Your Next Set Of Office Furniture Might Be Personalized - And Printed In Minutes

Researchers at MIT and Michigan
A new 3D method is developed based on Steelcase
Can make large printing
Large-scale manufacturing of office furniture using 3D
Print reality.
This technology, known as \"Fast liquid printing\", allows the use of materials commonly found in other industrial processes in a few minutes to make large objects.
The RLP system looks very different from the traditional 3D system. printing setup.
The RLP process does not print slowly layer by layer, but starts with a large gel jar.
Use the nozzle attached to the CNC machine, two-
Squeeze part of the liquid polyurethane out of the gel and mix the two liquids together.
The process then allows for the creation of an entity object in a few minutes.
Then take out the printed stuff from the gel and wash it off with water-
No curing process is required.
The final result was Skyler Tibbits, protest.
Guide the self of MIT
Jared Laucks\'s assembly lab is a material that can be produced in a more traditional 3D way in a few minutes
Print does not match.
\"Our process does not require layered printing, does not require supporting materials, can be printed in seconds to minutes, and uses daily industrial liquid materials,\" he said . \".
You can view the process in the video below: So what role does Steelcase play in the process?
Why do office furniture manufacturers care about 3D-printing?
\"We are looking for interesting opportunities for our company,\" said Rob Poel, director of new business innovation at Steelcase . \".
\"There is a growing demand for customization and customization in the workplace.
The company is looking for ways to attract employees
This is one of them.
\"Once the process matures, though, Tibbits claims there won\'t be anything like that in the market.
According to him, the traditional 3D-
Printing has to be handled compared to traditional manufacturing: it is slow, uses different materials, and often cannot make very large things.
Fast liquid printing can change it all because of its speed and the material it can use, he said.
He noted that this also creates an opportunity for the emergence of new 3D printing, as individual objects of different thicknesses can be created.
Yuka Hiyoshi, senior industrial designer at Steelcase, is also excited about the fast liquid printing process.
\"The most fascinating and unique thing about fast liquid printing as a designer is the quality of the print lines,\" said Hiyoshisaid.
It is soft and almost organic.
When you print freely within the gel suspension, you can create these dynamic shapes without traditional 3D printing support materials and structures.
Printing has this natural fluidity and will be lost using other techniques.
Still, Tibbits notes that it\'s too early for the technology
So don\'t design your next office chair yet.
\"What we have done so far is to create the process and show the design at the Milan furniture show with product designer Michel E Guberan,\" he said . \".
Poel agrees with this assessment.
\"There is still a long way to go before the test standards are met.
We also have to look at the feasibility of the process and the associated costs.
But this is exciting and hopeful.
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