The Queen of American design has come up with a new line of eclectic luxury

December 23, 2022

Kelly Wearstler is a standard slash designer, a crossover artist, illustrator, director, art director, who has touched on hotel furnishing, residential, home furnishings, fashion and more, it's a guest-only designer for Hollywood stars.

Multi-level, stimulating sensory experience is the core of her design. With a unique style, the integration of delicate colors, complexity and spontaneity, and like to blend hotel furniture of different periods.


It's her dramatic, whimsical design that keeps the Proper Hotel in its place on Broadway, where there are countless landmarks. With her unique style for Wooden Furniture 



Kelly Wearstle  How good a player for the color?

The hotel is a reimagined 1920s building that draws inspiration from the native cultures of Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Morocco and using modern hues, colorful wood panels ,redrawn its storied history.


The hotel design combines the essence of diverse culture and local art, using more than 100 different types of colorful artists hand-painted, murals, retro hotel furniture set, custom tiles and other installations.

“I really wanted to do a vibrant exploration of materials, colors and forms, share with guests the essence of the local culture of Los Angeles and create a vibrant center for the area...” says Kelly Wearstler.

 Whether it's the classic style of the hotel's lintel, the elaborate marble carvings of the vaults, the vivid Mexican murals, or the tropical plants in the foyer, is passing the unrestrained enthusiasm and the vigor to each visitor.

The hotel is like Kelly's palette, with bold colors that blend in nicely with her intuitive sense of contemporary and retro, architecture and organic, graphics and intuition, so that each space is full of a rich sense of experience.



The essence of multiculturalism lies in the details

The 147-room Downtown LA Proper Hotel not only retains Latin n and Moroccan design elements, but also echoes the life of its predecessor, YWCA, by transforming the existing facility into an impressive living space. With hotel chair ,headboard,nightstand ,tea table and wardrobe in the hotel room.

The most unusual rooms include a 35x12-feet indoor pool suite and a converted basketball court suite on the original court. Inspired by Portuguese tiles and Spanish interior design, matching the desk and chair with the background ,showing the open-plan Suite is a luxury fantasy.

The unique space is filled with design-driven details, chic retro furniture, simple top-of-the-line bedding, and inspired combinations of tile murals and abstract paintings by local Los Angeles artists, let the guest immerse in the space artistic conception which the classical and the modern overlap in.

 Space pattern, texture, color hierarchy, with texture patterns of carpets, sofas, curtains and other textiles have become the best decoration in the room.

Kelly also excels at creating spaces that are both modern and warm by using handmade objects and details in custom-made furniture that are not necessarily expensive but that keep the occupants culturally fresh or belonging.

It is worth mentioning that the room with a Moorish style bathroom, paved with more than 100 hand-glazed hand-made tiles, with stone-carved dresser, etc. , provides a unique shower experience.

In fact, each room presents a different tone of color, the sunset desert-like yellow, thick fog between the fir-like green... ... has an irresistible allure, as if the color hides hundreds of years of unsolved mysteries.


The hotel's richly textured, colorful rooms feel like a refuge on busy Broadway in Downtown LA, a unique design that extends to the rest of the hotel.




Caldo Verde

The hotel's Caldo Verde restaurant and bar has a custom stained glass entrance by Judson Studios. The existing elements of the building and Kelly's creative eclecticism continue to spread throughout the restaurant.

In the dining room you can also see Kelly's balance between retro calm and lively romance, with dark brown plaid bouncing back and forth between the yellow of the dining room and the pink of the lobby. With a deep, warm color and feeling, telling it has witnessed the noise of the will find it comfortable by the custom furniture set.

Caldo Verde, named after a traditional Portuguese soup and prepared by chef Suzanne Goi, is a tribute to traditional cuisine from around the world, offering an unforgettable taste buds experience for countless diners from Spain to Moore and Corsica to Portugal.


 It's not clear whether it's the fervent appeal of the Mediterranean or Kelly's“Painstakingly overturned palette of colours” that has earned the restaurant the title of“The sexiest restaurant in Los Angeles”.



Cara Cara Rooftop


The hotel's other restaurant, Cara Cara, sits on a rooftop terrace surrounded by ferns and cacti and gives the illusion of being in a tropical resort. Lying in the outdoor  furniture,Enjoy authentic cuisine in the sun or under the stars while enjoying a 360-degree view of the bustling city of LosAngeles.

Unique types of tiles throughout the hotel design, roof outdoor swimming pool is no exception, size, color mosaic tiles and tropical plants embellishment, make the whole design more resort style. Even in the land-rich Los Angeles rebar jungle, can also feel wild luxury taste.





Hidden on the ground floor is a private speakeasy called Dalia, which offers classic or special cocktails and fine wines as an escape from the city centre.

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