why you must only buy wooden furniture?

Since ancient times, the main source of any kind of furniture is wood.
Wood is the most popular material for hotel furniture factory, the reason is that it is natural, has a pattern, it can be made into any possible design, last but not least, it is in
Although in recent times materials such as iron, brass, plastic or acrylic were used to make furniture of different styles, they could never match elegance, style, durability, vivid wood.
That\'s why so far, whether it\'s a sofa, recliner, dining table, cabinet, bathroom vanity, coffee table, bed, doesn\'t match the wooden furniture at all, there\'s kids furniture and so on here.
Therefore, Wood is the first choice for people around the world, whether it is buying furniture in Singapore or looking for antique wooden furniture in Japan, everyone likes wood as furniture.
But why can\'t wood be like other materials like wrought iron, plastic or concrete.
Let\'s take a look at why Wood is the most popular hotel furniture factory material when decorating a home, office, resort, hotel or pants House.
Wood lasts for a long time: this is one of the main factors that wood is more popular than other material types.
Wood is naturally grown, both outdoors and indoors, with durability to withstand any environment.
There is no need to be extra careful with wooden furniture, as it can last for a lifetime if it is coated with Polish to stop termite.
And other material types like iron or plastic need to be particularly careful, because both types of material cannot survive for a long time in harsh weather conditions.
Wood is natural and ecological.
Friendly: this is another unparalleled advantage of wood over other material types.
Wood grows in a natural form, while other materials are made by chemistry.
Wood is biodegradable, while other materials take a long time to degrade.
Therefore, the use of wood is like taking care of the environment, while other materials used in hotel furniture factory are harsh on the environment.
Wood can be made in any form: Wood is not only durable, but also pattern, bio
But it is very flexible and can be made into any design without affecting the overall appearance of the furniture.
While other materials require a special process to be formed into a different design, this process is very difficult, for example, it is difficult for iron to be formed into any design, and there are restrictions on the type of design.
Wood is super cheap: whether you want to buy a study table in Singapore or a wardrobe in China, furniture made of wood is cheaper than other materials.
This is because wood is abundant even in the most remote areas of the world.
Therefore, of the other material types used in furniture manufacturing, the price of wood is one dollar.
The general supply of wood makes it very cheap compared to many material types used in furniture manufacturing.
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