wal-mart, target and the state of assembling; the two mass merchants are building up their ready-to-assemble business with each taking a different approach.

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These two goals and wo
Wal-Mart is expanding their preparations. to-
Categories of assembled furniture.
But each country has its own way of achieving that growth.
Target has reached the peak of design. and collection-
Goods driven in clean, good display
Light show
Stores offer a wide range of prices
Point household goods are not limited to the furniture department. Wal-
In contrast, Mart takes a \"fast and often moving\" approachto-earth, floor-
Level display format with various low levelscost --and only low-cost --items.
Consumers should not look for decorative ideas here.
Target\'s furniture aisle is close to vacuum cleaners, home decor and gifts, cookware and toiletries.
The furniture section is clearly marked with blue-and-
White sign on the ceiling, located in a prominent location in the center of the store.
The choice of Target furniture emphasizes its privacy
Label program, complete with fashion-
Labels created by the Renovations asville furniture industry for retailers are grouped through Renovations.
The Sauder products of the Sauder brand have also been well displayed.
A rta furniture manufacturer and importer brought to Wal-Mart
In the anonymous advisor and analyst role of this article, Mart and Target stores point out that Target\'s setup reminds him of a good department store.
\"Target has added at least two gaps across the project, more than four times more than last year,\" he said . \". The spiral-
Book-turning, private presentation with various targets-
Label home collection, providing consumers with practical information about features and rooms
Set up photos to help them imagine what furniture looks like at home.
Each of the five or six family collections has different styling, RTA and combined products.
The contemporary Tribeca series, for example, includes a padded chair and footrest as well as a curved
Plywood end table.
\"This is a good demo that encourages the consumer\'s thinking process, which means that the basic problem does not require the help of the store,\" the executive said . \".
The red \"call\" button in several eye-catching locations is displayed for consumers in need;
A flag under each button is \"more online information on Target \".
Command store
Level shoppers to target sites for possible postsvisit purchase.
Target\'s furniture is clearly displayed on several rows of gondola, grouped by furniture type, collection and brand.
In most cases, it is shown that the model is assembled correctly and maintained so that all hardware and doors are intact.
The monitor model does not reach the height of the eye and cannot be checked up close.
But for this reason, the shape of these models also tends to be better.
There are a large number of RTA items right below each model that can be brought to the checkout counter by a shopper or employee.
Prices can be confusing at times, perhaps because of purchases. A huge five-Bookshelf (
About 59 inch tall, 28. 5 inches wide)
$58, but less.
Large folding CD tower (
About 49 inch tall, 18 years old. 5 inches wide)
Almost the same $52.
Office chair lineup--a perfect add-
Products from the RTA service desk--
Basically, four pieces are provided within a reasonable price range: $19. 99, $39. 99, $49. 99 and $99. 99.
However, the real surprise for Target is the RTA furniture --
Related products from other departments. A private-
The label line called \"restore and reshape the style of the child\" provides RTA stackable storage boxes for children gadgets in the bathing area.
It\'s private in the same section-
The label is simple and shabby and chic, with a white padded vanity and a cabinet with a drawer.
The Target staff is in the final stages of building a terrace and outdoor area in a corner of the store.
The terrace has RTA indoor and outdoor sofas for $209. 99.
Patio section includes a poolside towel shelf under the private pool
Label garden place names.
In the other part, the home storage, the entire aisle is used for the California closet RTA storage unit manufactured by Dorel Industries in the home and apartment. Coleman Inc.
, Calvin-
The organized garage displays homemade storage lines that take up almost the entire side of the cable car. The Wal-Mart Way Wal-
Mart also put the furniture in the center of the store.
However, the demo is quite different compared to the product and price point.
The assembled monitor sample is located on a man-made carwood runway.
The good thing for consumers is that they can study the furniture carefully and open and close the doors and drawers.
The downside for suppliers and shops is that samples are usually in less timethan-pristine shape.
Opposite the aisle is the boxed merchandise shelf corresponding to the floor sample. Wal-
Mart has several major RTA brands including Sauder, sullivan, Dorel and creative interiors, as well as private brandslabel brands. Wal-
Mart also offers complementary options for cheap office chairs as a supplement
It\'s on the desk of the RTA computer.
The chair is flat. pack-
Boxed but assembled samples are displayed near the table for $17. 62, $34. 42, $48. 84 and $68. 88. Wal-
Mart seems to have more computer desks than Target, and the price is more basic.
The Dorel computer desk and tower cost $79.
The price of a Dorel metal computer desk is $58. 83.
Sauder corner computer desk under the family trend Group sells for $99.
66. The computer closet completed by Bishop song is $49. 96.
The most expensive one is the $154 sullivan furnished entertainment wardrobe. 92. \"Wal-
\"Wal-Mart is providing big items for the money,\" the executive said . \".
The main kitchen cart with moderate price is also provided to help meet the kitchen storage needs. Wal-
Mart presents its furniture in the form of a mixed classification in part of the store, although the goods on the shelves are stacked with signs, such as warehouses.
There are few tips on the sale of goods to consumers. Most room-
Setting up photos of items that may help sell is limited to color photos on the side of the boxed item.
These things are basically stacked and are not easy to see.
Box puton Wal-Mart\'s creative rotating cube display-
Mart carried does help in the seating and bedding sections.
Make up for the lack of points-of-
Purchase information at Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart\'s sales helped a lot.
At the particular store where HFN is shopping for this article, the number of Wal-Mart employees has increased significantly
They did ask if they could provide the service. And Wal-
Mart does carry some RTA items and boxed furniture items that Target does not have. Wal-
Mart offers a 5-
Metal plate (
Table and four chairs)
The wooden top made by Dorel Asia costs $99.
96, as well as the boxed futon and rotating futon display of Dorel.
But Wal-Mart is obviously absent.
Mart is a boxed recliner.
The consultant estimated that wo
Matt\'s price is about 1-
Third, some quasi-prices
Comparable projects.
\"Comparing Wal-
\"Wal-Mart and Target are almost like comparing apples to oranges,\" the executive said . \".
\"Both have their own advantages. But at Wal-
Consumers will spend less money on a basket of household items when they leave the supermarket. \" Wal-
Because its price is low and the company is in easy-to-tote inventory.
But Target can make more money per square foot, even if it doesn\'t match the volume because of its high
Terminal RTA products are more fashionable and cost more. Caption(s)
: 1 Target uses the entire department for family organizations. / 2 Wal-
Mart\'s RTA furniture is stacked and labeled by category for easy use.
/3 Target keeps its inventory directly below the display model.
The furniture part of/4 Target is outstanding, with emphasis on the sale of goods. / 5 A faux-
Wood runway allowed in Wal
Check the assembled display model. / 6 Wal-
Mart has a clear home decor section in the center of the store.
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