to redecorate
At cabinetsor, lockers will be the top renovation item of the season. Locker-stylebuilt-
Ins with hooks and benches are especially popular in mud rooms and laundry rooms as they can easily store coats, shoes and other household items.
Zillow tapped Vanessa delon, a designer member of Vanessa delon Associates in New York, to suggest that the built-in
There are \"detailed wood products and knots\" in the cabinet to keep the storage stylish.
Cubby Storage: an organized open Storage solution is a growing trend far beyond the kitchen.
By combining similar items on a tray, or for less attractive items, store them in beautiful wicker baskets displayed on open shelves, or hide them in small rooms,
Zillow tapped the board of directors of Kerrie Kelly, designer at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in Sacramento, California.
, To remind homeowners that spring cleaning is all about \"keeping things simple, bright and bright with an emphasis on open shelving trends \".
Think about how to restructure in a way that keeps the family open and bright.
Re-use of antique furniture: due to reduced renovation spending, homeowners are considering creative ways to bring a new life to their home without destroying the bank.
The re-use of antique furniture for hidden storage solutions is a popular trend for interior designers and homeowners.
The old suitcase can be used as the perfect coffee table, and the trolley installed in the kitchen can be used to store wine glasses, linens, and even small household appliances.
Zillow tapped the board of directors of Carrier and Mara Miller, a designer member of the company\'s in-house Limited.
In New York City, homeowners are advised to be selective about their antiques and to use \"beautiful furniture\" to welcome and \"instant Design Statement \".
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