Vanessa Sicotte weaves her family\'s life into their home decor

The beautiful and spacious sofa designed by Montauk costs $5,000-
At the age of 26, it was her first major purchase.
11 years later, the sofa was the focus of the living room in the west end of Montreal, where she lived with her husband and their three young children.
Decoration and design have always been important in Sicotte\'s life --
Today, they are also important for her livelihood: She writes blogs and writes articles, hosts a TV show about budget decorations, and has a bilingual network
Quebec artisans, creators, and retailers base catalog in the industry.
On a recent cold morning, she welcomed me into her home\'s \"home of eternity,\" what she called the charming 1920 artisan cottage with all the lead windows, oak paneling and hardwood floors, a steaming cup of luibos tea and a seat in the raging fire of the living room.
This is a charming and attractive family, decorated with furniture of different periods, including vintage discoveries, streamlined medieval furniture, some antiques and several items salvaged from rubbish.
Contrast creates a delicious tension that designers strive to pursue: a table in the iconic living room 20The Finnish century
For example, Eero Saarinen, an American architect and industrial designer, is on the carpet of a home theater.
The Ethan Allen bed in the master bedroom is decorated with feminine patterns in soft turquoise.
Scott chose a breeding plantation.
The room-style spindle chair, also designed by Ethan Allen, is decorated with its masculine temperament on her favorite stripes.
It balances the men and women in the room and creates tension between the elements she is looking.
This is a family full of humor.
Unexpectedly: the panels on the top of the two windows on one wall of the master bedroom do not match.
The beloved wallet collection by West Cote is on display in an apartment in the bedroom.
\"My wallet collection is part of me for me,\" she said . \".
\"I like to put them in obvious places.
Make them part of the decoration.
\"The table that her husband used when he was single has been cut off and is now the third table --
The couple\'s floor bedroom with one of the two daughters.
This is a family full of imagination and vitality, chairs and tables are more popular because they have their own stories and a respect 95-year-old cottage.
In the past 15 years, she moved home 12 times, five of them in the 7 years she married her husband, she is eager to find a place that can be called home in a few decades or so.
They saw 1920 and a half-
We said, \"that\'s it.
\"The vendors asked them to promise not to paint the exposed wood products --
They are very satisfied with this.
In fact, before making any changes, Scott said she wanted to hear what the bones of the house said: she did not like the major renovations that changed the character of the family.
She does not understand those who choose to do a lot of renovation work to change the character of the house.
\"If this is not what you want, don\'t buy a 1920 house,\" she said . \".
\"I could have burned the house.
But we want to respect the House and the plan.
\"Of course, she can tear down the wall between the restaurant and the kitchen.
But she was not crazy about the idea of a messy kitchen with a full view of the guests.
She likes the feeling of kitchen;
While refreshing the space, she played the theme of the kitchen on board with brass hardware.
The kitchen function is the same for Scott: The only change they make is make-up: they get the honey dirty --
Color solid maple cabinet Black, replace red melamine countertop with clean white quartz and apply red wall cream.
Select 3/4-
Inch of cement brick, the rear baffle has a Moorish atmosphere
They are so heavy that they have to consolidate in place one at a time.
\"We have to wait for every game,\" she said . \" 200 6-by-6-inch tiles.
\"We did it with friends.
And a lot of wine.
\"I\'m looking for something with a character.
I\'m tired of the white kitchen.
\"I want something more whimsical,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t want predictable honeycomb marble or subway tiles . . . . . . I saw a lot on Pinterest.
\"They installed a total of 200 6-by-6-
The tiles in inches and sealed twice, like your marble, need to be sealed again every other year.
\"Tiles help to have fun in the kitchen.
In such a small space, she said, \"you can go crazy.
\"The lesson is to be true to yourself and create what you want to live --
Because, in the end, this is your space.
She also chose stainless steel in disguise.
Steel refrigerator packed with matte vinyl ().
In the living room, there are also some camouflage movements, as the frame of the TV set is covered by a black Japanese wash beltand-
White herringbone pattern: the Kabi tape is made of natural fibers such as hemp or bamboo, but usually from bark native to Japan.
It is almost certain that the teak credenza where the set is located was once in a restaurant, Sicottesaid.
Velvet is lined with several drawers and may be used to store tableware.
The walls of the living room are painted with pale peach/blush tones, the ceiling is white and the crown shape is highgloss cream.
\"It\'s done beautifully,\" she said . \".
