Hyatt Hotels Corporation purchases lifestyle hotels for $300 million! It turns out hotel conglomerates like to Procure.

December 24, 2022

The Dream Hotel Group, which Hyatt Hotels Corporation picked up in 1986, has a long history in lifestyle hotels and has developed three major Hotel brands, Dream Hotels, The Chatwal Hotels and Unscripted Hotels.

All of these brands have excellent locations, including the DREAM DOWNTOWN in New York, the Dream Midtown and the Dream Hollywood in Hollywood, California.

The group's 12 hotels, all in New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas, South Beach and Doha, all are among the best in the city.

Hyatt's acquisition will be completed in two steps. The first step is to spend $125 million to complete the acquisition of 12 hotels in the Dream Hotel Group's existing operations, the additional $175 million will require a review of the 24 hotels that the Dream Hotel Group is currently planning and preparing to acquire the remaining properties.

Of course, Hyatt Hotels Corporation's acquisition is important for the group's move into lifestyle hotels. In fact, in recent years, the major hotel groups have completed a number of large-scale acquisition plans, so let us take stock of the hotel groups“Buy Buy Buy ”~


Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Hotels Corporation has actually made a move on another Hotel Group in the past year -- Apple Leisure Group.


Apple Leisure Group is better known than the smaller Dream Hotel Group, which focuses on lifestyle hotels and operates hundreds of luxury hotels

Apple Leisure Group also has a rich portfolio of hotel brands, including Secrets Resorts & Spa, Dreams Resorts & Spas, Breathless Resorts & Spas, Zo Ëtry Wellness & Resorts, Alua Hotels & Resorts and other brands.

In fact, the group, which dates back to 1967, has been engaged in holiday-related business, in addition to its main hotel business, aLG actually provides charter and transportation services to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Caribbean.

Most of ALG's hotels are built on top resorts in these destinations,with the Furniture Design & Interior Design to make it feel luxury ; Secrets Resorts & Resorts, for example, is for adults; SPA has 24 resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain and Puerto Rico.

The procurement, which cost Hyatt Hotels Corporation $2.7 billion, brought in hundreds of ALG hotels and resorts in 10 countries around the world, this has nearly doubled the number of Hyatt Hotels Corporation hotels that were not primarily in the resort market, a highly successful addition to the resort sector.

In addition, as a well-known hotel group, ALG also has its own membership system, when ALG's 110,000 members also moved into the Hyatt Hotels Corporation membership system, which is also a good harvest for the group.

But Hyatt Hotels Corporation's most high-profile acquisition in recent years came in 2018 with the acquisition of Two Roads hospitality. While the hotel group, less than Two years old at the time, seemed a bit of a fledgling, don't ignore the luxury brand line of Two Roads Hospitality.

At the time, Two Roads Hospitality's top five brands were joie de Vivre, Thompson Hotels, Tommie, Destination Hotels and Alila.

 With Balinese Villa Uruwatu cliff cage gawking pavilion and popular around the world, Alila, of course, need not say much. After joining Hyatt, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation also acquired the world's top resort brand.

The other four brands also have their own heritage, and all have quite wonderful performance. Joie de Vivre, born in 1987, is an expert in revitalizing an old hotel, especially one with a youthful look,with the excellent hotel interior design & hotel furniture( wardrobe ,minibar,headboards,nightstand, tea table, side table,leisure chair,dinging table & chair). Hyatt Hotels Corporation's move to become JdV by Hyatt has also attracted a growing number of high-end and small boutique hotels.

Thompson Hotels, founded in 2001. The hotel brand has an excellent knowledge of trendy lifestyle, cultural and artistic sensibilities, and will be more attuned to the surrounding environment and local community culture after joining the Hyatt Hotels Corporation Group, become a key member of Hyatt's creative infinite series.

Thompson Hotels, founded in 2001. The hotel brand has an excellent knowledge of trendy lifestyle, cultural and artistic sensibilities, and will be more attuned to the surrounding environment and local community culture after joining the Hyatt Hotels Corporation Group, become a key member of Hyatt's creative infinite series.

02 Intercontinental Hotels Group

After Hyatt Hotels Corporation's three acquisitions, let's move on to Intercontinental, which has been booming in recent years.

In fact, the InterContinental Hotels Group acquisition tradition is well established, with the Holiday Inn brand giving IHG a solid mid-market position.

Holiday Inn Great Sign and IHG's three acquisitions in recent years have made IHG even more successful, not only in the luxury hotel sector, which has been in the void until now, it is also making inroads into the vacation and boutique hotel sectors.

One of the first names to be picked up by IHG was Kimpton, the Granddaddy of the boutique hotel industry, which originated 40 years ago. Through the fashion design, change the traditional hotel boring and boring Kimpton Hotel brand, can be said to change the course of World Hotel history by one's own efforts.

After joining IHG in 2015, Kimpton's unique tone has been further enhanced and developed, the design first, luxury without pride, people-oriented, Morning Wake & Amp Social time, pet-friendliness, creative meetings, and health in hand are some of Kimpton's most visible signs.

In March 2018, the intercontinental Group and Regent Capital Taipei Jinghua Group after the completion of the handover, the rapid regent will be invited to the intercontinental group's long-vacant luxury throne.

Although the regent, a luxury hotel brand born in 1970, had only six semicolons left after years of exile. But that didn't Stop IHG from lavishing a lot of love on the late-blooming beauty: a year later, IHG embarked on a massive rebranding program for Regent, returning with a brand new logo and a brand-specific color.

