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Ikea furniture may be called cheap materials made by yourself, but in 1983, the company sought inventory from a local supplier in Nova Scotia.
Local Halifax dinner
Hours news program version 1st reports that the European company has been working on an agreement for more than two years to have a newly established company called Parrsboro Woodworking build a furniture factory in Debert, NY. S.
CBC reporter John Chesal said: \"ParrsboroWoodworkers will also develop several of their own furniture production lines for sale to major domestic retailers . \"KAY-A.
The deal is part of Ikea\'s commitment to buy $30 from foreign investment censors --
$40 million worth of goods from Canadian businesses will enable the company to contribute technical and management expertise.
\"The factory will use robots widely in production, but will employ about 150 people in two years,\" added Chesal . \". . . .
Perhaps three years later, version 1st reported on another company that will build a factory in Dartmouth to supply Ikea stores.
ReporterLena Sadiwskyj also pronounces the store name as I-KAY-
A. Please review the history of these efforts.
A factory called Parrsboro woodworking Co. , Ltd.
\"Debert was founded with government assistance,\" Sadiwskyj reminded the audience . \".
\"Because Ikea is not happy with Parrsboro\'s products, it went bankrupt within six months.
\"Ikea representative Ray Morin didn\'t expect that to happen to Swedwood, the new company.
\"We think they are very familiar with the machines involved,\" he said . \".
The provincial government supported the project to reach $5 million-
Alexa McDonough, the NDP leader in the province, is not satisfied with this.
\"We ended in a fiasco,\" she said . \" She was referring to the Paris Borough factory.
\"The government\'s solution is once again to abandon any provincial, local solution and pursue large multinational companies again.
\"The Swedish wood factory continued to make furniture for Ikea before changing its ownership and name to Scanwood in 2004.
The company was declared bankrupt on 2011.
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