World Cup makes history! Football is not the only thing that impresses you in Morocco.

December 24, 2022

At this World Cup, if there is any team to be impressed, he has to mention the dark horse team from North Africa-Morocco. Although in the third-runner-up battle in the last to lose a goal behind the score to the“Grid”, but Morocco is also playing the best record in history!


It was only a matter of time before Morocco dazzled the world. Why do you say that?

Look at their dedication to football regardless of venue, regardless of equipment, to play in the World Cup quarter-finals is the inevitable result.

Since visa-free travel to China began in 2016, many travel enthusiasts have been eager to unmask the country.


 Some say it is good at colors : Red Marrakesh, Blue Chefchaouen, White Casablanca...



Others say it has enchanting charms: the Old City of Fiss, with its alleyways and carriages still standing, the “Gateway to the desert” Ouarzazate, Sanmao's Sahara, the “African cave” that inexpressibly; indescribably wants to explore...

Marrakesh, one of the country's most important cultural capitals, is the place to be. It is the gateway to the Sahara, but also the world's major luxury hotels must compete. The hotels that hide Marrakesh's chaotic streets are like treasures in the desert, inviting people to travel thousands of miles in search of them.


The Royal Mansour

The Royal Mansour Hotel is located in the heart of Marrakech, just 2km from the Blue Private Aristide Maillol garden built by the YSL brand Founder's Yves Saint Laurent.


The hotel, owned by the King of Morocco and built by French architect Nicolas Papamiltiades, was designed to receive heads of state and visiting Royals.

80% of the hotel is hand-made, gold walls, agate floors, solid wood chairs, pearl embellishment and carved cedar ceilings, showing off the luxury of the Moroccan royal family.

Rooms are designed in the style of traditional RIAD private homes, each with three floors and a Andalucía, Colombia private courtyard with a fountain and patio on the ground floor, making it the perfect place to daydream.

The bedrooms on the second floor are decorated with fabrics, carpets, plaster carvings and wooden furniture to create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere.

More than just a guest room, the 53 suites room furniture have a unique RIAD style, and any one of them offers a rich experience of the Moroccan art of living.

The roof is where the real magic happens, with views of the Atlas Mountains and a cool afternoon of Moroccan mint tea on a sun-drenched terrace.

The Royal Mansour Hotel is a true practitioner of luxury, not only creating an extraordinary experience for guests, but also bringing its unforgettable luxury charm home-witness its collaboration with the red-soled Christian Louboutin.


The Oberoi Marrakech

At the end of 2019, the Oberoi Hotel Group opened its first and only semicolon in North Africa, attracting thousands of hotel enthusiasts to clock in. This year it was named Travel + leisure“Best Hotel in the Middle East and North Africa”.

The interior design of the hotel was inspired by the glory days of Moroccan architecture. The courtyard of the main building, designed by the historic Medersa Ben Youssef, was built in the 14th century and is one of the most famous historical sites in Marrakesh

The Oberoi Hotel in Marrakesh has 84 spacious and luxurious rooms, most of which have large private pools and private gardens. Traditional hand-painted zellige tiles and hand-carved wood panels(Loosing furniture & Fixing furniture complement traditional Moroccan design.

You can choose to enjoy a quiet afternoon with a pot of authentic Moroccan mint tea by your room's pool, or you can take a dip in the bathtub at dusk and enjoy the natural color changes outside your window.

The hotel spa is definitely a highlight, especially the traditional Moroccan Turkish baths. The spa ritual begins with a steam bath followed by a traditional exfoliation and hydration procedure. If you have the time, don't miss the 90-minute Turkish Bath Spa, which is a great way to sublimate the whole trip.

The unrivalled luxury, sophisticated design and legendary service of Oberoi Hotels have not only captured the hearts of many hoteliers, it is also the first choice for discerning travelers looking for unique and personalized ways to experience Marrakesh.



In the“Star-spangled” Morocco, there is no shortage of Amanan, the Ultimate Hotel Lover! Located in this unique and exotic ancient city, the hotel also has a unique local attributes, one glance, you can know: “This is Morocco, the world's only Amman Morocco!”!

Through the hotel's ancient gate, the Moorish arch slowly emerges, extending into the palm-fringed building.

The mysterious quiet path leads to the shady courtyard, the spacious swimming pool... ... walking around the hotel, you can't seem to feel the movement except for the shade of the trees around you, which changes with the light, and you are drawn into a large natural space for meditation.

Everything in the guest room is rosy, and each courtyard has a patio and private garden. From your bedroom, you can see the golf course or the olive groves.

Don't miss out on the local cuisine when you come to Morocco. Amanjena's Moroccan restaurant has a candlelit fountain in the centre, where Berbers culinary traditions mingle with Moorish, Andalucía, Colombia and Middle Eastern flavours to kick off a different taste buds experience.

Amanjena is like a desert rose, an oasis of serenity like sapphire, attracting countless travelers.


La Mamounia

Explore a new chapter in the centenary

Through the gates of Lamamuna's palace, you can almost hear history through the walls. Located on the outskirts of Medina, La Mamounia has been a favourite of celebrity politicians since the 12th century. Churchill, DeGaule and Yves Saint-laurent were regular visitors.

Ramamuna hotel adheres to the tradition and personality, and the rich luxury atmosphere, and customer-oriented service culture as the backing, always adhere to the 100-year elegance and nobility.

Redecorated by French interior designer Jacques Garcia, the hotel is luxurious and dramatic, drawing on historical and retro elements, with a heavy use of velvet pendants and tassels to present the existing tone of the hotel.


There is no traditional check in, the plush velvet chairs in the lobby and a glass of orange blossom-scented almond milk is delivered immediately.

Through the gate, it opens La Mamounia's garden-acres of it perfectly lined with historic olive and orange trees and perfectly walkable alleys... ... This is just the initial experience of it.

A spacious guest room furniture is like stepping into a luxurious Moroccan apartment. The design with bold taste not only meets the needs of modern people, but also preserves the original architectural style to the greatest extent.

SPA treatment is a natural way to eliminate travel fatigue. La Mamounia SPA has been named the“Best Spa” by Spa Finder, a leading US magazine.


The smooth marble, smooth curves and regular TYDELAC walls create a tranquil atmosphere, which is a rare place of healing.

Both classical meaningful and modern style of architecture, both warm and luxurious and restrained experience, both with Oriental mysterious color and show the design of exotic style. The experience at the Palace Garden Hotel in Lamamuna is absolutely unique.


Mandarin Oriental 

The modernity of Marrakesh

Apart from the time-honored Palace Hotel, Marrakesh is not short of modern elements, the Mandarin Oriental is representative! Set in lush olive groves and rose gardens, it combines the picturesque charm of Moroccan cities with a fresh, international look.

Gilles & Boissier, one of the world's top hotel designers, took over the design of the hotel. The interior is decorated with hand-woven carpets and plaid, and the walls are decorated with tadelakt stucco.


While every Mandarin Oriental in the world is different, the chic and relaxed decor is one of the things I love about them. Eye-catching but low-key, luxurious but not publicity.

Set in a Atlas Mountains setting, the designer fuses Berbers's style with Arab culture to create this exotic Mo..

All 54 luxury villas have their own gardens and private swimming pools with outdoor furniture, while nine spacious suites have terraces with spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains.

Inspired by the interior of the Andalucía, Colombia Cathedral, the hotel spa has a tall vaulted roof and a long red brick corridor that is both exotic and oriental.

In fact, whether it is Marrakesh or the whole of Morocco, there are many internet hotels, but the real quality of the hotel is not much. That's all for today, but Morocco is more than just Marrakesh!


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