YABO Project Case丨Pullman Hotels & Resorts in Changbai Mountain

Pullman is the premium brand of the Accor Hotels group. And its hotels and resorts are throughout Africa, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and other regions of the international metropolis and well-known resort. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Pullman Resorts bring this elegant and unique French pioneer brand to Changbai Mountain --- a poetic dwelling place. 


Compared with the “scenic spot clock”, modern people seem to prefer the hotel resort, which is comfortable and relaxing, and more convenient for us to go with the old and the young. With lush plants and comfortable interior space, you can enjoy yourself while showing your own good taste. 

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Pullman Resorts, which is provided furniture by YABO, is like growing out of the green forest of Changbai Mountain. It is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain which is the first mountain in the northeast, with an excellent geographical position. 360 degrees are surrounding by green. Less than 10 meters away from the forest, every breath of air is as pure as after fresh raining.  

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The vast forest scenery, the colorful autumn, the pure white winter, the combination of business and leisure style, the unique lifestyle and design, the rich surrounding resources, and various kinds of experience and exploration are the best choice for the business resort hotel. 


The hotel is including four restaurants and bars, food and beverage facilities are available, you can try many countries' delicious food here. All-day dining, Chinese restaurant, and specialty restaurant provide various of international delicious food, northeast cuisine, and classic Cantonese food for the guests. The bar has an open location, and you can drink tea and wine with friends and business partners in your spare time, and taste French desserts selected by the chef. 

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The fitness center, indoor heated swimming pool, and spa in hotel are also good places for guests to relax and regain their vitality.

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Hotel has 299 capacious and comfortable rooms which are including 18 suites. It can enjoy the lush birch forests in summer and you can see the snow-capped mountains in winter. No matter family travel or business trip, each guest room, which provided furniture by YABO, is carefully designed and configured so that guests can feel the comfort, which is natural and unique.   


In King size room, we are following the classic of oriental tradition lasting appeal and natural temperament combine perfectly. It combines the log tonal design and walnut to echo the mountain scenery outside. 

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The average growth cycle of walnut needs 50-100 years. In the United States, it is restricted to cut, and the annual supply is also limited, with the monthly export volume not exceeding 2,000 m. This establishes its unique value and scarcity attributes. Because if you measure walnut from color, texture, hand feeling, hardness, corrosion resistance, stability, the full score is not too much.

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In Suits, American drama, there is a conversation between two partners in the top law firm in the US, which highlights the walnut's value and its unique silky touch: “Make sure they repolish the cherrywood”“It's walnut.”


The presidential suite is exquisitely decorated, low-key and luxurious, with wood furniture full of Oriental charm combined with cloth art, reflecting noble and elegant style everywhere.

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Through the big French windows, guests can take the sunshine bath and sit here to watch green peaks and enjoy a comfortable stay. When the guests in the sunshine bath, they also watch the beautiful scenery, listen the nice notes of nature. 

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The aesthetic feeling of black walnut natural material combined with the design of modern antique copper brush stainless steel, adding the layering of the space skillfully.


The furniture in the guest rooms is exquisitely furnished. The soft color palette, the placement, and layout of the furniture are more particular about symmetry and rhythm.

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Quiet and comfortable intimate natural atmosphere, Yabo low-key exquisite details make people happy.

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Yabo's innovative combined the natural space of the hotel also presents a kind of elegant and simple aesthetic feeling with pure material matching form.


Furniture resembles the Spatio-temporal channel which shuttles back and forth the miscellaneous and the plain. Home is where people stay for a long time and far away from the confusion outside. Yabo hope the guests can enjoy the wonderful time of the vocation in this “home”, experience the poetic dwelling, and explore the charm of nature.  

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