The ceiling is white.
At an auction in Hudson, a Victorian-style sofa, West Cote, was bought for about $200 and replaced with gray linen with its moldy green velvet trim. Seat cushion.
She bought a chair from a woman named Grace on Craigslist.
Grace said that the chair had always been her late mother\'s favorite seat and she asked her that she wanted to see how it looked once the floral fabric that covered it had been replaced.
Now a soft Saint, give it more definitions with charcoal gray pipes
Sicotte and Grace are friends of Facebook.
A spacious framed chair in his 400 s used to be in a French castle.
It belongs to a woman brought from France and a ship of antiques as she plans to open an antique shop in the eastern town.
But after her husband was ill, she had to give up the plan and return to France.
When Scott bought a chair from her, the chair was decorated with red velvet.
\"My husband thinks it looks like a throne,\" said Scott . \".
She changed the cushion cover of the living room with the season, and with the change of the season, she also rotated the family area carpet of the summer sword and pattern.
\"This is a way for people to change House mood without changing furniture,\" she said . \".
Between the two windows of the mannequin of master tailor at bedroomstandsa, Sicotte at marchéaux puces St-Eustache.
\"The man\'s wife is a model,\" said Scott . \".
\"I can\'t look at it, I can\'t think of this person.
She said: \"I like to have a story for every piece of work, and I like to have these pieces collected over time . . . . . . The stories of these people shared the home with us. .
\"We should celebrate: a room is richer because of it.
Sicotte said: \"If there is something that connects them together, different items in the room will work together --
Some things may be colored: French chairs previously decorated in red are now decorated in green print --
It is linked to the plants in the room.
\"There is a way for my madness,\" said Scott . \".
\"It\'s all about a story.
\"The common thing about the non-matching chairs around the table is that they are all in the middlecentury.
The chairs include Danish designer Hans Wegener\'s fork-Bone Chair and Eiffel chair, the molded plastic chair of Ames, and the base evokes the structure of the Eiffel Tower.
The wallpaper of the restaurant is made by Hygge & West and purchased through Buk & Nola in Montreal, inspired by the Otomi pattern from Mexico, which boldly shows animals, birds
\"I just think this wallpaper has so many personalities,\" Sicotte said . \".
\"People came in, it was the beginning of a conversation . . . . . . I found the wallpaper so rich: it felt so vibrant in my opinion.
The light fixture hanging on the grid ceiling is a shower plug --a massive, 45-
Kg Italian: It took four people to hang it.
Scott found this fixture at l\'allumeur in Notre St. W. ;
It had only one master before.
The owner said he would not sell to anyone if he was not sure \"they would understand.
For Sicotte, the work shows 1920 of the family.
\"I know the room needs brass,\" she said . \".
First of all, she doesn\'t like chromium or cold metal.
\"It needs warmer metal.
\"Something Black is needed in the room --
Even the child\'s room, in the living room, the frame of the sofa is black, sicott said.
The master bedroom has an unusual black ceiling --
A modern fixture replica of French designer Serge Mouille, with three arms of different lengths and heads of different sizes, made of pink and brown, in Ludovic, Griffin town
\"The light brought tension in the room,\" Sicotte said . \".
\"When things are too Zen, they will bore me. ”And a two-
The layered dresser in the bedroom is a trash can: Sicotte adds elements like three stars, stacked in the center of each drawer like buttons on a shirt.
She found all kinds of things in the trash can.
Bench, table, vanity and chair
Including the orange wooden chair she used to decorate her son\'s room.
\"The child\'s room is the happiest place for you,\" she said . \".
\"Go crazy in your child\'s room.
For example, there is an explorer theme in her child\'s room.
The high bookshelf in his room sold $25 in a thrift shop, and Scott painted it as a fire --engine red.
Teak credenza, which now holds his clothes, may be used as office furniture in the 1950 s or 1960 s.
An antique globe of his collection is on it.
Wallpaper is a pattern called \"crescent\" made by Bachi Parris in the deep sea army;
It depicts different stages of the moon.
Bedding, star-
The shape cushion, Roman color and curtains are limited
Version set, Constellation, created by Sicotte in partnership with Les Triplettes, and signed Damask & Dentelle.
5% of sales revenue will be used to support autism research in Canada: Teddy, son of Scott, is autistic.
Go and learn more about Vanessa Sicotte and Damask & Dentelle.
She also wrote a blog about design and decoration on andsympatico\'s decoration website. ite.
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