winnipeg sisters quit jobs to pursue shared passion for reviving old furniture

Imagine leaving your 9-
The company works to develop new business.
Now imagine doing it with your brothers and sisters.
After years of work at her desk, two Winnipeg sisters jumped to follow their passion.
Painter\'s Cafe is a new shop located outside transcon a with redesigned furniture and custom mademade signs.
Winnipeg sisters Michelle and Angie zoblin opened on June 24 at 2089 Presley Road.
In the countryside of Springfield.
\"We had a dream together a few years ago.
We just ended up saying, \'This is it, we have to do it!
Said Michelle zoblin.
\"Anji is a graphic designer and a lover of painting hotel furniture factory. I always appreciate it and want to have my own business.
\"Clothes for men: Winnipeg high-
Painters Cafe teaches people how to update old furniture and make custom logo using chalkbased paints.
There\'s also a two-week seminar that teaches frustrating waxing techniques and even paint. it-Own Studio
If you\'re looking for another place to offer a similar suit
You can\'t find it.
Michelle says the painter\'s cafe is the only business in Winnipeg that includes classes, studios, custom logos and hotel furniture factory under one roof.
\"We are the only store in Winnipeg that has everything in one place.
\"Every item in the store is handmade --
Whether it\'s a custom logo or hotel furniture factory, it\'s painted by Angie.
People can buy items in stores or choose to work with Angie on custom items
What they brought from home
Across a brand-
New business after years of work contract is not easy.
After graduating from high school, Michelle has been working in the office.
When a work contract ended in June 2016, she decided to sign up for a three-month self-
Through the employment training program of the YMCA
YWCA, Winnipeg, September.
\"I always wanted to have my dream little job,\" she said . \".
\"I realized that I might be a better employer than an employee.
\"Cool work gets serious for Winnipeg\'s passion, and at the same time, Angie is not happy with her graphic design work.
So 18 years later, she resigned in May 2017 and joined forces with Michelle.
\"I \'ve been a graphic designer all my life and have been satin in beige compartments for years,\" Angie said . \".
\"I\'m running home. from work]
Paint the furniture and the signboard and realize it\'s my passion.
I can\'t go to the company anymore. I need a more creative atmosphere.
The two have a \"perfect little symbiotic relationship \".
\"Michelle handles administrative and commercial matters and is also responsible for most of the carpentry work.
This gives Angie the freedom to create her paintings and custom logos.
\"I\'m definitely on the right side of the brain, Michelle is on the left --
\"She\'s totally in business, and I prefer artistic madness,\" said Angie.
\"We are very similar, but very different.
\"Angie admits, though, that she\'s a little disorganized when it comes to her workspace.
\"I\'m forgetful. my things are everywhere. [Michele]
\"I always follow me with dustpan,\" said Angie . \".
The two companies agreed that business can only play a role if the advantages complement each other.
\"Michelle has a business role and I can play it,\" Angie said . \".
Michelle and Angie grew up in North Kildonan and have always had a close relationship
They are only 19 months old.
\"Angie has always been considered my best friend.
\"We \'ve been together day and night for three months on this project and we haven\'t started attacking each other yet,\" said Michelle . \".
\"So it has worked very well so far.
\"Angie has a little different view of things. \"[Michele]
There is a place for everything.
She\'s good to me.
\"For Michelle, doing business with her sister is everything she could have expected.
\"Angie and I are perfectly open to comments and suggestions without feeling like we\'re walking on eggshells or wondering if we\'re going to be paid off if we\'re late or leave early,\" said Michelle.
Judging from the expansion after three months, Michelle and Angie have no plans to slow down.
Some even asked the couple about the expansion.
\"This is a project where we can pay our bills, so be aware that it is likely to grow that we didn\'t expect,\" said Michelle . \".
Cool work is smooth: two women in Manitoba will share the work of Jindi\'s new port Masters, which makes it hard for Angie to believe what she and Michelle have achieved in the last six months
\"There was never a day when my sister and I didn\'t have goose bumps because I knew I was sitting behind my desk and didn\'t follow my passion and was very unhappy that we were here, Angie said.
\"We have gone so far, I am at a loss.
It is a feeling of complete freedom and absolute gratitude.
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