The Best Investment Furniture

When you provide furniture for your first apartment, there may be an overwhelming impulse to rush to the nearest chain store and spend your budget all over the place.
Resist temptation.
Although it may be difficult, adjust your pace.
Now spending more time and more money will be rewarded on fewer projects.
\"Don\'t use your budget on projects that will collapse, but invest in quality projects that you can use for years to come,\" said Bethesda designer Marika Meyer . \".
Amy Rutherford, owner of Red Barn business in Alexandria, said: \"It\'s good to think about how you use [things] now and how to use it later . \".
\"You want it to grow with you, so it needs to be timeless and versatile.
\"Before putting your cash card into a piece of furniture, ask yourself: do I like it?
Will I still like it in five years? Is it well-constructed?
Is it too fashionable?
Is it versatile?
Keep in mind that there is no need to buy your \"forever\" furniture right away or at the same time.
The following list will be used as a guide when drawing a course.
When it comes to buying furniture, spending your time and money slowly and definitely is the key to the long termterm success.
If you look around, open your eyes and know what you\'re looking for, there\'s a lot of deals to do.
Courtyard sales, real estate sales, flea markets, antique shops and auctions in Scourof-a-
Raji Radhakrishnan, a designer at bramblton, said it was a very precious thing.
\"Look at a few, don\'t buy. . . .
Learn what you like, what the cost is, what they are called, and then hit the market with any cash you have.
Don\'t forget to remember your personal style.
Furniture and accessories that show your personality are the reason to make your home shiny.
Here, local designers choose the best investment works for us.
\"You\'re going to use it forever, so buy some good things with really durable fabrics,\" said Eileen Pitts, Gibson Island designer . \".
\"Just don\'t print it out.
\"A normal neutral fabric may look boring right now, but as your taste and color preferences change, you\'ll be happy with the choices to come.
Changing the color of the pillow or wall is easier and cheaper than a newly decorated sofa or buying a new pillow.
Even if a small-
The size sofa is your only space right now and don\'t rush to reduce the quality.
When you upgrade to a larger space, something small can be a comfortable companion to a guest room or office space.
Tip: spend a little more money on a stained sofa
Fabric resistant.
Alexander designer Shazalynn Cavin said: \"drawers are such a common piece of furnitureWinfrey.
She said that it can be a table in the entrance hall, an anchor in the living room, or a double in the bar, a good bedside table or a place to rest the TV.
It can also be moved into the closet for additional storage.
\"My clothes are placed on the linen of the restaurant, and now I have Lego toys in the box. ”A smaller-
The chest of bachelor is also flexible and portable, D said. C.
Designer Anne Elliott
She said it could be placed in a smaller front hallway with a lamp and a tray on it, in the living room next to the two chairs or next to a bed.
\"I even have one in the bathroom now.
This is an elegant way to store things.
They are easy to move, ideal for a fresh graduate who is unlikely to stay for more than a year or two.
\"Tip: For the chest of The Bachelor, look for a piece that is not too deep so that it can function in the narrowest space;
Less than 20 inch is ideal, says Elliott.
The fixtures can change the feel of the room, especially in a small space.
Radhakrishnan says there should be multiple light sources in each room, including desk lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, even if you have ceiling fixtures.
But stick to your basic needs first.
) She said: \"The lights are in the room like jewelry, like clothes, so be bold and have some fun!
\"Tip: Radhakrishnan says antique stores (both online and in-store) are the best source of lighting.
\"They\'re not always cheap, but you\'re more likely to find a vintage light that\'s well-made, unique and beautiful at a slightly higher price than the average store --bought ones.
Dana Tydings, designer at lettonsville, said: \"Forget the frame poster.
Instead, start building an art collection.
The works of students and other undiscovered artists are original and reasonably priced.
Buy a few small hanging together, or save a big statement or two.
\"The good artwork hanging on the Ikea couch will make [the couch] look like a million dollars,\" Tydings said . \".
Tips: affordable original art can be found at local art schools such as Corcoran College of Art and Design or Maryland College of Art (call to ask about upcoming art sales );
Torpedo Factory;
Studio 52 Street;
Columbia Pike art studio and Jackson Art Center.
Online options: www. etsy. com, www. lostartsalon. com,www. 20x200. com and www. Finally passed. net.
Everyone needs a designated place to store laptops and writing tools.
Mail and sort out bills.
Tables can also be used as bedside tables, consoles (additional lights), entrance tables (under tuck stools for extra seating), or vanity tables.
At a critical moment (with the help of the tablecloth), a table can even be used as a small table or buffet table, Cavin saidWinfrey.
Tip: hide ugly computer parts and wires by customizing your desk skirt.
Use colorful patterned fabrics for more punching.
\"When you get your diploma, you will also graduate from Fulton\'s land,\" Meyer said . \".
The padded headboard is a classic that doesn\'t take up too much space, so for smaller studios it\'s a smart choice and will also work well in a big master bedroom in the future, she said.
Tip: Make several slip covers in different colors or patterns in order to change the look of the headboard (and the whole room) in an instant.
D. said: \"A good leather club chair will stand the test of time and only become better with age and use . \"C.
Designer Patrick Baglino
Choosing a classic style, a leather chair can work in a modern or traditional setting, he said, and can also work in many rooms, including the family room, the living room, the bedroom and the Home Office.
\"Looking for a chair made by a manufacturer known for its good quality.
\"Tip: avoid leather chairs being too stylish or too unique in style because they won\'t be as versatile in the future,\" says Baglino. “Light-
Color leather or dyed leather may not be the best choice.
\"A table can have multiple uses in smaller spaces (places to eat, work and have fun) and it will also serve you well when you move.
D. said: \"If you have a pedestal table now, it can be used as a central hall table for the house next door to you . \"C. -
Joe, an Irish designer.
\"Or the game table in the big room, or the table in the kitchen.
He said: \"Depending on the size and style you choose, the table can add wow factors in your temporary place.
Tip: Ireland says the exit section of Baker furniture in Georgetown (store basement) has floor models and discounts up to 60% of the recommended price.
Interior decoration, leather furniture, bed, etageres, tables and chairs in the restaurant, etc.
Not every investment must be major, says Baglino.
\"I always like to add a piece of\" jewelry \"that reflects the individual\'s personality, tells a story and exists independently,\" he said.
\"The Jonathan Adler bench above\" is a bit retro, but it works today and will work well in the future, \"Baglino said. \".
\"This is a beautiful walnut;
I love Tille.
It can be used as a bench, a table and a storage room.
It can be placed in the bedroom, living room, media room, or in the children\'s room on the side of the road.
It\'s weird, funny, and very personal.
\"It\'s not cheap, but you make a lot of money,\" admits Baglino . \".
\"Tip: It\'s wise to stick to investing in Staples, but adding a special product that reflects your personality adds style.
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