Intercontinental Corporation has proved to be the right choice for regent, which moved into Lujiazui in June 2020 to take over the original four seasons Pudong It will also upgrade Hong Kong's famous intercontinental to Regent and add a luxury resort palace to regent in the first half of this year: Richina Island Regent Hotel.

In addition, regent has been signing many contracts in China recently. First, it plans to build the world's tallest regent in Shenzhen Bay, and then it takes over The Bund's classic hotel, the seagull hotel, in Shanghai, at the confluence of the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, the legend of regent is re-enacted, creating the age of two shops in the city.

 Although the regent acquisition cost only $39 million, but the intercontinental group on Regent spent the effort is how money can be measured? Regent's far-reaching impact on the continent can not be summed up in $39m. The last“Big move” took place in February 2019. IHG Group kept the promise made by Keith Barr, the new CEO at that time. After completing the acquisition of regent, IHG spent a staggering US $300 million to acquire six good, completed“IHG intends to buy two luxury brands to enrich the product line” plan.


The joining of these three big brands really helped intercontinental group to quickly get a solid reinforcement in both the depth and the cutting-edge aspects of the brand line.

03 Accor Hotel Group

The major hotel groups for their own luxury brand can be said to be spared no effort. Accor hotel group is no exception, but the Accor Group's own top luxury brand, the legend of Sofitel, a total of only five semicolons.

So Accor launched plan b-buy, buy, buy-to enrich its line of luxury brands through acquisitions. In 2016, Accor bought FRHI hotels for $2.9 billion.

Previously owned by Qatar Investment Authority and Saudi Arabian Kingdom Holding Company, all three brands are well-known in the hotel industry.

Born in Singapore in 1887, the Raffles Hotel is one of the oldest luxury hotel brands in the world, and one of the first Raffles Hotel Hotels in the Far East, Raffles Raffles Hotel.

In Dubai, the Seychelles, Paris, Hainan and other destinations with the classic flashy semicolon Raffles Hotel, is not to be underestimated with a superb taste of luxury brands.

Another luxury giant, the Fairmont Hotel, which originated in Canada in 1907, owns several legendary Castle Hotels in North and loves to transform the city's classic landmarks and protected buildings into hotels, has numerous fascinating collection-level hotels.

The last Swiss hotel is the origin of high mountains and high quality of life in Switzerland, all the Swiss hotel semicolon has a unique Swiss style.

Accor's acquisition not only harvested two luxury brands that were popular all over the world and filled the gap of its top luxury brands, but also acquired the hotels that FRHI group was operating at that time, thus better consolidate the asia-pacific region and North 's hotel strength.

Of course, Accor's recent acquisitions have not been limited to this. In 2018, Yago González also paid a $1.2 bn for Mantra Ground, Australia's second-largest hotel operator, adding Peppers, Breakfree and Art Series brands, it has also used it as a springboard to break into markets in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

In the same year, Accor also acquired Movenpick, a hotel brand with more than 80 hotels in Africa and Asia

This cross-border hotel is the ancestor of the brand, in the Egyptian pyramids, the Red Sea region has an enviable hotel layout, Accor Group is also to consolidate its hotel strength in Africa and the Middle East.

Accor actually bought a 50% stake in Orient Express, then part of French rail operator SNCF, in October 2017.

The tie-up between the two French tourism giants is a way for Yago González to carve out a niche for luxury travel outside the hotel sector.

Accor also bought a 30% stake in German hotel group 25hours Hotels in 2016, a sign of Accor's foray into boutique Hotels.

04 Marriott International Group

One of the most important hotel acquisitions of the 21st Century is Marriott's acquisition of Starwood, completed in mid-2016.

The acquisition, which took more than half a year and cost Marriott group more than $12 billion, not only broke the record for the largest hotel acquisition of the century, but also directly propelled Marriott International to the top, become the world's largest hotel group, become a space carrier-class giant.

 The acquisition not only doubled the number of hotels and rooms Marriott had at the time, giving it more than 5,500 hotels and more than 1.1 m rooms worldwide; Will also expand their brand line all of a sudden to 30, on the various positioning of the brand richness has been invincible.

The original Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide of the Regis, W, Luxury The original Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide of the Regis, W, Luxury Select, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and other famous brands have thus far all belong to the Marriott Camp. Marriott luxury brands, fashion and personalized brands, as well as the boutique hotel sector and the main business hotel market has been a reincarnation of the overall strengthening.

In addition to the unprecedented acquisition, Marriott, which has injected“Buy buy buy” into its DNA, announced in October that it would spend $100 million to acquire City Express Hotels.

This hotel brand is headquartered in Mexico Hotel brand as its name, focusing on the low-end segment of the market with City Express, City Express Plus, City Express Suites, City Express Junior and City Centro five brands; The acquisition will also give Marriott a sizeable hotel presence in the Caribbean and Latin .

In 2018, Marriott also acquired the famous time-sharing resort ILG Group for US $4.7 billion, bringing in seven of ILG's high-end and luxury resort brands as well as more than 100 resorts and nearly 650,000 resorts, 000 members.

In 2019 Marriott completed its acquisition of Elegant Hotels, a move into the all-inclusive hospitality business. Marriott's # 100m acquisition of Elegant Hotels' seven Hotels and 588 rooms in the Caribbean has also bolstered Marriott's presence in the Caribbean.

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