van der rohe\'s chairs: the mystery of the designing lovers

Did Ludwig mish van derot really design the most famous Barcelona chair in the 20th century?
Or, should his mistress, Lily Ritchie, get a big deal because of Barcelona\'s chairs and some other classic modern furniture designs that have been considered Bauhaus Mister for the last half century?
Reich\'s importance to design was revealed by Ludwig Glazer, curator of the Mies van der Rohe Archives, at a new exhibition of furniture she had just opened at the Museum of Modern Art.
For the design community, the impact is similar to what would happen if the Louvre curator announced that he believed da Vinci\'s lover had helped paint the Mona Lisa.
The truth of the story may always be hidden, covered up by the separation and loss, prudence and lady-like silence during the war period, a love affair complicated by business partnership, professional etiquette and myth of Mies.
But enough for a story to have an impact on anyone who bought a $1,628 Mies chair or sat in a chair.
Glaeser made his point in an interview and in a catalogue of programs that have not yet been published.
For this exhibition, Glazer has collected a great deal of oral history and study of furniture drawings.
Glazer\'s evidence: all the famous furniture was designed in the years when mish and Ritchie lived and worked together
Between the ages of 20 and 30.
Testimony from former employees and clients of Mies/Reich who spoke about her extensive role.
Mies assigned her a patent for an important cantilever device.
She has received extensive training in furniture design, and Joseph Hoffman is a master of Vina watchten, a lover of modern design.
These two people have only their common profession, and they are gathered through the organization of designers in their 1920 s. Miles was self-
The son of a stonemason, educated.
He studied architecture as an apprentice.
Relch is the mature daughter of well-to-
Restaurant owner. She was well-
Traveled was a student at the best design school of her time, and her \"relentless\" taste, combined with strict standards, was widely admired.
\"In 1927, they collaborated on a glass industry exhibition at the Weissenhof exhibition, where each of them had a model room.
This is the beginning of their common life and work.
\"His involvement in furniture and exhibition design begins with his personal relationship with Lily Ritchie, which is certainly not just a coincidence,\" says Glazer . \".
The architect\'s daughter, Georgia vandroch (
According to an interview with her father
At the opening ceremony of the miles exhibition, \"my father did not live with us.
My mother is not in good health.
I think you might say she\'s vulnerable. She died youg.
We are children, family teachers and the like, living in different parts of Europe when she is treated.
We only meet him once or twice a year.
Glaeser explains how Mies and Reich work: \"It\'s very clear that she\'s involved in the actual work through dialogue, while Mies does most of his thinking through sketching --
Consumption stack of typewriter printing paper-
It seems that Lily rich already has her thoughts.
According to one of his employees over the years, Miles has rarely asked anyone for advice, but is always eager to hear from her.
Even without any distance in time, the nature of this collaboration makes it almost impossible to sort out ideas and hands.
\"Their most productive year, 1928, witnessed the beginning of the Tugendhat house in Brno, Czech Republic, one of the most important modern houses, as well as the Barcelona Pavilion designed for the German government.
Mies and Reich are hired to design an industrial exhibition for the fair.
Then at the last minute they were also asked to make a Pavio lion as the background for the Spanish king to sign a principal book.
These two Barcelona chairs, chrome-plated steel with a \"X\" frame, rise on one side to form a backrest with leathercovered, foam-
Rubber pads were the innovative fillers of the time.
Although Mies often talked later about designing chairs on the back of the envelope, he also said that he had a \"graveyard\" of a design that was rejected \".
Glazer wrote: \"Mies always cherishes his privacy and only allows those who work or study with him to observe the creative process and convince the world, barcelona\'s chair rose from his head like Athena, and it was the last perfect.
\"According to Glazer, Reich may be the one who decides the children\'s leather, soft padding, buttons and dresses on the Barcelona chair.
\"We know from a letter that she is also responsible for the matter --
Admire the continuous rattan weaving of the 1927 side chair.
For the first time in her 1931 jobs, this roll and pleat decoration appeared.
Glaeser also praised the combination of her metal legs and a wooden top, as was the case with Philip Johnson\'s table in 1930.
During the years, Reich\'s \"energetic, aggressive nature has also benefited Mies\'s office, although she has never stopped working for herself,\" says Glazer.
After he went to Chicago in 1938, she continued to deal with his business and personal affairs, where she competed with him when the war broke out.
\"Not sure if she has any hope of joining him and teaching at Illinois Institute of Technology, just as she does under the Mies of Bauhaus.
\"The Lilly Empire survived the war, but did not live long enough to see Mish again;
In 1947, she died at the age of 62 in Belin.
Mr Glazer said the Empire had given him some financial support.
In any case, furniture design was his main income for many years in Germany, when he was unable to get a commission for large buildings.
Mies furniture design was made by Knoll International and the company added 8 pieces to the production line.
These designs are also widely imitated in cheaper versions.
Reich handed over most of the Mies files to the custody of architect Edward Ludwig.
Glazer worked with Ludwig in Berlin and learned through him about the great influence of the Empire.
So the question remains, why isn\'t Reich famous if it\'s so good?
First, she committed suicide in Germany during the war.
Mies came to the United States and designed Illinois Institute of Technology and Lakeshore Apartments in Chicago (
Martin Luther King Library in Washington.
She died shortly after World War II and had no chance to rebuild herself.
He lived to 1969.
Another part of the answer must be the opportunity to re-establish yourself.
He lived with the status of women in Germany during that period.
Perhaps, the woman of that time is not willing to ask for credit with colleagues who are also lovers.
Mish is not \"a man suitable for marriage,\" according to Gray \".
I always thought I had found the last mistress and then another one appeared.
But I was told that the latest one was just jealous of Lily Ritchie.
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